How To Date A Model: Why You Should Reconsider Dating A model

So, you want to date a model?

Well, I hear you. I think it’s just about every man’s fantasy to want to date a model. After all, models are everywhere you look. They’re on magazine ads. They’re on television commercials. They’re in the movies.

Along with dating a model comes social status. Your friends are now giving you props. You now have newfound respect in their eyes. You’re now a conversation piece. “Did you hear that Bobby is dating a model?”

But in reality, dating a model is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Just from my own experience dating many hot girls, dating many wannabe models and hanging around with a lot of real legitimate models, I want to you warn you the 9 reasons that you may never ever want to date a real model.

The Four Types of Models

All right, in my opinion there are four types of girls that can be models or call themselves.

The first type of girls are legitimate models. They get paid good money to go on modeling gigs. They may work seasonally. The work maybe inconsistent. The gigs maybe inconsistent, but they are hired by legitimate big companies like Pepsi or a fashion brand to promote a product or service.

The second type of girl will tell you she’s a model, but she’s not really a model. She just likes the idea of being a model. Maybe she’s applied to a couple of gigs, but it’s really more the idea of the fantasy of being a model than actually being a model. For example, maybe she started up a free Instagram account. She started taking photos of her butt. She’s got now 10,000 followers, and she’s just declared herself, “I’m a model now because I have Instagram.”

For example, I went on a date with this girl recently and I asked her what she did, and she told me that she was a model. I asked her what kind of modeling have you done, and she told me she only ever did one gig, having her hair photographed for the local salon. I got the impression that the salon owner just wanted to get close to her, so he could bang her.

You’d be surprised how many girls get approached to do modeling simply because the photographer wants to get laid, but the girl has this big ego so now she thinks she’s a model.

Ex-models, that have simply retired, or they got older or they got tired of it. maybe they didn’t want to do gigs their entire lives, but they still tell you that they’re models to see how you will react.

Girls that are simply hot. They could do modeling if they wanted, but they just don’t do modeling. They’re just hot girls.

Before we go on how to date a model, I want to touch on all the downsides of dating a model.

#1. Most Hot Girls Aren’t Models

For every beautiful model, there is like 100 beautiful girls that are just as beautiful that don’t do modeling.

They usually want to have nothing to do with modeling because they have other things going on with their lives. Maybe they like to go to school. Maybe they like to hit the gym and work out. They just have other interests going on.

A lot of the most beautiful girls have the wider hips and narrow waists and the larger breasts, that are more full-bodied, a body type that a lot for photographers aren’t even looking for. Photographers are often looking for the body type of the boyish waist. If you’ve ever seen that American TV show, “America’s Next Top Model,” a lot of the girls with the boyish look are not even particularly that hot.

Often, it’s the case: if you want to date some of the most beautiful girls, you’re not even necessarily looking at models.

#2. Most Models Are Broke

Most models are broke, and most models are financially insecure.

Only the top 1 percent of models are making good money, and even the model doing showroom work or they catwalk, they may only make a couple of hundred dollars a day and their work is very inconsistent. A lot of these so-called models can barely make any money at all.

They’re just like struggling Hollywood actors. Most are unemployed, and they can’t find any work. Most actors that do find work, they make very little money, and a lot of these struggling models, what they’re really looking for are sugar daddies that will financially support them as they pursue their modeling career.

If you’re attracted to independent women that have their own thing going on, then models are not the kind of girl you want to be looking for.

#3. Most Models Dislike Modeling

Because in reality, many models resent their jobs. Yes, at first, it’s exciting to see yourself in photographs, getting all that attention, getting your ego stroked. But she has to stand in front of the camera all day. She maybe in an uncomfortable position. She has to wear uncomfortable clothes. She maybe under hot light. She could be outside in sweltering heart or in the unbearable cold. Her skin is abused with heavy makeup. Her hair is constantly abused with different styles and changes. She’s going to endless casting calls and rushing from place to place the vast majority of the time only to face rejection after rejection after rejection.

A girl typically gets into modeling because she thinks it’s going to be glamorous, fun, and easy. When she finds out it’s anything but, and she has to go through all that grind, all she wants to do is get out of modeling, and many models are regretful and resentful.

#4. Most Models Have Bad Finances

Most models have no idea how to save and manage their money properly.

Keep in mind that most models are plucked at the ripe young age of 15, 16, 17, and 18, so they have no financial knowledge and don’t know anything about spending money. At the same time, they’ll get all their money sporadically or in big chunks.

Imagine you’re 19 years old and you suddenly get $5,000. How are you going to spend it? You’re going to go on a massive shopping spree or take a trip, or go partying. Even though a model’s career life is typically quite short, most models have no interest in saving their money or investing it for when they can’t earn any money off their pretty face.

If you want to date a model, be prepared for her financial life to be a mess even if she’s earning decent money and most models don’t.

#5. Models Have Weird Personalities

Models tend to have very distorted personalities.

Models either tend to be stupid and crazy, or boring and dull. Now part of this is just because the girls were young and doesn’t have much life experience, but it also has to do with the girl being extremely spoiled.

If the girl is very beautiful, she’s most likely have everything handed to her. She’s never had to work on herself. She’s never had to work hard for something. She’s never had to work hard at school. She’s never had to adjust her personality. Most likely, if she’s beautiful, she’s surrounded by yes men and sycophants and men that tell her what she wants to hear to get into her pants, not what she needs to hear to become a better person.

Imagine if you were born incredibly beautiful and everything was just handed to you, you would never need to try hard either and you would become either incredibly dull or have the luxury of being cuckoo and crazy.

The best time to get to know a model is at the very beginning because as you get to know her better, it only goes downhill from there.

#6. Models Have Bad Friends

Models tend to have a distorted sense of relationship.

Models are typically surrounded by yes men and sycophants, men and women who tell her how perfect she is, how beautiful she is. These people want something from here. They either want to make money off of her or they want to be seen with her for status, or they ply her with alcohol and drugs to get into her pants.

Many models are surrounded by inauthentic and ingenuine people, people that are simply using her, and most models, being so young and inexperienced, can’t tell the difference between good influences and bad influences, and they have no sense of what is a good, honest relationship.

#7. The Competition is Fierce

Because of competition from other men.

Now if you date a hot girl, you’re going to have competition from other men even if she’s not a model. I’ve had other guys blatantly hit on my girl right in front of me even though they knew she was with me and that’s just the nature of dating a hot girl. But with models, it’s a little bit different.

Remember, the financial situation of most models is a complete and utter disaster. On top of that, most models are chasing after validation, fame, money, and status while you have a lot of rich men also chasing after validation, fame, money, and status. What better way for a rich man to show off status by having a model on his arm and winning her over by lavishing status and money and materialism on her?

Models tend to be attracted to very rich men and very rich men tend to be attracted to models often for reasons that tend to make horrible dysfunctional relationships. But nonetheless, you will have constantly men with lots of money trying to swoop in on your model girlfriend just to bang her, and girls who do modeling tend to be more attracted to that kind of powerplay than your typical hot girl, so you’re going to have competition from men with more money than you have, and models will have a tendency to cheat on you.

#8. Models Are Insecure

Models tend to be incredibly insecure and need constant validation.

Remember, the life of a model is one of constant comparison to other women, and she’s continually being judged by other people in positions of authority whether she’s beautiful enough or right for the job. They may tell her she’s overweight, or not skinny enough, or her ears are too big, and she doesn’t have the right look, or she doesn’t have the right shape of legs.

A lot of these models are very young and impressionable. They’re insecure just like you and I are. They’re human beings, too, and they have the same insecurities that we do. When they get this kind of rejection after rejection based on their looks, it often scars them, and they develop a mental complex for years and years afterwards. At the same time, a model’s shelf-life is incredibly short, too. There’s no shortage of young, 15- to 25-year-old girls from Eastern Europe willing to work longer hours, willing to fly to farther places, and willing to be paid far less.

Because she constantly gets attention from others based on her looks and at the same time is incredibly insecure, being judged harshly so often, it leaves the girl needing constant validation that she’s beautiful. You’ll find your model girlfriend constantly posting half-naked selfies on her Instagram, waiting around to see how many people like them, constantly obsessed with getting the validation, constantly obsessed over whether her modeling career is over or not, continually being insecure and worried about her declining looks.

You’ll find your model girlfriend constantly asking if she looks too fat, or if she looks too old, and no matter how many times you enthusiastically tell her, “Of course not! You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” she won’t believe you and she will just keep on asking.

#9. She Comes First

In most cases, her looks come first.

She’s continually being judged on her looks, and her looks are her products. Her looks are her livelihood. Her looks are the basis for her self-esteem. You can kiss being punctual goodbye forever as your new model girlfriend will continually be trying on new outfits. She’ll be constantly looking in the mirror. She’ll be constantly snapping selfies of herself. She’ll be constantly looking for validation from you and others, and your new girlfriend will constantly be late to just about everything as she puts herself first.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that all models act like this, and I don’t want to give the impression that hot girls in general are free from psychological problems.  A lot of hot girls who aren’t models face this same kind of issues.

But for a model, it just tends to be incredibly intense, and from my experience, that’s not a headache that you really want to deal with specially since for every hot girl who’s a model, there’s 100 hot girls out there who are just as hot, but they don’t subject themselves to that kind of lifestyle that is often almost a psychological torture on the girl.

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