My Suspension Training Beach Workout – The Human Trainer

It’s a review one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment. It’s called The Human Trainer, which is two suspension straps.

What I like about this is that it’s light enough that it’s very portable. If I’m going on an airplane, if I’m traveling somewhere else, I can easily pack this in my bag, take it with me, and still get a gym workout wherever I go. I can connect it on a door.

Now it’s not going to completely replace the gym, but it’s going to help prevent you from backsliding, at least stay in shape, stay where you are because you could do chest exercises on it, back exercise, triceps, biceps, do your quads, your hamstrings. It’s great, very light using, your own bodyweight.

It’s also great for creating a home gym, connecting it to the ceiling or wrapping it around the rafter that you can do pullups on it, a whole bunch of exercises.

Today I’m just going to give you a quick couple of demonstrations of some exercises that you can do. Again, you can connect it to a door. You can connect it to tree. You can connect it to any anchor outside where you have it on a fence.

What I like about this brand, too, is that it’s two separate straps. There’s a lot of competition out there. There’s like TRX I think is the most popular one. The problem with those other suspension straps is that they connect at the top, so it forms a V. Whereas this is two separate suspension straps that allows you to do a lot more exercises. It’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s definitely worth it to go with this higher quality brand.

I’m not getting paid for doing this video or anything. I just like to review products that I really like.

Let’s do a couple of exercises: Chest flys, chest press, back rows, triceps extensions, and single leg squats.

Again, I’m not endorsed by this company at all. It’s just like to share like little tools, tips, techniques with my audience, anything I get. Tools that I really like, tools that I really think will benefit me I think would benefit you.

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