Got Mixed Signals from A Girl? 4 Tips to Make Her Love You

“Hey, Jesse! I’m getting mixed signals from a friend of mine. Sometimes she texts me back, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes, she’s flirty, sometimes she’s cold. Sometimes, she touches me on the arm, sometimes she doesn’t. I like her, but why can’t it be more simple? What’s with all the games she’s playing? What should I do about these mixed signals she’s giving me. Thanks, Daniel.”

Look, I hear your frustration, my friend, and it can be confusing and frustrating being on the receiving end of a girl’s mixed signals.

Fortunately, I’ve got 5 techniques to make any girl who’s giving mixed signals to fall head over heels in love with you and turn her into your bedroom buddy or a loyal, loving girlfriend. At the end, I have a very special secret tip for you as well so don’t miss that either and watch all the way to the end.

Now mixed signals, I don’t need to tell you that one moment the girl is warm and flirty with you and you get excited and you’re getting stoked, you’re thinking that you’re getting somewhere with this girl, but the very next moment she’s cool and aloof, and you’re not really sure what the hell happened.

Maybe she’s showing interest in you one day and pretending not to be interested the next.

Maybe she’s replying to your texts quickly one day and then you get radio silence the next.

Maybe she’s eye-fucking you one day and then the next day, she doesn’t even make eye contact. Man, is that frustrating?

I mean is going on with these girls? I would get a lot of mixed signals, and it just drove me crazy because I never felt like I understood where I stood with the girl.

Well, you’ve got to understand this, my friend, and this took me a while to figure out. Girls are not being evil or malicious when they give you mixed signals. She’s just following her innate programming and it’s basically one of these four reasons she’s giving you mixed signals.

Now it could just be one of these reasons, but most commonly it’s a mix of two or three if not all of them.

Reason #1. Girls don’t want to look like a slut

Listen, my friend, 99 percent of women will never aggressively pursue you.

Instead, they’ll just test the waters discreetly and coyly ping you to show their interest in small, little conservative doses, and then pull back. They couch their interest in a wrapper of aloofness and disinterest and this is to protect themselves because a girl seeks plausible deniability.

Plausible deniability, it’s like an insurance policy. If you go up to her and call her a slut for hitting on you or her friends judge her or try to shame her for being a loose girl, well now she has a cover story. “Nah! I was just flirting a bit. It was just all game. I’m not actually serious about that guy. I didn’t pursue him.”

This is the thing about girls: girls do not want to be judged, girls do not want to be kicked out the tribe and left out in the cold. By alternating between hot and cold in the signals they throw your way, by giving off subtle invitations and pulling them back, a girl protects her reputation.

Men do this, too, but just in their own way.

How many times have you talked to a girl where you wanted to sleep with her or make her your girlfriend but you didn’t just come out and say it outright to her. You hid your sexual interest from her, or you just wrap your little hints.

That’s you throwing out signals of interest, but at the same time, protecting yourself from any potential negative downsides that could come from a rejection. Men send out mixed signals as well.

Reason #2. For validation and attention

Because giving you mixed signals is like a push-pull.

It’s what strings you along obsessing about her. She gives you a little candy and she takes it away. She gives you a little candy and she takes it away. It’s not a predictable pattern. It’s unpredictable, and at any moment, she’ll give you little candy, and at any moment, she’ll take that candy away. That’s what messes with your mind.

This gets guys addicted to chasing her, to thinking about her, to calling her, to texting her, to flirting with her, and that feeds into the girl’s ego. It validates her. “Oh, look! I’m getting all this attention from all these men! I must be hot stuff and it feels really nice!”

Here’s the problem with reacting to a girl’s mixed signals in a way that just feeds into her ego and feeds into her validation. She’s already got what she wants from you. She’s never going to sleep with you or be your girlfriend because she’s already got all those good feelings she was looking for.

Why risk messing up a great situation when she’s already got you wrapped around her little finger? Many girls will build up entire small armies of male friends that they send mixed signals to.

Men who send them text back and call them, and send them date invitations and jokes, and send her presents, and are sweet and nice back to her, men who are essentially beta male orbiters that she’ll never sleep with. Now don’t be butthurt that girls do this.

Women do it because it works and men fall hard for it like a dog chasing after a juicy steak.

When men reward women for certain behaviors, women will keep on doing it, and if you are in a pretty girl’s shoes, wouldn’t it feel great to have lots of girls chasing you and texting you and flirting with you, and trying to spend time with you and feeding your ego? You’d be giving off mixed signals, too. You’d be doing the exact same thing.

The only difference between you and a girl is maybe you’d have sex with her first and then you’d start playing games with her specially if you had 20 different girls chasing you. Men aren’t saints either when it comes to this.

Just look at it from the girl’s perspective. She’s having fun giving mixed signals and being pursued. It feels good to her and these men are being so warm and friendly and nice back to her so she must be thinking, “Well, they must be enjoying it, too!”

But don’t worry, my friend. We’re going into the 5 techniques to break these mixed signal cycle and turn her into your girlfriend in just a second.

Reason #3. Attraction for a woman is like a volume knob

It ebbs and it flows with time whereas for dudes, you see a hot girl and you want to get with her right away or not.

It’s like a light switch. it’s either off or it’s on, either 1 or 0.

Once you decide that you want to sleep with a girl, that decision is pretty much locked in. It’s locked in. you see here the next day, and she has a sweater on, covering those beautiful breasts. You don’t care. You still want to sleep with her. The next day she’s acting moody and cranky, you still want to sleep with her. Once that light switch is on, it generally stays on and you have the same amount of interest in a girl from one day to the next. It’s steady.

But women are not like that. Their moods change. Their attraction for you changes.

She could be in a bad mood one day and she will literally have a different personality that is less flirtatious.

Her hormones can change throughout the month, affecting how she will interact with you, or maybe you do something that lowers her attraction for you or turns down her attraction knob like you say something to her that’s socially calibrated needy or desperate, and that pushes her away from you.

The next day, she sees you talking to a couple of pretty girls. You’ve got them laughing, you’ve got them smiling and suddenly her attraction for you goes up, the attraction knob is turned up. Her desire to flirt with you and give you signals can vary greatly, just depending on the day and the circumstances, thus you get mixed signals.

Reason #4. It’s a test

It’s a test to see what kind of man you really are.

Are you a confident action taker that will act on the signals of interest she’s throwing your way?

Are you a beta male passive scared nervous guy who will never take action?

It’s a test to weed out inferior males. She’s not even conscious that she’s doing it for that reason. It’s just evolution’s way, her innate programming to find the very best guys in terms of men that will provide her with strong sperm and give her strong offspring.

The guy who picks on these signals and takes action on them and sweeps her away because he feels entitled to do so and he’s confident, that’s the guy she wants. But if you become nervous or doubt her attraction for you, that’s the guy she loses interest in. Now what do you about it? What do you do if a girl is giving you mixed signals? Regardless of the reasons, how do you turn her into that girl that chases you with a passion?

Well, here are four techniques to solve your mixed signals problem and if you don’t do these well, then those mixed messages may just last forever and you’ll be stuck in mixed message purgatory, so listen up.

Solution #1. Do not force a logical response from the girl

Yes, getting mixed signals can feel frustrating.

Yes, getting mixed signals can drive you up the wall, but do not logically confront the girl over them.

Do not have a sit-down talk with her to discuss her behavior.

Do not say to the girl, “Listen, I think I’m getting vibes from you. Some days, you’re touchy and flirty and you text me back, other days, you don’t. What’s the deal, babe? Explain yourself. Tell me where we stand together. Do you like me or not?”

Now that can feel satisfying to confront her, but if you want her running away in the other direction as fast as she possibly can, that’s a good way to do it. Do not confront a girl or call her out on it.

Never force a girl to make a yes or no decision about you on the spot, my friend.

Never give me a girl an ultimatum to make a decision.

Never make her feel pressured to make a binary choice because unless she’s 100 percent onboard with being your girlfriend at that very moment, she’ll go with the answer No almost every single time because girls do not want the responsibility of saying Yes on their own shoulders. The girl wants you, as the man, to make all the moves; otherwise, she risks being judged as a slut.

By calling her out on her mixed signals, you are putting her into a very awkward, uncomfortable position that literally forces to reject you out of hand and you’ll end up losing your chance to get with that girl forever.

Solution #2. Assume attraction

Assume attraction. Assume that the does like you.

Have a little confidence in yourself in some entitlement.

Why? Why do you need the girl to validate you again and again and again where you need more proof and more proof and more proof that she likes you?

A guy will tell me, “You know what, Jesse, I just don’t know if this girl likes me or not. I keep getting mixed signals from her.”

Well, you are getting signals from her. A guy that repulsed her, she wouldn’t be giving him mixed signals at all, but you are getting signals, so have a little bit of faith in yourself.

Here’s what I always tell people, “Assume that once you get three signals from a girl, that’s all you need. That’s your signal to pounce. No signals could come over the course of a couple of minutes. She could be giving you those big enemy eyes, flick her hair back, compliment you on her shirt. That’s all you need. Assume that she’s taken by you. Assume that you can move forward with her. That’s your signal to go.

Don’t wait around for her games to start. Don’t wait around wondering, “Does she like me or not? But does she really, really like me, Jesse? I need more and more proof.”

Just stop worrying about mixed signals altogether. Stop playing her games. Stop reacting to her.

Don’t be her little puppet on her strings dancing to her tune.

Don’t be overly happy and excited when she gives you a little flirtation and don’t feel confused and sad when she pulls it away. You’re not 6 years old. You’re not a little boy worried about what his mommy thinks and if he has mommy’s approval. Stop that game!

A girl throws you some indicators of interest. From then on, assume attraction. But when she withdraws those indicators of interest, maybe she’s having an off-day but assume the attraction is there. That makes life simple and less complicated. The girl likes you or she doesn’t. There’s no middle ground. There’s no flogging yourself inside your head trying to figure it out.

There’s no mentally torturing yourself, wondering if the girl likes you or not, and from that point of assumption and certainty, you can take action, which brings us to technique number 3 for moving past mixed signals.

Solution #3. Take action and escalate

Assuming attraction, assuming that she likes you, that’s the mental part of winning the game.

That’s the part that will bring you inner peace and make you good inside but it needs to be accompanied with taking action. You can walk around all day, assuming that every woman is in love with you, but it won’t matter for shit if you don’t take any action.

Talk to that girl assertively in a flirtatious way, in a way that communicates a man-to-woman vibe, that has that underlying sexual tension. Physically escalate with her in a smart way that’s appropriate to the setting. Take her hand. Spin her around. Push her away, physically pull her into you, physically lead her and move her. Thumb wrestle with her. Read her poem. Kiss her.

How to do all that is outside the scope of this video, but I can tell you this, my friend: no more of that bullshit vibe that puts you inside the friend zone where you’re wondering if she likes you or not, and you’re wishy-washy. You never take action. You never move things forward.

In fact, just thinking about mixed signals, what is that really? It’s an excuse to never take action. It’s an excuse to stay exactly where you are and never take a risk. That’s the surest and fastest way to be a beta male orbiter, stuck in the friend zone that the girl keeps around for one reason and one reason only: as ego validation and attention.

I say, fuck that! Assume attraction and make the moves. Show her that you are the confident guy that knows what he wants and goes for what he wants, and what you want is her.

Solution #4. Flip the script on her

Get her to invest in you by giving her a path to chase you.

Girls seeking validation and attention from men give you mixed signals because it’s like an unpredictable push-pull move. She gives you a positive reward and then takes it away and you never know what you’re going to get. That’s how she gets you addicted to chasing her and you become her beta male orbiter.

But here’s the beauty of it, my friend. There’s nothing to say that you can’t use a girl’s own push-pull techniques right back on her.

For example, you can playfully play with her and use her own push-pull lines on her. You tell her, “You are absolutely adorable, but you look like a bundle of trouble. I have to be careful around you.” See? Very cookie-cutter push-pull line right there.

Or a bit more extreme creative vacuum. If you feel like a girl is playing with you for validation, withdraw your attention from her. Stop talking to her. Ignore her. Don’t see her. Don’t text her back. Let her feel your absence.

Create that vacuum of space where she’s not getting that validation from you anymore and it will make her feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

It’s very likely, not always, but very likely that she’ll react to your push and start chasing you and she’ll feel that empty space that you’ve created and step into it and step toward you. Mind you, don’t create a vacuum of empty space in a malicious way to manipulate the girl that likes you a lot. This is for those girls that you sense are toying with you for your attention and you want to force her to make a decision to pursue you for her own good.

Another thing that you can do if she’s giving you mixed signals is to talk to other pretty girls in front of her, make it look like she can lose you, look like you’re in demand, create a sense of scarcity. That creates urgency in her and lights a fire under her butt to make a choice about you, and typically if she’s on the fence, she’ll start chasing you.

Right there, you’ve got 3 ways to flip the script on the girl and get her chasing you: (1) use push-pull lines on her, (2) create a vacuum of space to get her chasing you, and (3) use social proof to make yourself look scarce and in demand.

There you have it, my friend, the 4 reasons girls will give you mixed signals and the 4 techniques to handle mixed signals from a girl you like.

A  Secret Fifth Tip

Now I promised you a final secret tip, the very best for last.

You’re getting mixed signals from a girl. That’s fantastic because at least she’s interested in you on some level, but you can’t always rely on women in your social circle. You may not have a lot of hot female friends and your options for getting that perfect 10 girlfriend or that girl that’s meant for you will be limited and restricted and you don’t want that.

You don’t want to find yourself in a position of sexual scarcity because then you get needy and then it’s really easy for a girl to manipulate you with for example, sending you mixed signals.

But what if you could get any girl, say that cute girl that you see at the restaurant, that cute girl you see on the train, that cute that you see at the salon, and get her to stop dead in her tracks and notice you and give you those come-hither looks.

What if you had that rare power to make that girl give you signals of sexual interest and based on that interest of hers, flip that switch in her mind and make her your girlfriend like that.

It’s a brand-new experimental approach to meeting amazing girls I’ve been working on lately, and I want to show you what I’ve been up to. Just click the link down the description below or hit this button right here to watch because this is the kind of knowledge that may just change your love life forever.

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