Girls, Sex, and Alcohol – NOFX review & Lessons on Getting Laid

We are talking how to get an amazing girlfriend, we are talking the subject of alcohol, the pros and the cons, as well as other drugs, and what you can learn from the New York Times bestselling book, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, published in 2016 about the punk rock band, NOFX.

This book follows the adventures of Big Mike, Eric Smelly, and El Hefe as they bring their band from total obscurity onto the road touring and into fame and fortune over the course of 35 years, and along the way, of course getting plenty of girls, getting laid in a romp of debauchery, and it’s quite interesting read.

I give it a 10/10 rating. I highly suggest that you get yourself a copy on Kindle or get the audio version on Audible.

NOFX The Hepatitis Bathtub Book Review

Now in the one sense, you don’t want to be modeling these guys because let me let me tell you, you’re talking near-death experiences, suicide, murder, counterfeiting money, dangerous pranks, drinking piss, crossdressing, punk-on-punk violence like barroom fights and brawls and beatdowns…

Not to mention all the drug use, drug overdoses, staring into the oblivion of a heroin hell, homelessness, drug zombie people, and death related to drugs, lots and lots of death.

In fact, there’s a whole page in the book that just lists all their friends that died, and it’s a pretty long list. Then you have all the sex, which includes the dark side of sex like rape and STDs and molestation and drunken debauchery, and on and on and on.

You can almost look at this book as a blueprint of what not to do with your life.

What does this book have to do with you getting an amazing girlfriend? Well, let me tell you, my friend. Imagine that you are a short, scrawny, ugly guy living in his mom’s basement, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I hate school. I have no job prospects. I don’t want particularly to go work at Taco Bell.”

Hell, yeah, it’s 198-fucking-3, so there’s no Internet, there’s no cellphones, and worst of all, there’s absolutely no dating advice or pickup advice out there to be had. All the pretty girls at school are with the jocks and the pretty boys and I am horny, but I am also fucked.

My friend, imagine, just imagine if you’re in that situation, what do you do? What do you do, my friend?

The Band Strategy of Getting Laid

Well, to differentiate yourself and work an angle, you start a band of course and your band sounds like shit, but this is 1983, so nobody cares. It’s an excuse to go wild, act crazy, do tons of drugs, and try to invite girls along for the ride and maybe just maybe get laid in the process.

What this book represents to me, at least on one level, is pickup strategy.

These guys are peacocking, dressing up in crazy clothes with wild mohawks.

They’re creating social proof for themselves by being up there onstage where everyone is looking up at them even in the early days it was just 10, or 20, or 30 people in the crowd, and being in the center and the lifeblood of the party by altering their emotions with drugs and alcohol and altering the girls’ emotions with drugs and alcohol.

Of course, the seduction method to get laid has lots of downsides as well: the downside of drug addiction, the downside of health problems, the downside of broken relationships, the downside of nearly dying

Your Friends Use Alcohol to Get Laid Too

But look, this punk-rock band is probably not that exceptional. In many ways, most regular guys, maybe even most of your friends, follow a similar path to get laid.

The typical guy is thinking to himself, “You know what, I’m not that attractive, let’s be honest. I’m not that much fun in the social setting. I’m shy around cute girls. I’m uncomfortable. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to act around women, but you know what, when I drink, suddenly I feel more at ease.”

“When I drink, suddenly I feel more relaxed. When I drink, suddenly I’m more social, I’m more talkative, and I can just let go. When I drink, it’s like my personality magically changes into this new fun guy. “The same with cocaine, another party drug. I feel more alive. I feel more outgoing, and suddenly I feel like I’m the most interesting man in the world,” because the drug alters your mood.

The drug alters your personality, and that’s what NOFX the band did, and it’s what a lot of guys do because alcohol does get results to a degree. That’s why alcohol and other drugs are so seductive, why they’re ultimately dangerous, and it’s a slippery slope it’s because they do work to a degree.

Alcohol Works… to a degree

Take any regular guy including myself and give him a drink or two, and I guarantee he has more potential to be sociable and attract a girl. The alcohol is easy. It’s a quick fix. I don’t have to pump my own state.

I don’t have to take action to get out of my head. Alcohol does a lot of legwork for me of loosening myself up, but there is a downside, my friend.

The drug is essentially a deal with the devil, and you know that deal from the movies where the devil will grant you your wish and the devil tells you, “Hey, bub! You can have the cash. You can have the cars. You can have all the girls you want. You can be as lazy today as you want. You don’t even have to change anything about yourself. You can have it all right now. But in return, I own your soul for eternity. That’s the deal.”

Handshake, kind of a strange-sounding devil there, but that’s the same deal you’re essentially making with drugs and alcohol, and it’s not an exaggeration.

The Success Curve

You get some immediate returns and legitimate success in the short term, drinking but it’s not sustainable. It will eventually come back to get its due paid.

Your success level does rise a little bit at first, and then it flattens out, and then it starts to decline, and then it can even crash to zero. Even at its peak, your success level is never even that high. It’s never really close to your full potential.

For example, let’s take alcohol. Let’s say that you’re really a shy guy and you have incredible trouble talking to girls, and your success with women is say maybe a 2/10, 10 being you’re being the ultimate Big Daddy player and 1 being you are the 40-year-old virgin. You are the masturbator-in-chief. Being there at a 2, it’s looking very bleak for you, my friend

But you start drinking when you go out, and the drinking gives you that liquid courage, the drinking makes you a little bit more confident.

The drinking makes you feel a little bit more at ease.

The drinking makes you feel a little bit more accepted by the crowd.

You’re able to let down your guard more and you are less stiff and you’re less stifled. Let’s be honest, your game, your success with girls increases, say maybe from 2/10 to 4/10.

It doesn’t mean you’re getting laid. It doesn’t mean you’re having these wild threesomes. It doesn’t mean you are now dating a model or anything like that.

But, my friend, you are now at least getting positive feedback from girls.

You’re at least getting into more conversations. At least you’re not shitting in your pants when you’re a little bit tipsy.

The Downside of Alcohol

But here’s the problem: you start associating that fun, you start associating that cooler side of your personality with taking the drug. You start linking, having fun with that chemical that is altering your mood. You begin associating the drug with getting good positive feedback and attention from girls.

When you’re not on the drug, there’s no party happening and you’re back to your old self.

You’re back to your old self that you’re not happy with.

You’re back to your old self that is not nearly as cool, and after a couple of months, or after a couple of years of social drinking, pretty soon you don’t even feel abled to socialize without having a couple of drinks first because that link, because that association becomes so strong, because you’re continually reinforcing that link.

The Poison

Remember, my friend: alcohol is essentially a poison as far as your biological organism is concerned. There is nothing your body can do with it.

Your body can’t extract any nutrients from alcohol.

Your body can’t extract any calories from alcohol.

Your body considers alcohol pure poison that must be expelled as rapidly as possible.

That’s why it’s so hard on your liver because your body is trying to cleanse itself as quickly as possible through expelling it in your piss, your sweat, your tears, and your breath.

Because the drug has an addictive element to it, an addiction that just creeps up on you, so gradually often you don’t even notice it, pretty soon you need a drink just to feel normal.

You end up having a drink when you feel stressed. You end up having a drink when you feel sad. You end up having a drink when you want to celebrate something.

You end up having a drink for every emotion and every opportunity big or small, and eventually you start having drinks even when you are alone with yourself, and it’s not even social drinking at all. It’s the same with any other drug.

The whole time you are poisoning your body. You are poisoning yourself.

You are poisoning your brain. You are poisoning your liver.

Not all at once. It’s like a little drip, drip, drip, but pretty soon, you’re physically out of shape, you’re mentally out of shape.

You start feeling like shit more often than not, and the drug negatively affects your success with women because you become low energy, particularly as you get older with age and your body becomes less resilient.

The Crash

Watch this, my friend: you’re a shy guy and your success with girls is say 2/10. It’s bad, right?

You start drinking, or you do a drug, and voila! You get immediate returns and your success with women jumps magically to maybe 4/10, or maybe even 5/10. Nowhere near your full potential, but it’s an improvement and you didn’t even have to do anything to get it.

You feel better. You’re feeling better emotions. You’re happy.

You’re relieved, but the drug takes its toll on you physically. It starts to weigh down on you.

It starts to become a bigger and bigger part of your life. Just so gradually, it just sneaks up on you and eventually that bump in your success with women fades. It fades to even lower than it was when you started especially when you get older and your body and mind is less resilient than it was when you were 18 years old.

Even if you do manage to avoid an addiction, you can just shrug it off down the road, well hell, you’re still no better off than when you first started drinking. You’re still that shy guy and all that time you haven’t progressed. All that time you’ve been relying on this crutch that simply mask your problems and now you have to start over from zero again and relearn how to be social from scratch without the drug.

Fast Food Analogy

It’s just like eating fast food, my friend, like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King. Fast food is an easy way to get your calories and it feels good. You feel awesome in the moment you’re putting that hamburger into your mouth, but fast food is not a sustainable diet.

Let’s say you’re a refugee and you just came over to a new country that is awash in money and food in comparison to the camp that you came from, and you are hungry as fuck.

You are in scarcity for those calories, and suddenly you see all these amazing food all around you and your first thought is, “McDonald’s! Pig out! Oh, yeah!” You order that Big Mac. You order the extra-large fries. You order the extra-large soda. You order that chocolate sundae. You consume 1,500 carbohydrate calories of salt, sugar, and fat in a matter of minutes.

Yes, you feel good. You feel really good in fact and your body legitimately needed those calories and it was fast and it was easy.

You decided to use that shortcut, the McDonald’s shortcut where every day you fulfill that sense of scarcity by going to McDonald’s, and you don’t need to be a refugee to have that fantasy. Every little kid has had that thought, “What if I could just eat hamburgers and fries every single day? That would be heaven!”

So, Mr. Refugee, you start eating fastfood every day because it’s (1) it’s economical and cheap, and (2) it doesn’t take much time. There’s no food prep.

Of course, you know where I’m going with this, my friend. It’s not a sustainable course of action.

The Fast Food Crash

Eventually you will crash. Eventually a price will need to be paid. Eventually you will be overweight. Eventually you will feel like shit. Eventually you will be confined to a bed or chair. Eventually you will die of a sudden heart attack.

This pattern of going from no success to some more instant success to crashing hard is exactly what you see in NOFX’s story where if you went about it in the right way getting your calories by eating vegetables and lean meat, yes it takes more time for the food prep.

Yes, it’s more expensive. It costs a few more bucks which adds up over time. Yes, it’s not as convenient. Yes, you don’t get that same sugar rush in your mouth.

But it is sustainable, and eating healthy, lean, nutrient-dense foods will lead to success in all areas of your life, in your health, success in your wealth creation, and success in your relationships.

With Alcohol, You Can’t Change Direction Easily

Now the second problem with alcohol and drugs, my friend, is that once you start going down that path, once you start using that shortcut, it tends to be very hard to get off of it. It tends to be very hard to change direction and start doing things the right way.

To begin with, (1) your brain becomes chemically addicted to the drug even if that addiction is very light and very subtle, just making it hard to get off of it, making it require an enormous amount of sheer willpower to steer away.

(2) You’ve associated some success, you’ve associated fun to taking the drug, making it hard to give up because you feel like you’ll be taking a step backwards if you gave up your crutch even though yes, you need to take that step backwards today to move 2 steps forward tomorrow, but that just takes a lot of willpower because as human beings, we feel pain and we feel lost when we have to take a step backwards.

Once you start using the alcohol or a drug as a quick fix crutch that you are in control of at first, it quickly turns into a prison. It quickly turns into a box.

It Controls You

It quickly turns into quicksand that you can’t easily get out of.

It becomes its own little monster that is now running you. It’s a very subtle thing, mind you.

It’s not like mind-control or anything like that. It’s more like, “You know, I really should drive to the gym or do a workout, but whatever. I’ll just do it tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes and you’re just busy and you think to yourself, “Whatever. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Doing the right thing just takes too much willpower, and you just keep doing the wrong thing again and again and again.

In this book NOFX, you clearly see how these guys get trapped by their drug use and drinking.

You see how these guys get trapped by their seduction method to get girls and get laid, by taking the quick shortcut, by taking a lifestyle that is not sustainable and eventually that lifestyle comes to control them and nearly destroys their lives in the process.

Why Game is So Great

Now here’s what I really love about pickup theory and game:

Ultimately, it’s about learning how to change your own emotions, learning how to change how you feel, learning how to become attracted to women all by yourself where you can naturally and in a sustainable fashion alter your own mood, alter your own perception of reality in a way that gives you tons of attention from girls, so you don’t need to be relying on alcohol or drugs.

You don’t need to rely on getting rich first.

You don’t need to rely on becoming a rockstar up on the stage.

You don’t need to rely on how to play a guitar.

You don’t need to rely on becoming the wittiest or the most interesting man in the world.

You don’t need to rely on throwing around lots of cash or impressing people with your power suit, and your fancy car, and your nice house.

You don’t need to be relying on any of those things.

You can do it all up here in your head by your own actions, on your own right now, and do it in a way that is healthy and sustainable. Just like if you’re eating vegetables and lean proteins and nutrient-dense foods where you get rewarded for doing the right thing where you become the actor, where you become the catalyst, where you take control of your own destiny and drive the direction of your life by your own hand.

Or even if you are broke, or short, or not particularly attractive, you can still get that amazing girlfriend.

You can still have that amazing sex life dating different girls and keep it up through your 40s, and into your 50s, and into your 60s, with a continual upward trajectory up, up, up.

I know this may sound strange to say, but I think this field, this field of attracting girls through self-improvement is one of the greatest discoveries of the early 21st Century because it frees you whereas before you had to rely on money or rely on alcohol, or rely on external trappings to get a girl, that created a prison around yourself.

But pickup is liberating. Pickup is your freedom where you can be anybody you want in this world, have success with women and do it in a fun, healthy, and sustainable way.

It’s precisely for that reason that I created the Girlfriend Express system, so that you can get that amazing, loyal, loving girlfriend that you crave without having to start a band, without having to get rich first, without having to chain yourself to a slow-moving addiction, to a drug, or to drinking.

Girlfriend Express covers everything from where to find the girl, to how to meet the girl you want, to how to talk to her in a way that makes her intensely attracted to you, to how to get her into your bedroom with her clothes off, all in a very quick and timely manner, so that you can be happy, so that you can get that part of your life handled once and for all, so that you can wake up in the morning with that beautiful girl by your side and have her love you like she’s loved no other man before.

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