How to Pick up a Girl Through Online Chat Rooms

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When it comes to picking up girls, the best place to head now is online. Online dating has evolved from the days when it first started and now there are sites for everything so you can meet exactly the right man or woman for you. But just how easy is it to pick up a girl online?

Set Up a Good Profile

If you are looking to pick up a girl online, especially through online chat rooms, you need to ensure that your profile is great. You don’t want to come across as too ‘perfect’ as people won’t believe you and will think you are lying or over compensating but you want to be as honest and as truthful about yourself as you possibly can whilst also only showing your best side – you don’t want women online to know about your weird little quirks just yet, right?

First step is a photo – it doesn’t have to be perfect but it needs to be good so that women can see who you are and what you look like. Next step is to pad out your profile. Don’t lie but don’t put yourself down either – it’s important not to be too boastful but also not to be too modest. Don’t claim to be the biggest ladies’ man if you really aren’t and don’t claim to be this little angel who constantly does good deeds if that isn’t you either.

Mention your hobbies but don’t just list them – talk about why you like them and perhaps even use an anecdote from one time when you were doing your hobby – make a girl laugh if you can; make her feel good just by reading your profile.

Get Chatting To a Variety of Women

Once you’ve got your profile completely set up and have women viewing it, you want to find the right adult chat room for you. You can choose to visit a more general one or find one a little more niche for your expectations – you may be looking for a quick fling, a relationship or just someone to chat to so it is important to find the right chat room for your requirements.

Plenty of women join dating sites and chat rooms every single day so there will always be new women to talk to. Men do still outnumber women on most sites but with new women joining every day, you will never be stuck for someone new to talk to.

Take the time to get chatting to a variety of women – you don’t need to stick to one age, location or hair color if you don’t want to – you can chat to a brunette in her early twenties or a blonde in her late thirties if you really want to. The beauty of these sites is the ability to chat to a wide spectrum of people and not having limited choices or options.

Make yourself seem different to the other guys – don’t plod along acting the same as them. Do something to catch the women’s eyes so they are intrigued by you and then you can reel them in.

Find the Ones Who Share Your Interests

Once you’ve been chatting to a selection of women for a while, you can start to narrow it down to the ones who share your interests if that is what you would like to do. You may be happy talking to a wider array of ladies but if you are looking to pick up a girl, eventually you’ll want to chat to one a little more than others so it is best to find one that is suited to you and your personality.

If you’re participating in a general chat room, you may have to chat for a while to different ladies to find women who have similar interests to you however if you are in a more specific room, it may be a little easier to find ladies who like the same things.

After chatting for a while, take things to private message. Try to work out the quiet times on the site and send her a message then so you will be at the top of her inbox and the first message she sees. Just like you have been talking to other women, you have to assume that she has been talking to other men too and if you want to pick her up, you need to make sure that you are the first one to come to mind.

Make Arrangements to Meet

Once you’ve been speaking through inbox, it is time to make arrangements to meet. It may seem like four simple steps to picking up a girl through an online chat room but you need to do them all in order to finally pick up a girl from there who is intrigued and interested by you – there is no point arranging to meet someone who has no interest in you whatsoever, nor is there any point if you’ve completely falsified your profile – they will see right through you.

You can arrange to meet wherever you like – most people tend to choose a bar or a casual restaurant – and you can get to know each other a little better face to face. Finally at the end of the night you can see where the mood takes you and whether you end up going home together; a successful pick up if so.

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  1. Guys, the first thing you need to take into consideration is to be honest, never write or say something you don’t like or do. That is the risk of chat rooms, but, if you are honest and you find someone to match with, that will be the girl, trust me 😉 Just be honest, funny and nice, the results will be awesome, good luck !

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