Extreme Sexual Motivation Revealed (controversial method)


Now you may think to yourself that you are motivated to go out and meet girls, but you’re probably not actually. You might have that desire to go out and meet that dream girl. You might have that wish to meet that perfect 10 but you’re not actually getting up off your butt to take the necessary actions to make it happen.

Or when you do go out, you mentally self-sabotage yourself and come up with excuses not to meet the girl. “She’s too tall, she’s too short. She’s too fat; she’s too skinny. She’s not hot enough; she’s too hot. I like girls with blond hair. I like girls with black hair,” whatever it is.

Here’s a mental trick that I’m going to reveal and this one little trick will literally quadruple the amount of girls that you have sex with or get that perfect girlfriend that you’re after. This little trick will motivate you on a deeper level to take massive action, actually have fun doing it looking forward to going out and meet girls rather than meeting girls being a source of pain.

Those guys are thinking to themselves, “I want a blue-eyed Swedish girl with the long blonde hair. That’s my ideal type of woman.” Or they’re thinking to themselves. “I like Hispanic girls with the big protruding butt that you could place a glass of wine on it like it’s a tray table.”

Or they think, “I like girls that are dressed sophisticatedly and elegantly. I like younger girls. I like MILFs. I like the mature women. I like a girl I can bring home to my parents. I want that rebel girl with the pink hair and the tattoos.”

In all these cases, what are you doing?

You are narrowing down your possibilities. You are narrowing down your customer base, so to speak. Then what happens when you go out is you start scanning the environment. You start filtering all the women through your brain.

You start thinking to yourself, “Well, this one is too fat. I like skinnier girls. This one has short hair; I like longer hair. This one, her skin is too light; I like girls that have a bit of a tan. This one is too tall; I like girls that are a little bit shorter than me. This girl is too short; I need a girl of a certain height. This girl, I’m just not feeling her. This one looks too young; this one looks too old,” etc. etc. etc.

Motivation Killer: Practicing Inaction

What you end up doing is practicing over and over not approaching. You practice over and over not taking action.

What you do practice is inaction based on excuses again and again and again, hundreds of times. What happens when you do see that stunning girl that fits all your criteria, what actually happens then? You freeze up. Why? Because you have no momentum. You’re just used to being in that state of inaction. You’re just not used to approaching girls.

Second, you have no social momentum. You’re used to being up here inside your head, being introverted, being quiet rather than being social and talking to people.

Third, because you’ve been practicing hundreds of times making excuses and not approaching the girl, not taking action. You’ve gotten very, very good at that and you’ve essentially got now excuse-making momentum rather than action-taking momentum. You see that very beautiful girl walk on by and you freeze up and you let the opportunity pass you by.

Let’s examine another approach shall, we?

The Reckless Mayhem Mentality

The no-filters reckless mayhem mentality where you have no filter. You’re not filtering women at all. It’s chaos and you’re out to create chaos. Instead now, you’re horny for all girls. You’re horny for short girls. You’re horny for tall girls. You’re horny for white girls, for Hispanic girls, for black girls, for girls with short hair, for girls with long hair. You’re horny for older women, for younger women, for chubby women, for skinny women, for curvy women. You’re horny for all women.

Think of yourself as this raw nerve of horniness like a 16-year-old kid with no filters. In fact, you’re out to create social mayhem, you’re out to take reckless action. Imagine a world where all the women around you are turning you on. Imagine there’s an abundance of 9s and 10s, an abundance of your dream girls around you. Imagine how motivated you would be then.

Imagine how excited you would be to get up in the morning and get dressed and go out there and meet all these 9s and 10s. That is freedom, my friend. You are casting off your judgements. You are casting off the chains of your narrow vision, and you become free.

This is the freedom that gives you expressive freedom, the freedom to talk loudly, the freedom to make eye contact, the freedom to smile, the freedom to approach the girl and not hide your sexual intentions, the freedom to create fun and happiness for yourself and for the girls, too.

Then meeting these girls suddenly feels fun. It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and you’re feeling horny all the time, and your testosterone shoots through the roof.

Let Go of Your Judgments And You Free Yourself

“But Jesse,” you’re probably thinking to yourself, “there is a difference between different girls. Some girls are simply hotter than other girls. That is an objective biological fact and I don’t want to waste my time and energy and resources with the less hot women.”

Well, here’s the answer to that. If you only target specific girls like a sniper, you already know what will happen. You won’t get much results. You’re just going to be up inside your head. You’re just going to enormous approach anxiety. It won’t be any fun. You’re going to give up and you won’t get the kinds of girls that you like and that’s a recipe for failure.

When you let go of your judgements, you free yourself. You start to have fun. You become sexually motivated. You start to feel happier and you’ll be talking and approaching tons of women.

Let’s examine what is it that attracts the hotter girls anyway, why a man who is free, a man who is happy, a man who is sexually horny, a man who is a bit of a bad boy who creates reckless mayhem and chaos.

For example, when you go to the gym and you want to build that nice aesthetic chest that girls are going to drool over, you just don’t do bench presses. You exercise all the muscles of your body, your traps, your delts, your biceps, your triceps, your hamstrings, your quads, your calves.

That is what gives you a nice physique. It helps support the development of a nice chest. It’s by spending the time to develop all of your muscles. That is how you develop a nice physique that girls are going to chase after, be attracted to, and get the results that you want.

Imagining Girls In A New Way

All right you might be asking now, “Okay, Jesse, I’m attracted to the girls I’m attracted to. How do I become this reckless action-taking guy that is creating sexual mayhem with all the girls, be horny for all the women, and so on?”

First, you want to change your goal from a neediness to get approval from the very hottest girls to changing your goal to wanting a social mess and social chaos everywhere you go. When you make that mental shift, you’re no longer putting girls up on a pedestal above yourself, but you start living for the process, you start living for the game of creating sexual mayhem and creating surprises for yourself.

Beyond that, you want to start using your imagination.

For example, I picture every girl I see wearing a sexy cowgirl costume with the hat and the boots, or I’ll picture the girl wearing a sexy American Indian costume. When I’m out, I’ll picture the girls I’m seeing wearing high heels and a short skirt, which will make any woman look far more attractive.

I’ll just rotate what I’m imagining to keep it fresh and exciting in my mind because over time one particular fantasy will tend to lose its luster. By using your imagination in that fashion, by exercising your imagination, that will keep you horny for all women and making you feel horney in general and keep you motivated.

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