7 Ways to Kiss a Girl the First Time – And Have Her Kiss Back!


Ricki wrote in to me, “I’m pretty good with women, but I don’t know how to ask for the kiss and it always gets really awkward. Can you give me something that’s foolproof to getting the girl to kiss me?”

Well, you’re in luck, my friend, because today I’m giving you 7, yes 7, kissing Casanova lines to get that cute girl to pucker up her lovely lips and kiss you.

Now picture this scenario. There’s a beautiful girl standing right there in front of you. She’s got those bright Bambi eyes, long luxurious hair, perfectly flushed cheeks and skin, and a sparkling smile from ear to ear. This is the girl of your dreams and if you could just break out of this dreary small talk and get her to kiss you, get her to smooch.

But no, you just continue on with the boring small talk and nothing happens and she dumps your sorry ass into the friendzone dumpster because you didn’t make a move. If you don’t make a move, my friend, well, then you deserve friendzone purgatory.

Well I say, no more of that starting today! She deserves to experience your kiss, she deserves to fall in love, and you deserve to know what to say to make it happen.

Get the First Kiss #1. “Come Here” method

Simply tell her, “Come here.”

She’ll say, “Why?”

You just say, “Come here. Just come here.” Maintain solid eye contact as she gets closer and you simply smile and say, “Closer.”

You can even take her by the hand and pull her into you if need be together face-to-face. That’s when she’ll get those butterflies in her stomach. That’s when she’ll start to feel her heart beating fast and then you just kiss.

Yes, my friend, saying, “Come here closer,” is your basic go-to line for getting a pretty girl to kiss you. It works and it’s powerful because it demonstrates dominance, leadership, authority, and control. It demonstrates ultimate confidence, which builds up raging fire inside of her fast attraction.

Now for girls and having it, it doesn’t mean that she’d necessarily doesn’t want to kiss you. It just means that she needs to have more comfort, so you simply want to back off, talk more, vibe more, wait for her to get more comfortable with you and then try again a little bit later.

Then she’ll likely kiss you on your second try because on your first attempt, you’ve already demonstrated a lot of sexy traits just by going for it.

Get the First Kiss #2. Physical method

You’re going to ask the girl to close her eyes, and then you’re going to take her finger, lightly touch her neck, and then run your finger all the way down her arm down her back. Then you’re going to whisper into her ear, “Just imagine that.” with a kiss. Then a pause, and then ask if she wants you to kiss her.

Then if she says, “Hmmm…” or even if she doesn’t answer you, then go ahead and gently kiss her on the lips.

This is key, my friend. We have to stop wondering whether the girl wants the kiss us or not. Just assume already that you have comfort.

Assume already that you have rapport.

Assume already that you have attraction.

Assume that the girl wants the kiss.

Even if the attraction is not 100 percent there in her part yet, just believing that she wants the kiss and having the certainty of that is usually enough to pull the girl into that reality.

Guess what? After a first attempt to kiss her, if it wasn’t on her mind before you tried, she’s definitely thinking about it now. but you know what, if she’s not having it, simply pull back for a second, look her straight in the eyes, and don’t flinch. Then moving again and chances are, she’ll go for it the second time.

If not, you can be pretty sure that she’ll go for it later, maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes later. The “No” is usually just a “Not yet. I’m not quite comfortable yet, build up a little more rapport and comfort with me.”

Get the First Kiss #3. Flip the script

Hold strong eye contact during the conversation, edge closer and closer to her with a look that says, “I know you want to kiss me, but I haven’t quite decided if you get to do that.”

What you’re doing is getting physical tension with your eye contact, with your physical proximity, and the vibe that you emanate.

Then you tell the girl playfully, “Why do you keep looking at me like that? If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to have to kiss you.” Keep holding eye contact, and a minute later, tell her, “Why do you keep doing that to me?” Come here,” and pull her in and tell her to closer her yes and land that soft smooch on her perfect lips.

Here’s what we’re doing my friend. You are flipping the script on her.

Normally we think of the man as wanting to get the kiss from the woman, but here you’re re reframing it as her wanting to get the kiss from you and the way you can tell is by the way that she’s looking at you, or at least how you imagine that she’s looking at you. you know, flipping the script, well you get the idea.

Little tip: don’t get that first kiss in front of her friends or family.

If her friends or family are around, she could feel like she’s being watched or judged, and a girl no matter how badly she actually wants to kiss you usually won’t feel comfortable doing it in front of her friends or family.

If her friends are right there, tell her friends that you’re going to just borrow her for a second, then tell the girl, “You know what, I want to show you something.” Grab her by the hand and lead her to a private spot.

Get the First Kiss #4. Verbal permission method

Get verbal permission from her first

Simply tell her, “Hey! Would you mind if I show you something?” But don’t ask it like a question like, “You mind if I show you something?” You want to say it in a commanding or leading way like it’s a flat statement.

If you say it like that, 99 percent of the time, the girl will say, “Sure!” and comply.

Then you tell her, “Come a little bit closer. Come here.” Then, bam! Land that kiss on her!

Get the First Kiss #5. Play kiss chicken with her

How this works is you just keep the conversation going and flowing and as you talk, you lean in closer as you chat. Not for the whole conversation, but you’re flowing back and forth between closeness and extreme closeness.

For some segments, you’re going to move in real close as you talk to her and then pull back like nothing happened, all the while talking like everything is perfectly normal. With each wave, move in a little closer, and a little closer, and a little closer.

If she’s into it, you’ll eventually be able to lean in close enough to whisper the conversation into her ear like you’re telling her a naughty little secret that no one else can hear.

Do this a couple of times back and forth, back and forth just to get her heart racing and then gently nuzzle her ear physically as you’re pulling back very slowly.

If she’s feeling comfortable and ready, she’ll press back into you and start to turn her head and then just follow the contours of her skin until your lips meet.

Get the First Kiss #6. Play with taboo

Tell her, “You know, I make out with you, but it would be so wrong.”

This line does a few things. (a) It telegraphs your sexual intent. (b) Creates a man-to-woman interaction. (c) Increases the sexual tension. (d) It flips the script on a girl that you, as the man, are holding back, not her, and it plays on the notion of taboo, which can often turn the girl on.

Then you can challenge her. You can tell her, “I don’t know. I just don’t know if you can kiss that well.”

If she tells you, “Yes, I do.” Or even if she just smiles, or she’s quiet and says nothing, then take her by the hand, pull her in, tell her to come closer, and tell her, “Let’s find out.” Then let the kissing commence.

Get the First Kiss #7. Role play a relationship

Playfully role play with the girl where you’re pretending to do a little fantasy scenario where she’s your girlfriend or pretending that you’re asking her to be your wife. Then in the context of the two of you being in a relationship, take her by the hand, pull her in, look her straight in the eyes, and kiss her.

There you have it, my friend. You now have 7 lines you can use on any girl that you have a fancy for to pull her in and land that first kiss, that first sensual smooch of passion.

If you want more details like exactly how to role play with a girl like she’s your girlfriend and get that first kiss or come-back lines that are guaranteed to work just in case she turns her head away so that you can still get that first kiss 100 percent of the time, and how to be sure whether a girl is ready to kiss you or not, click on the link in the description below to get the next presentation, or tap on this button right here to get all that and more, so that any girl you meet you can make out with her instead of ending up in friendzone purgatory.

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