6 Eye Contact Tips – Animal Magnetism With Your Eyes

Again we are covering eye contact, that kind of magnetic eye contact that just draws the girl into you like you’re this powerful magnetic field where you’re giving this warm hug to the girl, and she just can’t take her eyes off you and she just tingles from deep inside her belly with these warm sweet emotions.

She later tells her friends, “I don’t know, but there was just something different about this guy, something really interesting about this guy. It’s just whatever he did with his eyes, it’s almost like he was making love to me with his eyes.”

That’s the kind of eye contact we’ll be covering in this video, specifically how to do that kind of eye contact and the mechanics of pulling it off.

I think it’s your right as a warm-blooded male to have this kind of information at your fingertips because this is not taught in schools, this is not taught by your parents or by the culture.

Instead, you’re brought up by the media and by advertising to believe that you need to make these big purchases from big corporations to get a girl like buy the expensive watch, buy the expensive car, have the expensive sunglasses, have the beautiful home to be able to be attractive and get girls.

Nobody who makes money off of you wants you to ever believe that just by tweaking how you make eye contact with girls, doing something so simple will get you just as much or even more results spending all that money to buy a bunch of stuff that makes other people rich.

Let other guys become the slaves to making money to get girls. You, my friend, can get the same results in a couple of minutes with just the right knowledge.

How Men and Women Perceive Eye Contact

Now in the last video I did on eye contact, we talked about how men perceive eye contact as aggressive, as a threat, and how we men are almost uncomfortable naturally making eye contact. But also, how women perceive eye contact vary differently from us, men, that women perceive eye contact as a sign, as a tell of your social status and where you are in the social hierarchy.

We talked also about the mentality you have to be able to hold to keep grounded piercing eye contact with an extremely beautiful woman and not flinch, as well as how eye contact is more than just a technique. It’s almost like the male equivalent of growing large breasts and narrow little waists and just drives women off the wall, drives them crazy it’s incredible results with girls, more results than you might think. If you want to watch that video, hop on over. I’ve posted the link right here. You’re going to see it on the screen.

Intrusion Effect

The effect that you want to have with your eyes, my friend, is like the visible intrusion into her personal space where you are intruding with your eyes alone, where it’s almost like the physical manifestation of moving into her space with just your eyes, like you’re moving right into her, penetrating her soul, penetrating her heart, and it’s almost like you are making love to her with your eyes.

Now at the core of this technique is something commonly known as triangular gazing. Now if you’ve heard of triangular gazing before or you think you know everything about triangular gazing, keep on watching till the end of this video because we’re going to keep finetuning it a little bit by little bit by little bit to make triangular gazing really work like dynamite for you.

How Triangular Gazing Works

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with how triangular gazing works, you simply are creating a cycle where you focus first on her left eye, then you focus your gaze on her right eye, and then you focus your gaze on her mouth, and then back again.

So, it’s left eye, right eye, mouth, left eye, right eye, mouth. Shifting your gaze in this way not only looks perfectly natural and smooth, but it also helps with the flow of the conversation. Focusing on her individual eyes is what makes her feel like you are penetrating her. Looking at the girl’s mouth is what creates that arousal in her.

Now what you don’t want to do is look at her entire face unfocused because it will look you’re looking right through her and you will lack that connection with the girl. You don’t want to try to look at both of her eyes at the same time because if you look at both of her eyes, you’re going to lack focus and connection as well.

Now you want to look first at her left eye and exclusively at her left eye, and then look at her right eye exclusively at her right eye, then move to her mouth, then back again, repeating the cycle.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Jesse, what’s the big deal? I mean I just look at her left eye, then at her right eye, then her mouth? Sounds pretty easy, right?”

Well, trust me, this is something that you must practice and practice and practice because I guarantee that in the moment you will either forget or when you do remember, you’re certainly going to feel that social pressure come down on your shoulder like a load of bricks. You’re going to feel that sexual tension with the girl. You’re going to get uncomfortable, and you will want to avert your gaze and look away and not do this technique.

Status and Eye Contact

Again, it’s all about practicing, practicing, and practicing because the physical mechanics themselves are very simple. It’s just like putting one foot in front of your other foot and walking forward, right? But as we all know, approaching a girl is far more challenging than putting one foot in front of the other and simply walking up to her. It’s all about what’s going on up here inside your head and the inner game that you’ve got going on.

But that’s what makes eye contact such a powerful and potent force with girls because if you’re feeling needy, if you’re feeling negative, if you’re feeling bored, or you simply don’t like yourself, or if you lack confidence, or you don’t feel worthy of that girl, you’re just not going to be able to pull off triangular gazing as simple as the mechanics sound because you’re going to have unfocused eyes, or you’re going to be averting your gaze.

Good eye contact, that’s a genuine signal to the girl, a signal that she can trust that you are indeed the boss, a signal that you are indeed a happy, healthy, well-adjusted individual with confidence and entitlement in himself, and that you feel worthy to be in the presence of that girl. It’s a signal that she can simply trust as being accurate and that’s why it’s such a powerful magnetic force in attracting a woman.

All right now let’s get into some of the fine tuning because there’s still plenty of ways to fuck up triangular gazing.

#1. You are not staring the girl down

You want to periodically unlink your gaze away from the girl simply by looking over to the side. Basically, you are calibrating to the girl.

If you feel like she’s getting uncomfortable for any reason, you simply unlink your gaze and look away to the side. Calibration that just comes down to having some experience, doing this before, reading how she feels, and using a little bit of common sense.

#2. You want to do it at a slow pace.

You want to linger on her left eye, and then slowly move to her right eye like your eyes are drenched in sticky molasses, and they don’t want to move. Remember, we’re doing this not as a technique but because you are enjoying the process, because it is a flirtation, and there is no rush to get results or to make it work. You do not want to be moving from her left eye to her right eye to her mouth at this fast pace, or you are going to look like a panicked schizophrenic, my friend.

I know a lot of you, guys, are going to make this mistake in the same way that you talk too fast. You want to slow down your speech, but you talk super rapidly because you’re afraid that if there’s a moment of silence, the girl is going to walk away or get bored, and you are trying to convince her to like you. Or you talk too fast simply because you are nervous and when you’re nervous, you talk too fast. Even when you think you’re not talking too fast, I guarantee that a lot of you are talking faster than you think.

Now likewise, with triangular gazing, you need to slow it down, and to slow it down, you need to become comfortable doing it, and becoming comfortable doing it means developing that entitlement and getting experience through repetition, which leads to being comfortable doing it.

Again, triangular gazing sounds easy when I describe the mechanics of the movements—left eye, right eye, mouth—but it’s much harder in practice to actually pull it off. Because most guys can’t do it, once you learn how to do it properly, you will stand out from the crowd, I guarantee that. When you stand out from the crowd and you can do it, you’re going to be amazed at the crazy results it actually gets with girls.

#3. You need to have an element of persistence.

If the girl looks away, if her cheeks turn red, or you sense that she’s a bit uncomfortable, you can keep going with it. The girl just might need a couple of seconds, a couple of moments to become more comfortable with your presence. Persistence pays off.

Remember the girl’s attraction for you is like a volume knob, and it can take a little while for that volume knob to turn up the heat for the attraction to get stoked and hot. Don’t give up in the first 3 seconds if you’re not getting the exact reaction that you really want. But again, remember this is not a stare down. so be sure to break your gaze, be sure to unlink that gaze, calibrate to the girl, and use your common sense as well.

#4. You don’t want to be too serious.

The wrong way to go about triangular gazing is thinking, “I’m going to use this technique to make her like me, and it’s going to work because I will conquer this girl and she will be mine.”

You know that’s a very adversarial approach. It’s very “me versus them.” The translation is like, “You will submit, bitch, and I will break you.” That’s the wrong angle to be coming from.

The attitude that you want to have is, “Yes, you want this, but she also wants this.” There’s no conflict here. There’s no mastering another person. You want this, she wants this, and if she doesn’t feel you, that’s okay, too. Not every girl needs to like you. After all, many girls will already be in relationships. Many girls have other things going on in their lives, and they’re not just in a position to play the dating game right now.

If you come from it from that serious tone, triangular gazing doesn’t work as well. It’s not as seductive because you’re coming from a bad place with it. No! You want to be playful. You want to have a playful positivity in your demeanor. You want to triangular gaze with this playful half-smile on your face like it’s a funny little game that you are playing, as well as feel sexual desire for the girl.

You want her to feel that sexuality shine through, but not in an overly serious way. After all, if something happens, it happens and that’s great. If something doesn’t happen, it doesn’t. Regardless of the outcome, be playful, be positive, and project your sexuality outward, and you will get the best results that way.

In fact, it’s inner game, it’s having that core confidence. That’s the magic sauce that really makes piercing eye contact work, that really just draws the girl into you in an irresistible way and makes her fall for you on the spot.

Now I don’t have time to go into all the nuances of having rock-solid inner game. For that, you want to check out Girlfriend Express, and you’re going to see a link for it right here or down in the description below.

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