Pickup Tips, Enlightenment, and Utopia: The 3 Levels of Game


Walking into any room and having every single girl there discreetly eye you up and down and desire to meet you is all very well and good, but the topic of picking up girls can run far deeper than that.

What I find so interesting and alluring about pickup is that there is at least 3 levels deep that you can run with it, and today, I’m covering those 3 levels of game from the most surface level to the most deep, and I’ll leave it up to you how far you want to run with it.

Level 1: Pickup Techniques

Let’s begin with level 1, shall we?

You want the tips to get a girlfriend. You want the techniques to get laid. Why? Because you got blue balls. You’re feeling a little desperate. You just want to latch on to some girl, preferably the girl that you like, but honestly you just want to get out of the sexual desert.

The point is you’re not coming from a place of sexual abundance. You have an immediate need that must get fixed right now. It’s almost as if you’re really starving. Your belly is growling. You’re really hungry. You just want to eat that big Mac and fries.

Or you’re coming from a place of pain like you just got dumped by your girlfriend or you feel painfully shy in social situations. “Just give me the lines, Jesse! Just give me the formula to get laid!” That is your thought process. That is level l, and there is nothing wrong with level 1.

Most guys who discover pickup come to it from a place of pain, looking for some fast results and I was no different, and pickup can provide those tips and techniques that did get you some results.

Level 2: Transformation

But let’s go deep down the rabbit hole to stage 2.

You’ve learned a bunch of tips.

You’ve learned a bunch of techniques, which have helped, but you’re still not getting the results that you really want.

You’re still feeling shy. You still can’t approach a girl. You still don’t feel entitled. You still don’t feel motivated or that good about yourself.

It’s a little bit like you wanted some ripped abdominals to show off the girls at the beach, but instead of going to the gym and eating right, you simply spray paint the abdominals on with some spray paint. But that didn’t really fix the underlying problems you really had, so you’re still not happy.

Or maybe, it had even got laid, but you soon discover that getting sex alone doesn’t fix your problems or make you feel any better, no better than if you’re chronically hungry without food and you eat that 1 steak and potatoes meal that doesn’t solve the underlying problem of feeling hungry all the time.

A Deeper Transformation Begins

In stage 2, you start looking beyond the quick fixes and techniques and you begin a deeper journey into self-transformation.

Maybe you get your health in check or you start hitting the gym, or you begin eating clean, nutritious foods, or maybe you being to lay off the television and video games and you start committing yourself to taking action.

Maybe you change your wardrobe.

Maybe you start making deeper level identity changes about your beliefs.

Maybe you start leading without seeking permission from the girl.

You learn to hold your head up high.

You learn how to generate positive emotions from within, and you learn to speak up and project your voice and hold eye contact.

You start doing the things that are not that easy to do that require pushing your comfort zone so that you feel discomfort that require a deeper commitment to change.

In effect, you kill off your old self.

You realize that your old self has to die, so you go through the pain. You go through the hardship. You feel the weight of taking action, but you have the grit. You have the perseverance to keep hacking though that wall until you have your breakthroughs.

That’s where pickup really shines at the second level because socializing with girls forces you to transform yourself for the better because girls are merciless as girls aren’t going to like or have sex with you out of pity.

If you lack self-trust, if you lack entitlement, if you’re not relaxed, if you’re feeding garbage food into your body, you must fix those issues to get real results with hot girls.

Pickup is almost like being a live standup comedian up on that stage, in front of that audience with that instant feedback. If you’re not funny, your audience will let you know and they will let you know fast and without mercy. They will punish you for your blind spots.

Many avenues in self-improvement lack that instant, immediate feedback, but pickup delivers rivers of it. Pickup is a trial by fire where you’re forged in the furnace of harsh feedback until you emerge like a diamond, stronger and better and more of a man in every way

Level 3: The New Man

But we can go even deeper than that, which brings us to level 3.

The idea, the concept of pickup, and its potential to raise up mankind and transform the world. Sounds a little bonkers, I know, but listen up.

What happens in a typical man in consumer-capitalist society?

He ends up playing video games and VR. He gets distracted on social media.

He’s watching television.

He falls into wasting his time in virtual escapisms.

He’s not particularly social.

He doesn’t know how to interact with women, so he’s prone to isolation and depression and loneliness.

Maybe he drinks alcohol or takes drugs to escape the negative feelings.

Or he doesn’t know what to do with himself, or what his passions really are, who he really is, and he ends up going down a career path that he doesn’t really want and doesn’t enjoy.

Maybe he gets a girlfriend, but because he doesn’t understand anything about relationships, or how to choose a good woman, his relationship is rocky and a source of heartaches and headaches.

Pickup, however, can transform ordinary men, who would have had otherwise gone done a bleak path and break them out of his wheel of failure, break them out of being a passive spectator and a passive consumer that society has set them up for.

Pickup is a transformational process of turning weak boys into strong men and creating confident leaders. Pickup is a process of creating a vanguard of the new man at the forefront of art and science and discovery and entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Becoming a new man not only with all the information of the Internet at their fingertips but able to execute, take action, and forge their own paths, which is not a new idea at all.

For example, the idea of the socialist new man, the idea that once human beings are broken from the chains of capitalism and basic goods are distributed by need and the work day is reduced to just a few hours, then human beings suddenly have the time and the capacity to become selfless, learned, healthy, muscular, and enthusiastic, and driven by conscious self-mastery.

Well, instead of socialism getting us to reach our full potential as human beings, it’s this idea of the process of pickup creating this enlightened, physically fit, confident, emotionally astute new man, creating a crème de la crème, a vanguard group of men to become tomorrow’s future leaders and success stories and pull the rest of humanity up with them into a better future.

My goal with this channel is threefold.

#1. To give you the tips and techniques to achieve immediate results and pull you up out of that scarcity that you feel today into sexual abundance.

#2. To fill your greater self-transformation into becoming a happy, self-fulfilled man, a leader that people come to respect, admire, and want to become.

#3. To help raise the consciousness of humanity beyond its current paradigm, so we’ll just do better as a species, do better for ourselves, and for our one planet that we call home.

Now I think this is a great topic to open up to discussion, so let me know what you think and shoot me a comment below. If these deeper level topics float your boat, be sure to let me know, leave me a like, and hit that subscribe button.

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