9 Scary Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Model

You see models on television, in ads. They’re in commercials, they’re in movies, and it’s like, “It would be so cool to date a model because I would get all this praise from my friends. I can watch the respect grow in their eyes. I can watch as their jaws drop as they see that I am dating a model.”

But in reality, dating a model is not cracked up. Not everything is cracked up to be. I’ve dated a lot of hot girls. I’ve dated some amateurish models. I’ve hang around real models.

There are some reasons that you might want to avoid models in general.

#1. Most hot girls don’t do modeling

For every hot model, there’s like 100 hot girls that could be models, they just don’t do modeling.

They’ve got other things going on. They’re into sports. They’re into school. They have some career going on. They want to be a wife and a mother. They’re just not interested in having all that judgement of having to go to gigs and the judgement of if they’re beautiful enough for the job and all that. They have better things to do.

If you’re just after hot girls, it’s not necessarily making any sense to go after a model, and a lot of hot girls don’t even have the body type to be a model. A lot of hot girls have little waists and big hips and big breasts, and maybe they’re kind of shorter, or they have a certain skin color, or certain kind of hair color.

The modeling industry is typically looking for a very specific type of girl like the boyish waif that doesn’t have a lot of physical assets. They’re just thin like if you’ve ever seen America’s Next Top Model, that television show, a lot of those girls are not that particularly hot. They don’t have much of a body per se, so there’s tons of pretty girls that won’t even necessarily make the best models, but they actually make for the hottest girls.

If you’re actually going for the very hottest girls, the 9’s and 10’s, they’re not always typically models, right?

#2. Models are broke

They are financially a mess.

Only the top 1 percent of models are making any good money at all, but most models are kind of like struggling Hollywood actors. They’re looking for gigs. If they do find a gig, they’re paid very little. They’re paid very sporadically.

Even a girl doing like the catwalk or magazine work could make just a couple of hundred dollars a day, so most girls are not making any money at all, and they tend to be very financially insecure and dependent on others.

#3. Models don’t like what they do

Girls get into modeling because they think it’s going to be fun.

They have this idea it’s going to be glamorous. They’re going to get their egos stroked. They’re going to get attention from everybody, but in reality, with modeling, you often have to stand in front of the camera for hours at a time.

You’re in uncomfortable positions. You’re in uncomfortable clothes. You’re under these hot lights. You have to wear all this makeup. Your hair is getting abused. You could be standing outside in the unbearable cold or standing in the unbearable heat. You’re going to endless casting calls. You’re rushing around. You’re getting rejection after rejection after rejection. It’s no fun.

Most girls actually end up hating modeling. They get regretful. They’re resentful. They don’t just like it, and they’re sourpusses. They’re unhappy.

#4. Models are bad with finances

Models, not only do they not typically make any money, but they tend to be really bad with their finances.

You got to consider that a lot of the models start at a very young age like 15, 16, 17, 18. They don’t know anything about money. They don’t know anything about financial management.

Imagine, you’re 17 years old and suddenly you get this windfall of like $5,000, $3,000, $4,000, what are you going to do? You’re going to go on a massive shopping spree. You may go partying. You may take a trip to Paris.

Models tend to blow all their money when they get it. Financially, they tend to be a complete mess.

#5. Models have poor personalities

They tend to be really boring and dull, or they tend to be crazy, or stupid, or dramatic.

You got to understand that this is partly due to models just being young and not having a lot of life experience, but also models are really spoiled. They are surrounded by yes men and sycophants, and people that just want something from her, wanting to get into her pants, so they always give her positive attention no matter how she behaves, no matter how she acts.

A model is spoiled, has everything handed to her. She’s never had to work on herself. She’s never had to work hard for something. She doesn’t have to work hard at school, and she doesn’t have to work on her personality. She has the luxury of being this crazy bitch, about being overly dramatic, about being a bad conversationalist, about being boring, about having a really flat personality.

No one is going to tell her, “Hey, you got to shape up or you got to change,” because everyone wants to get into her pants, so they’re just going to lavish her with praise. “Oh, you’re so beautiful. You’re perfect. You’re perfect exactly the way you are,” because these guys just want to fuck her.

A lot of models are like really crazy, or they’re really boring and dull. That’s what you’re dealing with, with a model.

#6. Models aren’t good at relationships

They tend to have distorted senses of relationships, they tend to have very fucked-up relationships.

Again, they’re surrounded by yes men and sycophants, and people telling her how perfect she is, and these people want something from her. They’re kind of bad influences. Maybe they try to ply her with alcohol and drugs, so that they can get into her pants. She’s not necessarily surrounding herself with good influences.

She’s surrounded by bad influences, so models have this distorted sense of relationships. She kind of has this feeling that people are bad people and want to take advantage of her, or don’t have her best interests in mind.

Because of that, because of all these bad experiences, she might not have a good sense of how to be a good person, or a good girlfriend, or she might be seeking out abusive boyfriends because that’s what she’s used to.

#7. Intense competition

You’re going to have a lot of rich men swooping in on your girl.

Now if you’re dating a hot girl, you’re going to have competition. That’s just the nature of dating a hot girl. You’re going to have other men blatantly hitting on your girl in front of you.

With models, it’s even more extreme because models are looking for status, money, and validation, and then you got these rich men that are looking for status and materialism, and money, and validation, and they kind of gel together. They kind of attract each other, usually making for horrible, broken, dysfunctional relationships.

When a model and a rich man get together, it’s all for the wrong reasons, but the rich man is thinking to himself, “I want more status. I want a model on my arm.” You’re modeling girlfriend is going to be constantly hit on by these rich men, and at the same time, she’s going to see this rich guy.

She’s like, “Well, my finances are a complete fucking mess. This guy has a lot of money. He has status. That’s what I’m looking for, so I’m going to cheat on my boyfriend and see how it goes with this rich guy.”

I’m just saying it’s not true of all models, but models will kind of tend to cheat on you and with really douchebag guys that the only thing they have to offer is money. The model is going into completely dysfunctional relationships with these guys, and it’s just a big, fucking mess that you don’t necessarily need to be a part of.

#8. Models are terribly insecure

Models tend to be incredibly insecure, they need constant validation.

Remember, models are in this career where they are constantly being compared to other women and they are constantly being rejected. People tell her she’s overweight or her ears are too big, or she has weird knees, or she’s not tall enough, yadda, yadda, yadda. They’re just insecure.

They develop this mental complex that dogs them for years and years and years, and they’re also up against a lot of competition. There’s no shortage of these younger girls from Eastern Europe. It could be a couple of years younger than her that are willing to work longer hours, willing to fly to farther places, willing to work for far less pay, so she’s going to act really annoying.

Your girlfriend, she’s going to take selfies all the time, posting them on Instagram and just waiting around to see how many likes, how much validation she can get from those photos. She’s going to be constantly asking you if she’s fat, or if she looks too old, or if her modeling career might be over, and you tell her, “No, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” and she’s not going to believe you because she’s just so damn insecure.

#9. You’ll always be second

Her looks come first, herself comes first.

Her looks are her products. Her looks are her livelihood. Her looks are the basis for her self-esteem, so she’s going to be continually looking in the mirror. She’s going to be continually trying on new outfits. She’s going to be constantly looking for validation from Instagram and from you. Models tend to be very late. They tend to put themselves first, and they tend to put you second, or third, or fourth.

I’m just saying, if you have this idea, “I want to date models,” I would just ditch that idea and I would think more in terms of, “I want to date the hottest girls on the planet. If they’re a model, fine, but they don’t need to be, and most of the really hottest girls don’t do modeling.”

A lot of the best women that make good girlfriend material do not do modeling. The girls who are best in bed do not do modeling. The girls that you want to be with do not do modeling.

If you just want a girl to say that she’ a model because you like the social status, you can go down that route. I don’t recommend it just from experience. Date hot girls. Date whatever hot girl comes along, but don’t be thinking in terms of models or for that matter strippers either.

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