My 5 Quick Tools to Sleep Better!

I want to give a quick talk about sleeping habits, my 5 top sleeping habits.

Now if you are a very busy guy like you’re hustling hard at work, you like to take your leisure activities, you like to do your hobbies, but you also want to be out there meeting women or you have an active dating life, it can add up to a lot of time. It can add up to a lot of “energy output.” It can be tiring. It can be exhausting over time.

During that time in which you’re sleeping, hopefully it’s 8 hours, but maybe it’s only 7, 6, or 5 because you just don’t have any other choice, you want to be getting the most out your sleep schedule.

Over the years, I have kind of accumulated little habits that I like to do, little tricks, little techniques to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Trick: Face Mask

The first trick that I do is I like to wear a face mask because when you are in complete black pitch, your room is completely dark, you’re going to sleep better.

If there’s a little bit of light creeping through in the evening or creeping through in the morning, or maybe there’s streetlights outside, even that 1 percent, 2 percent, 3 percent light coming in is your sleep is just not going to be as good because it’s messing with your circadian rhythm. It’s waking you up in subtle ways. You’re not going to be sleeping as deeply, and you want to get the most out of every minute of sleep.

I like to wear a very plush $20 face mask. I know there’s really cheap ones out there. I found that they tend to scratch my face. They’re not very comfortable. I have this very plush blue one. I’ll probably put the link below. Absolutely incredible investment, I highly recommend it.

Sleep Trick: Light blocking window curtains

Just in terms of keeping your room dark is I like to use light blocking window curtains. Now light-blocking window curtains are really important because most windows aren’t going to block most of the light. Light-blocking, you put them behind your regular window curtains. They’re like this thick plastic, and they’ll just block out so much more light. Between that and the face mask, I’m going to have a pitch-black room; really, really important.

Sleep Trick: Kindle Paperwhite

Next tip I want to share with you is I like to use a Kindle Paperwhite to read before bed. I like to do a little bit of light reading right before bed because they kind of calms my mind down. Having a little habit that you do right before sleeping that you do every single time, it’s going to signal to your brain, “Okay, I’ starting to read on my Kindle. Now it’s time to go to sleep.”

I like to read because getting lost in the fantasy, it’s just relaxing as opposed to watching television, that bright light from the screen is going to be waking you up. Or reading a book on your phone, it’s just too tempting to check notifications or your email, so I think the Kindle for me is the perfect device because you can have a pitch black room, have it on very low light, very low backlight. There’s no other distractions on the Kindle. I can’t check my email or anything on it, so I’ll just fire that baby up, and I’ll go to sleep really quick.

Sleep Trick: Vibrating Alarm

The fourth trick I like to employ is the vibrating alarm. Now those noisy alarms that go, “Beep, beep, beep!” I just don’t like them because they wake me up in a harsh way. A vibrating alarm is like a little alarm you just slip under your pillow, and when it’s time to wake up, it’s going to give you a nice, soft vibration through the pillow.

The other advantage is if you’re staying in a hostel, it’s not going to wake the other people up in the hostel or if you have a loved one sleeping next to you, it’s not going to wake them up.

It just serves the dual function of not bothering other people, but not bothering yourself either. Vibrating alarm, essential in your toolkit, in my opinion.

Sleep Trick: The Cool Room

Our final tip for the day’s video is the cool room. Research shows that you’re going to get a better’s night sleep is your room is cool like 68 degrees, 69 degrees, 70 degrees. I typically sleep at around 71 degrees. I’ve got a fan overhead blowing on me. I don’t sleep with any pajamas, any clothes on just to keep my body temperature cooler.

Here’s the thing: when you go to sleep, your body naturally wants to cool down. When you’re sleeping, your body is in a lower temperature state. If it doesn’t have to work so hard to get there, you’re going to sleep better. Imagine you’re in a stifling hot room, your body wants to cool down to its natural cooler temperature during sleep, it’s just got to work a lot harder if it’s like 88 degrees in the room, right? It’s doing a lot more work. If your room is really cool, say 70 degrees, 71 degrees, it’s just easier to fall asleep.

Those are my top 5 tips for getting some good sleep.

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