My Job Sucks: 9 Simple Things To Do About It Right Now !!

I know how it is. You’re bored at work, you’d like to make more money, you’d like a shorter commute, and your boss is a real ass. The work is physically draining and you’re tired and coming home tired.

In short, you are miserable, and you know that there is something better out for you, but you keep trudging on like a true trooper to your thankless job day after day, week after week, and when is it going to end. In short, your jobs sucks.

I know how you feel because back in the day, I held a few jobs that I hated working the night shift. What do you do when your job sucks?

Well today, my friend, I’m giving you 7 simple tips that I wish I had back then to get you out of that sucky job and into a job that makes you feel happier and pays you so you have the cash to do what you want.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #1. Entrepreneur, not an Employee

Don’t think of yourself as an employee for your boss; rather think of yourself as an entrepreneur for yourself.

As an employee, generally you feel incentivized to do as little as possible without getting caught snoozing. Your heart is just not in the work and you show up because you have to and if you could sneak in watching a couple of Game of Thrones episodes while your boss wasn’t looking, you do it.

But when you think of yourself as an entrepreneur for yourself, you suddenly feel incentivized to give your job 100 percent and putting all of your motivation and energy into your shit job is actually good practice for practicing success when you have the future job you want.

Think of it this way: practice right now for success. How do you expect to be an awesome CEO of a great company in the future with hundreds of employees, making millions of dollars if you can’t even do a good job at the shit job that you have right now?

Right now, you can practice people management. You can practice socializing. You can practice giving it your all, your 100 percent. You can practice your enthusiasm. You can practice generating your positive state from within yourself.

But if you sulk alone in your cubicle, if you practice doing as little as possible, if you’re still in a negative state all day, if you bitch with other coworkers, all you’re doing is practicing being in a negative emotional state. Rather practice the habits of success now, in the job that you have now so that you’ll know how to hit the ground running in the future when you have that job you want.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #2. Seek Mentors at your workplace

Speaking of seeing yourself as an entrepreneur for yourself rather than as an employee/mercenary for hire, tip 2 is seeking out mentors at your job.

Stay away from the negative or mediocre people as best you can and seek out the more successful senior-level folks and befriend them. A lot of higher-up people and older workers with a lot of life experience love it when a younger guy looks up to them and wants to learn about them. After all, every human being’s favorite subject is about themselves, right?

You can learn a lot this way about how to run a business, how to manage employees, how to market yourself, how to network, and general life lessons about health, wealth, and relationships.

At every bad job, there is usually an opportunity to use it as a class of success if you seek out the right people in that organization.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #3. Change your personal habits

Examine your own personal habits outside of work.

Yeah, the job sucks. You know it sucks, but so often, the job is not the only source of your unhappiness, and we tend to blame our unhappiness on the job when that’s not really always the case.

I mean how is your personal health doing? Are you filling your body with lean meats and vegetables and vitamins and minerals, or do you feed your body with processed sugars and crap that make you feel tired and rundown and sap your testosterone?

Are you exercising with heavy weights and doing cardio to keep your body feeling alive and awake, or are you poisoning yourself with alcohol and drugs? Are you spending too much time in front of passive entertainment like television, which in the short run gives you this nice dopamine spike of happy feelings, but in the long run turns you into a slow slug sitting on that lazy chair and eventually you feel almost subhuman?

How are your relationships doing? Is it a strained with your kids and your parents and your girlfriend because of your extra frustration?

Don’t underestimate the importance of taking care of yourself. It’s easy to feel like every job sucks if the problem is actually with you.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #4. Don’t attract girls with money

A lot of frustration from work comes from feeling like you need that hottie girlfriend or wife and you just don’t feel like you have the time, or the money, or status, or the resources from your current job to get her.

You’re thinking to yourself, “I need to make more money to get that nice car and those nice clothes so that I can win that girlfriend.” Or you’re thinking to yourself, “I need to have the right career to attract that kind of girl I want.” Maybe at some subconscious level, you’re thinking things like that and it’s causing you stress.

Listen, gentlemen, even when you do become rich, it’s only going to attract the wrong kind of women—gold diggers who are emotional train wrecks and will use their looks to pussy-strike you down and make your life miserable.

No, gentlemen, that loyal, loving girlfriend next door that you’re craving after wants that confident man with a touch of bad boy who takes reckless action and whispers the right things into her ear.

Check out the Girlfriend Express method, a method that I developed after doing 15 years of research; the link is down in the description below. Girlfriend Express shows you how get that loyal, loving girlfriend, that girl that you are specifically after even if you are dirt broke and flipping burgers, and that’s what I love about Girlfriend Express. Even if your job sucks, your life is still fantastic when you are in the arms and presence of a beautiful, amazing woman.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #5. Wake up earlier

Wake up 4 hours earlier.

This is the typical pattern of the average guy who hates his job: our friend wakes up at the very last second possible to barely make it into work on time with his pants on, and after a long day on the job, he walks through the door of his home, plops down in his favorite chair, and spends the rest of the day just recovering, watching television before going to sleep. You end up getting caught in a rut of inaction as your job is running your schedule for you.

What I recommend is wake up 4 hours before your job starts. If your job starts at 9:00 in the morning, wake up at 5:00. If your job starts at 8:30 in the morning, wake up at 4:30. That way you got at least 3 hours of primetime of peak performance, energy in the morning to look for a new job, start a side business, do the hobbies that you love, exercise, get homework done, whatever you need to do that requires your energy and focus.

In that way, you’re not giving up your very best powers of peak energy and peak performance to somebody else.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #6. Listen to audio books

Start listening to books.

Just jump on any public bus or train and look around you at the people on their commute to work. I guarantee you that 99 out of 100 of them are just staring out the window to empty space or listening to music. Gentlemen, your commute is your free time; do not waste it. Whether you walk to work, or bike, or drive, you can be listening to audio books.

You can learn about business, making money, skills for your future career, relationships, human psychology, networking, managing people, health, wealth, and relationships, it’s all right there at your fingertips and that means changing your relationship with books.

Don’t think of books like you did back in high school: punishment or homework assignment that you put off to the last second you just want to get it done and out of the way. No! Think of a book as a very smart, successful human being with all the wisdom of 40 or 50 years of experience who is crushing in on life, someone who has gotten all the things that you want for yourself.

For about $9, this person will be mentoring you. He or she will take all their best experiences, best wisdom, best tips from 40 years and condense all that knowledge into a nice, tight little package of 2 hours of pure gold, easy listening for your pleasure. Again, listening to audio books has to do with seeing yourself as an entrepreneur for yourself rather than as an employee who just wants to do as little as possible.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #7. Prepare now with a company

If you’re eyeing a new career, even if it requires years of schooling, you can get started right now.

Let’s say you have the idea to become a computer programmer and you’ll need to spend a couple of years taking classes or you have to teach yourself. Well, here’s the little secret, my friend: you can start building up your resume right now. simply register a web domain, grab some cheap $5 a month hosting, register a corporation in your state, and pronounce yourself as an independent consultant.

So when you do go looking for work as a programmer for a big company, say 1 or 2 years in the future, you can show on your resume that you’ve already been in business for yourself for years with your own corporation, even if you never had a client before. It doesn’t matter. It looks impressive. It looks like you’re a go-getter. It looks like you take action.

Let’s say you want to go into acupuncture. Well, start writing short essays on the subject or interview people and then compile all of your essays and interviews into a PDF file, into an eBook, and now my friend you are an established author. You are an authority on the subject of acupuncture and put that book on your resume, and it will be way easier to get hired in the future with higher pay.

This all comes down to seeing yourself as a self-marketing entrepreneur rather than as an employee.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #8. Study marketing

If you want to be painter, well you’ll be a dirt-broke painter unless you learn how to market yourself and your works, or if you want to be accountant working for a large firm, learning marketing will help you rise through the ranks to upper management, or you can one day become a senior executive.

Again, forget this idea of being the employee and think of yourself instead as the entrepreneur and you’re marketing yourself to others. Don’t think of yourself as an accountant.

Think of yourself as a marketer first who is marketing himself. Don’t think of yourself as an artist. Think of yourself as a marketer first and you will likely find yourself in a far better position down the road.

‘My Job Sucks’ Tip #9. Reconsider your education

The robotic and artificial intelligence revolution is coming, my friend, and it’s coming as fast like a freight train. For example, millions of driving jobs from truck drivers to taxi drivers, to Uber drivers, to delivery drivers will probably lose their jobs in the next decade or two.

Or bricklayers—there’s new machines coming out that are now four times faster at laying bricks that a human being. In fact, it’s estimated that about 40 percent of all work done by workers who make less than $15 an hour can be replaced by intelligent machines today, based on today’s technology.

Think to yourself: am I replaceable to automation down the road, and if I am, how can I future-proof myself by learning skills that aren’t easily replaceable?

Be open-minded about going back to school or teaching yourself self-education and skills that will be valuable in a robot-driven future.

All right, my friend, now even when you get that job that you crave, that job that you dream of, and you cast aside that old sucky job into the dustbin of history, there’s always going to be problems. You start making more money. you have more responsibilities, but now you have more headaches. Or you change jobs and you like your new boss now but there’s still that coworker that gets under your skin and maybe there’s more competition and stress.

At the end of the day, your happiness will really come down to your relationships—your relationship with yourself, are you physically and mentally taking care of yourself, or your relationship with your wife or children? If you don’t have the girlfriend you want or the love life that you know that you deserve, that will drive you insane and be a great source of unhappiness and frustration regardless of what job you have.

Take a look at Girlfriend Express, my friend. The link is right here. Girlfriend Express shows you the simple, easy way to land that loyal, loving girlfriend or that girl you’re crushing on without the need to become more rich and bypass the games and the dating madness and make her attracted for who you are, where you’re at right now.

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