Dating Tips RUINING Your Dating Life

You want a beautiful, amazing, sophisticated girlfriend that adores you and worships the ground you walk on.

But when it comes to talking with women, do you find yourself stuck up inside your head where you’ve got a lot of dating information at your fingertips, you’ve got the 93 pickup lines, the 17 stylish openers, the 23 ninja techniques, and you know what you’re supposed to do, but somehow you can’t just execute.

Yes, my friend, you see that hot girl over there, but you just freeze up or you talk to that hot girl and the words just don’t come out of your mouth.

The question is how can you unlock yourself so that you’re bubbling up with supreme confidence and can pull that trigger on any girl and spit out endless interesting conversation?

Well, my friend, you may have fallen into a psychological trap of dating death where the very dating tips and techniques that you believe are in your arsenal of suave are in reality actually holding you back.

Relying on Techniques to Work

Take for example your state, your state.

If you’re feeling lonely and depressed and sad anxiety, you go up and say hello to that girl, just in the way that you’re giving up subtle cues in the ways that you communicate, just in the way that you make eye contact with her, in the way that you hold yourself, and the tremble in your voice. If you feel like shit on the inside, there will be subtle tells or cues that reveal it to the girl on the outside.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling on top of the world, if you feel like you’re killing it, you feel incredible, you feel powerful, then your positive state will come across to the girl.

She will feel your incredible energy shine through your mortal coil. She will follow you into that same positive state herself and you will get superior reactions from girls. You get her phone number, you meet her out on the date, and the rest is history, my friend.

So all things being equal, if you’re in-state or out-of-state, you’re going to get far better results when you’re in a good state.

The Trap That Ruins Your Dating Life

Now here’s the trap with that and ask yourself is this destroying your dating life? After all, you’re not going to be in an awesome state all the time. Emotions tend to come and go in waves. Sometimes, you’re going to feel down more than other times; there’s no way around that and what happens when you’re out of state?

Well, you start thinking to yourself, “Well, Jesse says I’ll get much better reactions from girls when I’m in-state, so I can’t approach girls when I’m not in my best state. I have to get into the state first, and you start using the technique of being in-state as an excuse not to approach the girl.”

Basically, anytime you’re not feeling your very best self, it becomes a reason to stay home.

The Use Her Name Technique

Here’s another example. Take the simple technique of repeating back a girl’s name to her.

Girls love to hear their own name. It’s a great thing to say to a girl, “So, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, how’s your day been?” Her name is like music to her ears and it will make her bond and connect with you fast. Get a girl’s name early and repeat it back to her often.

Now the “repeat her name back to her” technique is a great tip, but it’s also a trap. Knowing that good game is about getting the girl’s name early and repeating it back to her, you start thinking to yourself, “Okay, I see this beautiful girl walking by, and I want to go up and talk to her, but remember get her name early and repeat it back to her. Oh, gosh! There is just so much to remember. Why is it so complicated?”

The pressure to use the technique puts you inside of your head. The pressure to use the technique becomes an excuse not to take action. Suddenly, that tip of awesomeness becomes a liability that gets in your own way.

Yeah, my friend, information overload, it’s what happens when you start learning tips and techniques and you become attached to them, having to work. You become attached to the tips and techniques doing the attraction for you rather than seeing yourself as the attractor of women.

You get sort of information overload where you almost become scared to talk to girls because you have so much “should do this, should do that” swimming up inside your head and it’s like this smoggy, soup of disorganized disparate brain clutter.

You feel pressured to make it all work perfectly to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to impress the girl, which makes you hesitant and scared and frankly makes you shit your pants and gets in the way of you taking action.

The Solution to Dating Success

My friend, here is the solution for you: study all the techniques and tricks in my videos in your downtime, in your relaxation time, in your happy time. But when it’s time to go out into the real world and meet the ladies, you let go of all the theory. You leave it at home.

Trust that you are the right man for the job, and if a dating technique bubbles up to the surface during an interaction, that’s fine, but ultimately, it’s you who are attractive, and you don’t need any dating tips.

Because success with girls comes when you get out of your own head, when you let your mind go blank with just one objective: to take action, to push your comfort zone, and to have fun, to be that reckless action-taking cowboy, and that requires self-trust.

Self-trust in yourself that you’re good enough as you are, that you are the catch, that you are the boss. Self-trust that whatever actions you take or whatever you say to the girl is good enough. Then once your action taking is finished for the day, back at home, whip out that journal, write down your social interaction in detail.

Now that you have quiet time to reflect time, imagine and write down all the tips and techniques you could have used, you would have used, you should have used, and practice those in your mind over and over again. That is how you learn: (1) study, (2) forget it all and take action, and (3) review. That way, the tips and techniques help you and don’t get in your way.

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