7 Body Language Hacks for Alpha Guys


I know it: you want to be the boss.

You want to look like the boss and you want to feel like the boss, and you want girls to turn their heads and look your way and eye you up and down and hope in their little heart of hearts that you will notice them back and get their digits.

But something is holding you back from being the boss that girls want to love.

Well, I’m going to tell you what’s holding you back from being the boss. It’s your body language, my friend. With mediocre body language, you’re going to feel small. You’re going to feel tightly wound, and you’re going to feel unworthy of that girl.

But don’t worry, my friend! With the right body language, with the right couple of tweaks, you’ll find yourself walking through the world with ease like a boss. When you hold yourself like a reckless bad-ass physically, the bad-ass boss feelings will follow and you’ll have girls checking you out left and right with all the attention on you.

Today, gentlemen, I’m giving you my 7 simple tweaks to body language that will transform you into that sexy bad-ass boss that girls are dying to meet. at the end of this video, I’m giving you an additional single trick to make your boss body language flow naturally.

Body language tip #1: Free up your arms

That means, gentlemen, take your hands out of your pockets, uncross your arms, take that drink away from your chest, and open yourself up because when you have your arms tightly wound to your body, what does that convey? That you feel threatened, that you need to protect yourself from the world, and it makes you physically look smaller.

But bad-ass alpha body language is open, which means your arms need to be open. “My arms are open because I have nothing to fear socially. I have nothing to worry about. Everyone is my friend. Everyone is a follower. Everyone loves and adores me.”

Is that delusional? Maybe.

But is it sexy to girls? Yes! Open arms make you look bigger like a male peacock spreading its feathers.

Body language tip #2: Smile

When I’ve coached guys, this is one of the biggest problems I’ve noticed. They’re so serious when it comes to girls, and the core of good body language is smiling. Smiling conveys that you’re a successful person, that you’re happy, that you’re generating positive emotions from within and that you are internally fulfilled.

A smile tells women, “Yeah, I’m so successful in this world that I have the extra energy to spend and waste simply smiling.”

Think of smiling as a form of conspicuous consumption. It’s like buying a $100,000 two-seater sports car simply to show off. Besides, smiling makes you feel good. The act of smiling lifts up your emotions and makes you want to smile even more. Through state transference, your smile and positive emotions will make the girls smile and feel positive emotions as well.

Body language tip #3: Be expressive in your face, be animated

Just like a smile, having an expressive face with expressive emotions when you talk is just like conspicuous consumption. It’s like saying, “I have so much extra energy and positivity to spend, I can freely share it with everybody.”

Body language tip #4: Stand tall like a champ

The secret at hand here is princely posture. When you stand up tall, it conveys royalty like you’re from the upper class. No, my friend, you’re not all hunched over. You’re not working at some desk all day. You’re not somebody else’s peon.

No, my friend, you have the extra energy to carry your head high and to display your chest proudly, which also adds an inch or two to your height, conveys good nutrition, vitality, physical health, inner core confidence, and smashing success, which I dare say is the ultimate body language trick for attracting the ladies.

Body language tip #5: Eye contact

The way to make a direct and powerful connection with a girl is speaking to her with your eyes.

Don’t just look at her face in general and don’t shift your eyes around. I mean, someone who is feeling confident, will they dart their eyes around and look down at their shoes instead at the girl? No!

Look right into the girl’s eyes, focusing on her left eye and then her right eye, and then back again on her left eye.

Body language tip #6: Square up to the girl shoulder-to-shoulder

Don’t be talking to the girl half-turned away like this or trying to talk to the girl over the shoulder like this. That lacks punch. It lacks power.

No! Square up to the girl shoulder-to-shoulder like I’m doing with you right now.

That’s what packs the impression.

Body language tip #7: Don’t play or fidget with your hands

I’ve seen guys doing this while talking to a girl and talk like this the whole time with a girl. General rule of thumb: keep the spastic fidgety gestures with your hands to a minimum because fidgeting with your hands in weird ways is a tell that you’re nervous.

Now imagine you, the bad-ass boss, walking up to the girl that you got your eye on, walking tall, holding your head high like a champ, like a prince who owns the castle, and you square up shoulder-to-shoulder directly with that sexy girl and you crack a huge smile across your face and you lock in eye contact.

As you talk, you’re expressive. You’re animated. You’re positive.

Your arms are open and free and unstifled.

That is the body language of a king, my friend! That is the body language of a man who slays the senoritas!

Can you be that badass reckless boss sporting that badass reckless body language? Of course, you can!

Now the fast way to get killer, kingly body language is to learn how to be calm and relaxed when standing before a beautiful woman because when you’re nervous, you’ll forget all these great tips in a moment, but when you’re calm and relaxed and chill, you’ll naturally hold yourself with poise and be positive and expressive.

To get that inner game of core confidence for inner calm and peace, check out this video right here. This video will show you exactly how to achieve alpha boss body language that girls swoon over by tweaking your inner game and core confidence.

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