How to date the right girl, using the ‘Condom technique’

I got a question from Jason here, and he writes me, “Hey, Jesse! Loving your Q&A videos. I have a question for you. I know I should be wearing condoms, but it just doesn’t feel as good. Can you give me some tips on wearing condoms?”

Great question! I think this is something that guys struggle with.

First of all, just for avoiding pregnancy that’s pretty obvious, avoiding STDs. I mean if you are going to sleep with five or six girls during your entire lifetime, you probably don’t need to wear condoms because it’s not that likely that you’re going to catch anything.

But if you’re slamming back girls every month, every weekend, you absolutely have to be wearing condoms because you’re eventually going to catch something. That’s just the rule of the game. If you’re going to be successful with women, you have to wear condoms.

The OTHER reason to wear condoms

But there’s an even bigger, bigger, bigger reason that you have to be wearing condoms.

Let’s just take this little scenario, for example. Let’s say you’re just starting out. You’re kind of a newbie. You’re starting to get some results, so you go out to a bar, and you meet a girl. First of all, you want to get your perfect 9 or 10 girlfriend or your end-scenario.

But along the way, you want to experiment. You want to test things out. You want to test things out. you want to try out different girls. She doesn’t have to be your perfect 9 or 10, the very first girl you sleep with.

Let’s say you go to a bar and you meet Susan, and Susan is kind of cute, kind of cute-ish. She’s not your ideal girl. She’s a little bit aesthetically challenged, but you’re vibing with her. She’s connecting with you. She seems to be really into you. She really seems to like, so you get her number. You meet her up on a date a couple of days later, and then you take her home, and you guys have sex, right?

Then, you keep going out, meeting new girls throughout the week. Friday comes along and you’re like, “Well, I could go out and meet new girls, but I kind of like Susan. I mean she’s fun. We enjoyed each other. The sex was great. I’ll just call her up. That’s a little bit more comfortable.”

Without condoms, the relationship accelerates

So she comes over. You guys have sex again. A week goes by, you’re meeting more girls. You’re trying to go out. You’re having a lot of failures. You’re just testing new things. It’s difficult, right? Your starting out is pretty difficult.

Well, Sunday comes along. You’re like, “Well, instead of going out, I’ll just call over Susan, have a little booty call. I really enjoyed her. The sex was good. I feel comfortable with her.” So, she comes over.

Next week, she comes over twice and you’re missing her more, you’re craving her more. Now this whole time, you have not been wearing a condom with her.

What happens when you don’t wear a condom is you start to pair bond with the girl. When she’s away, you start to miss her. It starts to feel more comfortable being with the girl.

One day comes along and you’re like, “Well, I could go out. I could struggle, work through the mud on my elbows, try to get results, try to meet another girl, or I could just play video games, watch Netflix and have Susan come over and we have sex. Which one? I’ll just go with Susan because I know her. I’m not using a condom with her. I miss her.”

The Girlfriend Creeps In

Pretty soon, she kind of just becomes your de factor girlfriend. It’s not even like you’re thinking of her as a girlfriend but she’s coming over so much it’s almost essentially like she’s your girlfriend.

This happens again and again and again is that guys get into the game.

The very first sweet taste of success that they get with maybe an aesthetically challenged girl, that girl ends up being their girlfriend. It might not be the first girl. It might not be the second girl. It might not be the third girl, but pretty soon, they meet a girl that just becomes their girlfriend and that was not their original goal, and one of the big reasons is because they’re not wearing condoms.

What condoms do is that it helps you to maintain that icy pimp, cold hard motherfucker, the cold player. It’s not really about being cold, but it’s more about not becoming overly attached to the very first girl you sleep with.

When you wear condoms, it’s kind of like telling the girl, “Hey, I’m not your boyfriend,” and it’s telling your own brain, “Hey, you’re not my girlfriend. I’m still experimenting. I’m still out there. I’m only going to be taking the condom off for my future long-term girlfriend or my future wife. All other girls that are experiments, that are tests. I’m just trying to feel out, trying to feel these girls out. I’m going to wear the condom. It’s an absolute must.

Second little tip about that is you know internally don’t sleep with a girl more than once every 10 days, or three times a month or twice a month. That will prevent you from pair bonding. That low-level frequency but also wearing the condom absolutely critical.

My 3 Condom Tips

Now here’s a couple of little tips for wearing condoms.

First, you want to carry around a little metallic container for your condom because if you just put it in your pocket or you just put it in your wallet, it’s going to deteriorate, so you want to buy one of those little containers on Amazon. That way you can have a condom on you all the time.

Second little tip is you don’t have to sleep with every girl that gets into your bed.

Now I can understand when you’re completely new at this that first girl that gets to your bed, it’s like a conquest. You need to prove to yourself that you can actually do it. But at some point, you don’t have to sleep with every girl. You can just get them over to your place, kiss, make out, fool around, but you don’t have to have sex. You don’t have to have sex with every single girl to get the field experience.

Third little tip is you want to practice masturbating with the condom on.

Put that condom on and masturbate with it because that’s going to get you sensitized to having sex with a condom. That way sex will be more enjoyable with a condom because if you’re not masturbating with a condom on, if you’re masturbating raw and you’re just used to that, that’s how you’re going to want to have sex with a girl because if you’re masturbating a lot and then finally you get sex and now you have to put on a condom, it’s too much of a jump for your brain.

You’re just not used to it, so masturbate with a condom on. Pretty soon, having sex, masturbating feels great with a condom on. It just changes your sensations, so that’s something you absolutely want to practice. That will ensure that you can wear the condom.

Now this has a whole bigger range of benefits. You’re not going to get a girl pregnant, the girl who’s not right for you. You’re not going to catch some weird STD. You’re not going to pair bond with the wrong girl that isn’t right for you.

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