How to Turn On a Female Friend in Under 3 Minutes

Picture, gentlemen: there you are at a social party and your eyes lock in with that hottie that you know from school or work. But of course, you want to turn it into a little bit something more, and you’re afraid to go talk to her, but she’s like, “No más! Friend zone for you!”

So the big question on your mind is how do I generate that hard attraction?

Well that’s what we’re going to cover in this video. How to get her hot and hot and butter for you in 3 minutes flat.

I want to tell you about a secret little hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a powerful sex hormone. What oxytocin does is it floods the brain with signals to bond with another human being and increases overwhelming desire for sexual intercourse. Now here’s how you can use that to your advantage.

Oxytocin increases a woman’s testosterone levels, gives her a high sex drive, and increases her bonding with you.

When you’re having a little chitchat with that pretty senorita, a few well-placed touches in the right spots is going to make her feel sexual and bond with you a little against her will because this is an automatic response that women have to touch.

What’s really fantastic is you don’t need to touch her a lot. Just a few well-placed touches are enough to spike that oxytocin in her brain and start to make her warmed up to you.

What’s more, the oxytocin hormone creates the desire to be touched even more, producing yet even more oxytocin, creating this vicious cycle of sex hormone escalation. Here my friend is the strange but beautiful thing about oxytocin: It’s far more powerful in women than it is in men. That’s because oxytocin affects the brain in combination with estrogen. Without estrogen, oxytocin has no effect, and women have far more estrogen than men do.

I mean have you ever had the experience with a woman friend where you never looked at her in that kind of way, gave you just a small touch on the shoulders, a small little touch on the hand, and then boom like a bolt out of the blue, like a lightning, it struck you and you saw this woman now in a suddenly totally new light like you went from friend to friend to man to woman connection just like that.

Well in women, that touch effect is literally 10 times more powerful. A little touch can turn you from nice guy friend into potential lover instantly.

Oxytocin also impairs a woman’s memories and decreases her judgment. That’s why a couple of well-placed moments brings a woman outside of her head and into the moment.

For all those reasons, physical touch is one of the key ingredients to creating fast hard attraction in a woman. Touch is what makes the difference between being in a friend zone, having a friend to friend connection versus having a man to woman connection where the woman sees you in a whole new light.

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