The 7 Best Places To Meet Girls and Foxy Women

Roger wrote in to me. “Jesse, I love your videos, but I have a question for you. In your estimation, where is the very best place to meet cute girls?”

Well, back in the good old days, you just ask mom. “Hey, mom, I’m coming of age, and you need to talk to your other mom friends to hook me up with one of their hot daughters, and we shall be married.” Or if you were really rebellious, when Sunday rolled around, you go to church in the local town square for service and try to catch the eye of one of the local ladies. If all else failed, you can at least fall back on daffodil and the goat, but certainly things have changed since then.

With modern technology, you have more options than ever. But the downside of having more options is that it can be fuddling and confusing as to where the best place is to meet your future girlfriend would be.

Well, you are in luck, gentlemen, because today, I’m revealing the 7 best places in the whole entire world ever known to mankind for meeting girls, and not ugly girls, mind you, not bitchy girls. No, your boy, Jesse, wouldn’t do that to you. No, we’re talking cute girls, sweet, loyal, loving angels.

Best Place #1. cold approach during the daytime

You’re walking along, you spot the girl out on the street, you go up and say hello, and you take it from there.

Now the advantage of cold approaching during the day is that you have the very hottest girls at your disposal because even the prettiest girls will go to the pet store to buy their little doggie a chew toy or go to the shoe store to buy a pair of shoes.

The downside of cold approaching is that it feels hard if you’re not used to it. You feel like you’re putting your personality out there on the line, and most guys just can’t bring themselves to pull it off.

Yes, it feels like it’s high risk but it also has the highest rewards. I mean there’s less risky ways of meeting girls like meeting women through friends, but then you’re giving up a lot of choices and option that come with cold approach.

Now if you live in Europe, I recommend train stations or bus stations. Those are great places to meet girls. I also recommend tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin where there’s just lots of tourist girls wandering around, hoping to meet that sexy foreigner to sweep her off her feet.

If you live in America, well you’re fucked—no, just kidding about that. Any place that you can find foot traffic would generally do.

“But, Jesse,” you’re asking, “what do I say, Jesse? What do I say to make the girl like me? What do I say? It’s not just as easy as saying hello!”

Well, you’re right, my friend! I mean, what can be worse than going up to a stunning, beautiful, amazing woman and being like, “Ahh!” That’s why I developed the Girlfriend Express, my friend, which I’ve linked down in the description below, so that you know exactly what to say to get her laughing and smiling and writing her phone number down for you.

Best Place #2. Social circles

Meeting a girl through a friend is a warm approach and a girl will give you more a chance because now you’ve come recommended, and women tend to choose men who come with recommendations from a friend.

“But, Jesse,” you’re saying, “if I had a big social circle full of friends and knew hot girls, I already have a hot girlfriend, and I want to be watching this video.”

Fair point, which brings us to the best place number 3 for meeting cute girls

Best Place #3. Combine cold approach and social circle

Meaning, gentlemen, approach cute girls that you see out during the day but don’t approach them necessarily with the intention of seduction or getting them into bed. Focus instead on making friends. If the girl already has a boyfriend, that’s awesome, too. Just exchange Instagram, exchange Facebook, and keep in touch with her more casually. Then with all these new people that you’re meeting, eventually you can throw a party at your place, or you can invite everyone out to eat at a dining establishment to network.

What you’re doing here is building a social circle of friends, but friends who are cute girls. In that way, they will warm introduce you to their friends who are also cute girls. In this way, you are combining the best strengths of cold approach with the best strengths of social circle. Pretty soon, you’ll be meeting more sexy senoritas that you can shake a stick at.

Best Place #4. Bars and clubs

Now back when I first started going out to bars and clubs back in 1997, 1998, 20 years ago, it was very different. Because when you went out at night, there were hot, hot, hottie girls all over the place and if you were a hot girl, that’s what you did because by going out, you get tons of validation and attention from all the guys drooling all over you.

You got to remember back in 1998, nobody had cellphones. Nobody had social media. Nobody had these little cameras. A flat screen? I mean what is that? nowadays, if a girl is hot, she doesn’t need to go out at night to get validation. She can be lazy. She can just take a photograph of her butt, post it online, and she will get hundreds of comments and likes from horny, drooling dudes giving her all the attention she can possibly handle.

Bars and clubs, not like it used to be 20 years ago, but it still has a lot of potential to practice your social skills, to practice your physicality, to practice being expressive, and to practice not giving a damn. That can pay off handsomely with the ladies, particularly if you’re a well-dressed, reckless action cowboy in both spirit and heart.

“But, Jesse,” you’re telling me, “I’m a shy guy and I don’t want to be approaching girls and going up to talk to them, so what do I do?”

All right, I hear you, but keep in mind, though, that the less risk-taking typically comes less options. That’s the trade off, but if you’re willing to make that trade off, the best place to meet cute girls number 5 are…

Best Place #5. Classes

cooking classes, art classes, Improv classes, language classes

Here is the genius of taking classes. In a class, you and the girls in your class are all learning something new together and it gives the group a feeling of closeness and everybody connects and bonds together very quickly. The subject that you’re learning together gives you all commonalities, which gives you a natural focal point to start and carry conversations.

I specially recommend taking dance classes because now you have a natural excuse to physically touch all the girls in your class and it’s that physical touch, which makes them feel horny. With everyone exercising their bodies physically, it throws everyone into a great elated positive mood, which is a perfect recipe for creating attraction.

Best Place #6. The gym

Now I’m a little wary about recommending the gym because we men tend to work the gym all wrong. The formula for meeting women at the gym is not about silently keeping to yourself and doing your own workout and then when you spot that girl that you’re crushing on, you go up to her, you talk to her, you keep talking to her, you try to get number, you try to go out with her. That’s not how you work the gym.

No, you want to treat the gym like it’s art class, or a dance class, or a social circle of friends. After all, you’re going to see the same girls at the gym again and again and again, so talk to everybody. Be sociable to everybody. Talk to the other men there. do some small talk. Do some chitchat, and then over time, it’s going to look like to the girl that you like that you know everybody and that you are a social guy.

Then you have massive social proof. It will look like you are the king of the gym tribe, and then you can initiate conversation with that girl that you like by introducing her to other people at the gym, introducing her to your friends there, which is offering her value.

“But Jesse,” you’re saying, “I don’t want to approach girls because I’m scared. I’m nervous, and I don’t have a social circle, and I don’t want to take no art or dance classes. That’s kind of gay and I can’t work out because lifting weights is boring.”

Well, do not worry, my friend. Jesse has your back, and I have the answer for you. The best place to meet girls number 7 is…

Best Place #7. Travel

Traveling to a new city, traveling to a new country is great for meeting women because it opens you up to new ideas, new beliefs, new customs. It forces you to become more resourceful and forces you to take action. You’ll find yourself bumping into female travelers that want to meet a guy on the road. You’re going to be bumping into cute, exotic foreign girls, and you can stay in many different places for less than $1,000 a month.

But meeting that lovely, lucky lady is not enough. It’s not just about having friendly conversations where the girl then walks off, never to be seen again. No, gentlemen, this is about converting that initial conversation into having a fun-loving, beautiful loyal girlfriend who worships the ground you walk on.

Like I mentioned before, I first started going out in 1997, 1998, and I wrote my first guide on getting girls back in 2002. Since then, I have honed my techniques and methods down to the most efficient, fast, and simple way to get a girlfriend.

Simply tap or click right here to watch if you want to slay the ladies and become a god to women.

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