How Average-Looking (or Ugly) Guys Can Get Beautiful Girls: 5 Methods

My friend, you are extremely good looking. Girls chase you down the street just to get a good look at you. Women slip their phone number into your pocket when you’re just out and about, minding your own business. It’s madness! It’s a big problem.

All right, reality is, probably not!

Let’s face it. Maybe you’re not the best-looking guy. Maybe you’re just average.

Hell! Maybe even you’re a little bit dare I say ugly, but that’s okay, my friend, because today I’m throwing down the secret, the 5 secrets to be exact how to pick up beautiful women even if you’re average-looing or a little bit ugly.

Now, can you get a beautiful woman if you’ve got a third arm and one eye in the middle of your forehead and half of your face is burned off like Sandor Clegane from Game of Thrones?

Well, there may be limits to this, but as long as you have two arms and two legs, as long as you look like a normal human man being, this should work for you.

Now what you have to keep in mind is that girls say they want and what they actually respond to are not exactly the same things. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman on the arm of an average-looking dude? Of course, you have! You see it all the time, and it’s the same for you, my friend.

You don’t always go for the prettiest girl

The type of girl that you imagine you want most is often not the same type of girl that you respond to most. Think of this, think of this scenario, think of an ugly girl. She’s got bad skin. She’s got rolls of fat on her side, and she’s just really boring and mediocre and if you were to pass this girl by on the street, you wouldn’t even notice her.

Well, you find yourself at party, not knowing anyone, feeling kind of awkward and out of place, and this girl—we’ll call her Bethany—she comes up to you, eyes wide, big smile on her face, and she compliments you. She tells you how well dressed you are, how cute you look. She starts telling you some stories. She’s expressive. She’s talkative. She’s sweet. She’s bubbly. She’s fun to be around. She lifts your spirits up. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease and suddenly you’re glad you came to this party.

But now you want to meet some of the real cute girls at the party, but Bethany, wicked little Bethany, she starts whispering into your ear what a great conversationalist you are and what a dreamy guy you are. She drops the hint how she’s great in bed and how she can rock your world and you’re feeling a little intrigued honestly.

Bethany asks you to go on a walk with her outside just for a minute, so you’re like, “Yeah, all right, can’t hurt. It’s fun to talk to her, make a new friend if nothing else.” You’re walking along, and she says to you, “Oh, this is my place right here. Just come up with me for a second. I have to use the bathroom real quick.”

You’re like, “Okay, all right, whatever.”

Then when you’re both up there, she shows you her video games. She’s got a big game collection and you’re like, “Wow! There’s some pretty cool games here,” and she invites you to play. You sit down, you start playing, and she sits down in your lap. She takes your hand and she puts it on her breast and her nipple is hard and she whispers into your ear how wet she is.

Now you’re getting an erection, my friend, and while she is sitting in your life, she starts rubbing her ass up and down on it, and the next thing you know, one thing leads to another, and the deed is done. Yet, there were other girls at that party that were far prettier, girls you have the preconceived notion who you want to sleep with most, yet not the person you actually ended up sleeping with.

That very same process happens to girls all the time as well. They end up falling for the guy that they didn’t expect to fall for.

Now here’s 5 ways you can sleep with beautiful women or get an amazing girlfriend if you’re an average looking or even if you’re an ugly.

Method #1. Spend your ugly face away with money

You can work really hard, work long hours, work your way up the corporate ladder, work for decades until you’ve got a sizable chunk of cash in that bank account. Now money allows you to do something very special like spend thousands of dollars to take a girl on a weekend trip to Paris, to see the Eiffel Tower, to eat in beautiful restaurants, to stay in a beautiful hotel room with a beautiful view.

That spikes her emotions. It certainly makes her feel good inside. It makes her feel adventurous and spoiled and cared for, and protected. It can certainly work to get a beautiful woman to sleep with you.

You can drop $100,000 on a beautiful sports car and use that like peacock feathers to show a woman, “Hey! I’m successful! I’m resourceful, and I have the resources to take care of the offspring.”

You can host dinner parties at a nice swanky restaurant where you invite all the pretty girls to come over and eat for free. What girl is going to turn down a free steak, right?

Okay, though making rain money can certainly work to get beautiful girls. It has three distinct disadvantages.

The 3 problems of Money

#1. You’re going to lose the very best years of your life working hard, working long hours just to try to climb the corporate ladder or try to strike gold, which may or may not happen. You never know how things will turn out. You can get sick. You could die. You might not make as much money as you think.

Even if you do get rich, typically for most men, it’s not into their 40s, or 50s, or 60s that they really see the fruits of their labor, and then you’ll be an old man. You have your best years putting off meeting girls just to work! No! You want to be having sex with beautiful girls right now, not 10 years from now.

#2. Even if you have the money, girls will perceive you as a provider and not a lover. They’ll see you as husband material or boyfriend material, a man that will pay or and take care of all their material needs, so they slow move the dating process. When you’re using money, a girl will typically not sleep with you for 3 months or more. “Hey! I’m getting free meals, I’m getting free trips, why risk screwing up a good thing? Let’s just slow date and withhold the sex.” That’s their attitude.

#3. You tend to attract gold diggers, women who are in it for the wrong reasons. They’re in it for the money, not always but generally yes. You’re dangling money out there, so you’re generally going to attract a certain kind of girl. Just like if you dress up all in black with Goth boots and Goth chains, and black fingernails, you’re going to attract a certain kind of girl, girls that like the Goth look.

While spending money to spend your face away can work to get a beautiful girl, it’s really a lousy solution.

Method #2. Spend time with her

Look, sometimes a beautiful-looking girl ends up sleeping with an average-looking dude simply because that average-looking dude lived down the street from her. That’s it! Nothing more complicated than that.

She just saw him again and again whose face had familiarity and it was friendly and cool. He wasn’t a weirdo or a psycho. She felt comfortable around him.

We, human beings, like what is most familiar to us. Research shows that we buy brands that were most familiar with. When you go to a grocery store, what do you reach for? Do you grab the Coca-Cola that you’ve seen everywhere a million times? Or do you grab the no-name version of Cola, that is maybe 20 percent cheaper that you’ve never heard of? No! You grab the familiar brand typically.

Research shows that a woman typically wants to spend around 7 or so hours average around the man before she will sleep with him. Once you got those 7 hours around the woman, at least you’ve got the comfort part handled and having comfort with a woman is a key component of getting her into bed. In a nutshell, the time spent around a beautiful girl is your ally. Spend enough time around a girl and you’re more likely to take her to bed.

I remember being in Houston on a trip, and I’ll never forget this: the most amazing beautiful girl I saw on that entire trip, amazing girl, she was at a pool with an amazing-looking dude. I ran up to them and I asked them, “I’m just curious. How do you two know each other?”

She said, “Oh, this is my husband.”

I asked them, “Well, how did that happen? How did you two meet because I couldn’t figure it out?”

She said to me, “Well, we went to the same school together, and we were friends, and over time, we just grew closer and closer and closer.”

There you go, gentlemen. Just spend time around a beautiful woman. That easy, right? Like money, this has its own problems. As you can tell, it’s not reliable. If you’re an ugly guy or average-looking, it’s not like there’s this beautiful, amazing woman to hang out with you all around you. Pretty girls aren’t just falling out of the sky into your lap, just so you can spend time with them, which brings us to method 3 for an average-looking or ugly guy to get beautiful girls.

Method #3. Approach talk your ugly face away

What cold approaching does is it solves the problem of not having pretty girls around you because now suddenly, you are in abundance.

You see a pretty girl at the movie theater, you see a pretty girl at the grocery store, you see a pretty girl at the park or the bank, and now suddenly you can approach her and meet her. Then you simply talk to her. You simply talk your ugly face away. You talk, you talk, you talk, and you talk. You do 90 percent of the talking. You make her laugh. You spike her emotions. You make her feel curious. You draw her into your world.

Remember, time is your ally. She doesn’t need to fall in love with you instantly. She warms up to you. Attraction for a girl is like a volume knob. At first, it’s cool, but gradually you turn up the heat. Once she begins to like you, she will rationalize away your physical flaws. “Yeah, his big tummy, it’s so cute. Those ears of his, his ears give him character. It’s what make him unique.”

How do you talk your face away? Well, I’ve broken attractive conversation into 12 distinct and you want to check out these 12 components in Girlfriend Express, which is linked down in the description below or hit the link you see right here on this video. This is hands-down the most effective way to get an amazing, beautiful girlfriend if you’re an average-looking guy and you just want to talk your face away.

Method #4. Adopt alpha behaviors

Fool her brain into thinking you’re just like a good-looking guy based on your behavior. Fool her brain into thinking you’re just like a good-looking guy based on how you act.

Let’s take a second to examine how men actually win girls. The good-looking dude, he’s been getting positive feedback all his life from girls, so he acts entitled. He talks to an amazing girl, and he holds his ground. She shit-tests him and he remains unreactive, unfazed, and just teases her back. He asks her qualifying questions about herself that gets her reacting to him. He leads the conversation. He physically touches and escalates on her. He keeps his cool and composure and doesn’t act weird around her. He maintains steady piercing eye contact and keeps a playful smile on his face. He’s entitled, which in a nutshell means he can remain acting perfectly normally in a hot girl’s presence.

When you mimic those behaviors or better yet fully embody those behaviors yourself, it tricks the girl’s brain into thinking you’re a hot guy, too. Her brain is going, “Wait a second! This short, balding, pasty, little dude with the freckles on his nose, wait a second! He’s laughing. He’s smiling. He’s teasing me. He’s leading me. He’s touching me. He’s talking to me like I’m a little brat. He’s testing me. He’s qualifying me. What does this guy have going on? Who is this guy? This guy is a boss!”

Taking on those alpha-male behaviors will turn the girl on even if you’re not the best-looking guy. As an analogy, maybe you meet a girl who doesn’t have a particularly attractive face, but her body is fit. She’s go these large breasts, a tiny little waist, and a perky butt. Well, you’re going to look past her less than stellar looks. When you have those alpha behaviors, it’s the equivalent of having large breasts and a perky butt and a little wait.

Yet, I’ve broken down those 21 individual behaviors of confident alpha-entitled males that you too can adopt and fool any girl’s brain into perceiving you as being the hot guy. You just click on that link that you see right here on this video.

Method #5. Be the best-dressed guy in the room

Make up for that ugly mug with some nice styling threads.

Maybe you can’t be the tallest guy. Maybe you can’t be the prettiest guy and that’s just the way the world is, but you can certainly stand out and set yourself apart by being the most stylish.

Fashion counts for more than you might have first imagined. First, most men don’t even try to dress well at all. The standards are low. The standards are low, and the competition is weak. Use that fact in your favor that it doesn’t take much at all to set yourself apart. Use your clothes to convey success. Use your clothes to convey resourcefulness, to convey vigor, and sexual vitality.

Look, here’s the advantage a good-looking guy has. He’s good-looking, so for the first few minutes of the social interaction, he doesn’t need to work as hard as you do. Girls will give him more of a chance. They will let him screw up and act weird and needy, and they might let it pass at first.

It’s kind of like being tall and you’re going to play basketball. Now just being tall alone doesn’t mean you’re going to win the game, but everything else being equal, being tall in basketball does give you a distinct advantage over a shorter guy. Still that shorter guy, if he’s been practicing, can whip the taller man’s butt and win the game.

Likewise, if you’re the average-looking guy or the ugly guy and you’re well-dressed, you can beat most of the male competition and cling up with the ladies even against the better-looking guys.

How do you dress in a way that’s extremely attractive to the ladies? Again, that’s outside the scope of this video, but check out Girlfriend Express for my complete wardrobe hacks and tips.

Advertising and looks

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the Bonus Section!

Now as for average guys getting pretty girls, I want to bring up a very important point and that has to do with the advertising that you see—advertising on television, advertising online, advertising in print magazines. An advertiser wants to make a profit, so they’re going to try to sell a product to you like a watch, or cologne, or suit, or a car, and they need to make it look like you’re going to have status. If you buy this, you’re going to get the girl.

The easiest way to do this is to show a good-looking man because that will tell a story of success very quickly. They’ve only got a couple of seconds with a video. They’ve only got a single image in a print magazine. They’ve got to create this story of success visually and very simply. It’s like, “Okay, I’m making mad, and I’ve got something very limited to work with. Let’s just get a good-looking guy because that’s easy to understand.” You see that? It’s like okay, good-looking guy. He gets the girl. He’s wearing the watch. He’s wearing the cologne. He’s got the car. It makes sense.

Think of it like this: there’s hundreds of factors that go into attracting a woman. for example, just remembering her name. If you remember a girl’s name and you repeat her name back to her, that creates attraction. It creates familiarity. This is something that a lot of guys forget to do, but a little tweak like that can make a different if you are getting the girl, making her feel comfortable and attracted to you.

How are you going to use that factor in a video ad or in a print ad? Print ad, you have to show one image, right? How are you going to show this guy is attractive because you repeated back this girl’s name? It doesn’t even make any sense, or having a booming voice with breaking rapport tonality. That’s really key in attracting a woman. How are you going to show that in a magazine?

Again, it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you could show them a video, but you’ve only got a couple of seconds to work with. It’s just so much easier. Just show an attractive guy, show the guy that has the abs, show the guy that has the beautiful eyes. Having piercing eye contact with the girl is really porn in creating attraction. What’s easier to do? showing a man making piercing eye contact with a woman, or just a man with beautiful eyes?

When you look at media, you’ve grown up looking at videos and print advertisements and ads online. It’s always the attractive guy gets the girl. But the reason advertisers do that is because it tells the story very simply. It’s easy to do. It’s good if you have limited time, if you are being lazy. You get this wrong impression when in reality, there’s all these other factors that count like being unreactive when you’re passing a girl’s shit test, or having the booming voice, or having straight posture, etc., etc.

The Genetics

Okay, in terms of all the characteristics that women are looking for in a man, it’s really built into her DNA. It’s built right into her genetics. Now a man, we see a beautiful woman with good physical characteristics like wide hips, narrow waist that tells us that she can bear children, that the children are going to be healthy. We want to see clear skin, big Bambi eyes, good hair, good teeth, visual cues that she is physically healthy, that she is getting good food. That means if we had sex with her and she had our children, our children are very likely to survive.

Now looks are important to a woman as well, and a man if he has straight teeth and he’s tall and he’s handsome, he’s got all that stuff, it means maybe he’s getting good nutrition as well, but she’s really looking for other traits as well. For example, is he socially retarded or can he get along with other people like if he goes out on a hunt with the other men in the tribe, can he communicate well with them because that’s the way he’s going to bring the food and not get kicked out of the tribe?

Is he caring with the kids or is he cruel? Does he beat her? Is he the kind of guy that will beat the children? That’s important. Is he caring? Is he going to help raise the kids? Is he flexible? Is he good at problem solving because a lot of new problems are going to crop up having to do with just having to do with how the tribe is organized and maybe there’s no rain, or maybe there’s some tigers coming in, whatever it is, whatever they had to do in the caveman days.

Is he flexible? Is he good at problem solving? Or is he kind of a dummy? Is he kind of a slow? Is he good at manipulating language so he can get things from other people? Maybe he can manipulate other people or get along with other people? Is he socially savvy in that way? Can he stand up for himself? Does he have that booming voice, that breaking rapport tonality so that he can lead, and he can command other people, so he can stand up for himself, so he can stand up for her?

Those are all important factors in whether he’s going to be able to give her children and those children are going to be able to grow up and survive.

Imagine like a good-looking caveman, he can be completely beautiful, but he didn’t have these other good characteristics. He looks great in the mirror, but he can’t stand up for her. He can’t stand up for themselves. He’s kind of a dunce. He can’t solve problems. He can’t communicate well. He’s cruel. He beats her. He would beat the children.

She’s looking for a good-looking guy technically is one of the characteristics, but she’s looking for all these other things as well, so even if you’re not a good-looking guy, you can kind of hide that by dressing stylishly. But if you’re not a good-looking guy, as long as you have a lot of these other factors that show you’re a leader, that you’re a boss, that you can raise good children and all these other ways and all these other factors, that’s really important. That’s what she’s looking for.

That’s why you want to check out Girlfriend Express because it’s going to show you how cultivate all these different factors, so even if you’re not the best-looking guy, even if you’re an ugly guy, you are going to attract women in the way that’s important, the same way that the caveman alpha guy would. I will show you how to dress stylishly so you can kind of hide or cover up some of your flaws in clever ways with your clothes and really stand out from all the other men.

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  1. Average looking guys (and even ugly guys) are getting laid just fine. Good looking guys are the ones that have it tough. I’ve known plenty of ass-ugly guys that have good looking GFs- all the time. And, no, they didn’t have ‘cool personalities’ or any of the other explanations. Trust me, average looking guys got it going on.

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