Picking the Perfect Shirt: 5 Tips to Look Eye-Catching


You are a badass boss! You are a reckless cowboy, my friend, the kind of man that a beautiful woman only dares to dream of meeting, and in turn, you see that honey, cutie baby and you take action.

But my question for you is does your shirt match your inner glory and greatness?

Are you wearing boring uninspiring outerwear that tells girls, “Yeah, I’m lazy and I don’t give a damn how I look,” because I’m telling you right now when you when you wear soul-inspiring beautiful shirts worthy of your greatness, it screams out to the girl, “This guy has the shit together, and I need to get to know him!”

I’m telling you, gentlemen, when you wear the right shirt, it stops ladies dead in their tracks, so today, I’m giving you 5 quick success-smashing tips for picking the perfect shirt of seduction.

Tip #1. Choose a shirt with color and texture details on the sleeves and the collar

For example, this is a white cotton shirt, but what makes the shirt different is that you will see it has extra details on the sleeve and on the collar. It’s these little details that makes the shirt pop and catches the woman’s eye and separates you in both class and style from any other dudes.

Peacocking, yes, peacocking, my friend and it doesn’t take much. Little details make all the difference, and what we men might not notice, women certainly do.

A couple of brands I’d recommend, check our Rock and Roll Cowboy, Robert Graham, and Bugatchi.

Tip #2. Choose a shirt with 3-dimensional detail in the fabric

Your typical cotton shirt is smooth to the touch, which is fine, nothing wrong with that, but if you want that extra oomph of saucy attraction magic, seek out a shirt with 3-dimensional detail.

For example, back to our white shirt of glory, now notice the physical details in the fabric. It’s not just a visual pattern, but a physical pattern of detail that you can feel with your fingers and catches the light. It is these fine details in the fabric that makes the difference between a nice shirt and an awesome shirt of glory that makes you look like a million bucks.

Tip #3. The undershirt

When you are outside and it’s hot out and you’re sweating, you’ve got these sweat marks forming underneath your armpits and you’re just starting to feel raunchy and a bit sticky, well, my friend, preserve any nice dress shirt you own by wearing a deep V-neck t-shirt underneath.

A deep V-neck undershirt is your first layer of protection to absorb that man sweat and smell to keep that expensive dress shirt in tip-top clean and pristine condition.

Now this is the keyword: it’s a deep V-neck. With a deep V-neck cut, the undershirt remains invisible.

Tip #4. Where to buy

Rediscover eBay, my friend. Yes, eBay is still around and it’s the place to go for shopping for a top-quality shirt. A Robert Graham shirt will run you $200 to $400 new if you go to the store, but you can typically find them for half that price new on eBay, saving yourself a boatload of cash. On eBay, you can even find deals for new shirts that originally went for $200 and snag it for $40 or $50.

But if you like to shop the old-fashioned way, physically visiting the store, physically trying on the clothes before you buy them, I don’t blame you. In that case, I recommend cracking on Google Maps and finding the closest Nordstrom Rack store to you and hauling your butt over there as quickly as you can.

Nordstrom Rack stores carry premium brand shirts typically discounted at 50 percent off. The downside is that the selection is limited compared to eBay, but at least you get to try the shirts on in a real dressing room, which is good for experimentation and discovering your own style.

Tip #5. Have it tailored

The key to looking fresh and fit is having a shirt that is tailored to fit your own body shape. In fact, a $40 or $50 shirt that is well-tailored will often look better than a $200 shirt that is not.

In my own case, every single one of my shirts I have tailored to my own specific body shape.

You see, I’m right on the edge between a large and an extra-large in size, but large is problematic for me because many shirts shrink in the wash, so when I have a large shirt, it often ends up being too small for me and I end up looking like a clown in a small shirt. It’s too tight on the chest, it’s too short to the belt, and the results are not good. Extra-large, on the other hand, is just too big. It’s like I’m wearing an astronaut suit.

What I do is I buy the extra-large size and I have it tailored to make the waist thinner and the sleeves shorter to get that perfect fit.

Do This…

There you have it, gentlemen! (1) Find a shirt with details on the sleeve and the collar and (2) 3-dimensional detail in the fabric itself if you can. (3) Use a deep V-neck undershirt to keep your dress shirt clean and pristine. (4) Get great deals at eBay or at a Nordstrom Rack store. (5) Have your shirt professional tailored to fit your body shape.

Yes, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. That’s a lot of work compared to buying any old thing at Wal-Mart or H&M. Believe me, my friend, it makes a difference if your goal is to catch her eye and land yourself an amazing, sophisticated stylish girlfriend.

But wait! There is more. You want to see my complete collection of shirts and which shirts have gotten me the very best results with girls. Oh, boy! Yes, there is a difference. You want to see exactly how I match a shirt with a hat, jeans, and boots to give that illusion of extra size and height, not only feel like a boss on the inside, but look like a boss on the outside and snatch away the heart of that girl that you’re crushing on like you’re taking candy from a baby.

Well, I feel you, my friend! Simply click on the link in the description below or tap on this button right here. It will take you to a video that leads you all the way down the rabbit hole to style success. Being the cool suave guy that you are, do the cool thing and hit that like button below and subscribe to stay on the cutting edge of success.

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