Best Hat Guide For Men – My Cool Hat Wearing Tips

Hello, my friend! Yes, I know that you’re a hot stuff muffin that the girls can’t keep their hands off of, but the right hat will bring your game to a whole another level.

For the longest time, I never wore hats, but now I love hats and I wear hats all the time when I want to make an impression. Now that I have a library of hats that I like, I would never go back to not wearing hats.

Today, gentlemen, I am giving you 5 tips for choosing the right hat that will make you stand out and catch the eye of the ladies.

Now in my mind, there’s 3 benefits to wearing a hat.

Hat Benefit #1. Extra Height

A hat will give you the perceived appearance of extra height

A hat will make you look taller and a hat does for a man what high heels do for a woman. Adding those couple of inches of height to your appearance, looking taller is a universal attractor to the ladies.

Hat Benefit #2. Hide a receding hairline

What’s amazing about clothes is that you can use your clothes to strategically hide your physical flaws, and this is what women do all the time. Women wear bras to give their breasts extra lift and the appearance of fullness.

Women wear jeans to cover cellulite on their legs.

Women wear high heels to give themselves the appearance of extra height when they’re short.

It’s perfectly within your right as a man to use your clothes to create an illusion of physical attractiveness. If you’re sporting a receding hairline, just like I am and about 50 percent of men are, a hat will make you look so much younger.

Hat Benefit #3. Look better dressed

A hat makes you stand out and look extra stylish and well dressed.

A hat is not just a great peacocking accessory but it adds depth and dimension to an outfit. Because 99 percent of guys just won’t wear hats, you will stand out from the pack.

You will grab the eyes of the girls. It emanates confidence and you always want to dress a little bit better than everyone else in the room as there’s nothing wrong and everything right with being the best dressed guy in the room.

Choosing a hat type

Now, we’re going to talk about choosing the right hat for yourself and where to buy them. In my opinion, is a good place to start because they’re owned by Amazon. They show the hats from many different angles. They’ll ship the hat to you in a business day or two, and they have an easy, airtight free return policy, so you can buy a bunch of different hats on Zappos, try them all on, see which ones you like, and return the rest.

As for the type of hat, I myself am partial to cowboy hats, which work well through many parts of the United States, but I can understand that if you live in Europe or say New York City, a cowboy hat can look a little bit out there, can make you feel self-conscious.

In that case, I would recommend the fedora and the one that I own and particularly is called the Country Gentleman Floyd Traditional Wool Fedora Hat. I like this one because the brim is not that big and also because it’s a felt hat, and felt is very portable material. You can pack it into your luggage. It can get crushed and will pop right back into shape.

The other thing I love about felt hats is that you can actually stack them upon one another, and in that way, they travel very small and compactly.

Hat Colors

As for the colors of my three main fedora hats, I got black. I’ve got a dark brown hat, and I’ve got a lighter chestnut brown hat.

Now when I’m wearing a black jacket or a black shirt, that’s when I pull out the black hat. The dark brown hat goes well with brown shirts, dark-green shirts, and blue shirts, and I will wear my lighter chestnut brown hat with typically a white shirt.

Now if I only had the budget to start out with one hat and one color, I’d say that dark brown will generally match the most colors of shirts, so dark brown is a good color to start out with.

But if you have the budget and you can go for it, start with the dark brown hat, add the black hat, and add the lighter chestnut brown hat, and with those three colors, you’ll be able to match most any shirt.

There you go, gentlemen. That’s my quick and dirty hat buying guide so that you look right for the ladies, so that you look taller, so that you look more stylish and dapper, and to hide that receding hairline.

Now my friend, if you’re interested in learning what to say to get a girl to call you back, to spend endless conversation, as well as to appear taller and more attractive, watch this video right here for a quick demonstration and learn exactly how to pull it off.

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