Is Feminism Good or Bad: The Answer

“Hello, Jesse! I’m curious. What do you think about feminism? Do you think that feminism is a good or bad thing?” – Jason

Well, listen, is feminism good? Short answer is yes! Of course, feminism is good.

Everyone should be empowered. In countries where women are second-class citizens, a woman can get pregnant very young and the guy can just leave her. Poof! He’s gone and the woman is stuck with all the economic responsibilities of raising the child, and she gets shamed by society, her family, her friends while the man gets away with virtually no consequences at all.

In countries where women are second-class citizens, a woman can be very limited in the kind of work she can get like being a maid or doing secretarial work that pays a lot less.

Or a woman can get stuck in a bad situation with an abusive man, and she has no recourse to get out of the relationship without undergoing massive societal shaming and becoming a pariah.

Listen, you don’t want your mother or sister or daughter stuck in some bullshit situation.

Not All Feminists Are Equal

On the flipside, of course there are idiot feminists. The YouTube channel, h3h3, have some funny videos spoofing women that just simply go over the top where they unfairly harass men in the name of feminism.

In these specific cases, it’s not about empowering women. It’s about manufacturing clickbait and outrage and unnecessary drama to get views and likes on social media where the so-called feminist is not advancing women or society, but it’s simply stroking her own ego and it’s all about herself.

But here’s the thing. Because of social media and YouTube, the small little group that seems outrageous and over the top, it’s 90 percent of the news coverage and reactions, clicks, and eyeballs, even though they’re really just 1 percent of the idiot trolls.

So, yeah there are certainly some idiot feminists, but guess what? Most of the world is full of idiots including men. I mean there are guys in the pickup community that act like fucking idiots, getting drunk, being loud, starting fights, getting into ego wars with one another, counting notches on their belts as trophies, hitting on women on some of the most awkward, ham-fisted ways that you can imagine.

I’ve met some guys that are almost sociopaths, self-destructive to themselves, destructive to women, or guys that will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a fancy car that they can’t afford, that their health is bad, they don’t dress well, they have body odor, and they wonder why they can’t get a girlfriend.

So yeah, there are plenty of guys in the pickup community that act like fucking idiots. Do you want women to take the top pick-up idiots and hold them up as examples of what pickup is all about?

Or take the fitness industry. A lot of them sell bullshit supplements and take steroids. Does that mean you shouldn’t lift weights or go to the gym? You don’t ask yourself, is exercise bad, right?

People Are Idiots For All Sorts of Reasons

I mean people are fucking idiots for all sorts of reasons.

People eat fast food. They poison their mind reading garbage. They lose weeks playing video games. They put on weight and they destroy their health, and they’re happy doing it.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more overactive man-hating feminists. Maybe she had an abusive relationship with men growing up and she’s simply taking out her anger.

Maybe she was sexually abused at one point and feels hurt, or maybe she went through a lot of bullshit growing up, and she’s simply screaming it out on social media.

You never know someone’s real backstory and there’s often reasons to sympathize with them even if you don’t agree with them politically and you shouldn’t confuse the actions of an individual with the goals of a movement.

We can separate the good things about feminism like empowering women and the cool chicks, and the cool feminists who generally want to make the world a better place for both men and women from some of the more goofy, attention-grabbing, wacky individuals that are really after attention and self-promotion.

To wrap up, gentlemen, judge something by the best people involved in it, not the dummies who would be fucking up whatever they do in life regardless if it’s their politics, or their job, or screwing up their health.

Focus on those cool women whether they call themselves or not; otherwise, you’re no different than the media who try to categorize all pickup into a negative box.

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