Top 11 Questions to Ask A Girl You Like (And Make Her Feel Hot)

Say, you’re talking to a sweet girl and she’s got the look. She’s got the smile. She’s got these big sweet eyes and she’s feeling your vibe back, and everything is going well because you are the man.

But suddenly you run out of things to say and you start asking her your fallback questions like what do you do, where do you go to school, and you start asking questions to fill up time, and it gets boring, it gets awkward, and pretty soon, that lovely lady of wondrous beauty starts looking down at her watch and politely excuses herself. Don’t let that happen to you, gentlemen.

Well today, gentlemen, I’m giving you 11 of my very best questions that you can ask a girl you like to keep the conversation going, but more than that, these questions are designed to make her feel randy for you. I’m going to explain why and how each question works, so you can go into any conversation with a pretty girl armed with complete confidence.

But before I give you those 11 questions to knock her panties off, I want to give you 2 tips about their delivery because even with the most magical questions in the world, you still need good delivery for them to land, just like I can give you the 11 funniest jokes in the world but that doesn’t automatically make you a comedian, so listen up.

Tip #1: Your Emotions Count

It’s the emotion you express that comes through the question that really counts. You can ask the girl really boring generic questions like, “What do you do? Where do you go to school and what color do you like?”

Granted these are not particularly good questions, they’re not creative. They don’t make you stand out and it puts too much work on the girl’s shoulders to carry the conversation for you, but if you ask a girl “What do you do?” and you are genuinely interested and excited, you are bubbling with genuine curiosity and interest to genuinely learn what she does, then it can work.

What generally counts is the emotion behind the question and if you feel that positive emotion, that positive emotion will transfer over to the girl and will make that generic boring question work.

Likewise, if I give you a bunch of great question and you just fire them off like an unemotional automaton, if your emotional range is very narrow that you sound bored or almost too serious, even the best questions can fall flat.

Tip #2: Lower Your Standards

Don’t hold your standards too high for what to say. Don’t feel that everything and anything that comes out of your mouth has to be spun out of pure gold. In fact, you want to be lowering your standards for what to say, and what’s most important is that you just keep on talking and you don’t really care what the girl thinks if it’s good enough or not.

By keeping on talking and lowering the standards of what you say rather than trying to please the girl, it communicates to the girl that you are an alpha bad boy who talks to hot girls all the time, and you can just be relaxed and normal in the presence of a hot lady.

Question #1: “If you could visit any city in the world, where would it be?”

Now a lot of girls will answer you Paris, or Rome, or Cairo, or Tokyo. What this question does is get the girl talking about her travel fantasy, and every girl out there, I don’t care who she is, has a fantasy about travel, about walking up the stairs to the Eiffel Tower or touching the Great Pyramids of Giza.

First, you’re giving her emotions of desire and fantasy as she talks about her special place, and she’s now focused on fun, positive experiences, and she will associate her positive mood with you.

Number 2, she’s giving you valuable information on how to attract her specifically and this is a good moment to start roleplaying with her.

If she tells me she’s always wanted to visit Paris, make a game out of it and roleplay taking her up to the Eiffel Tower. If she tells you she’s always wanted to visit Rome, roleplay having a picnic under the shade of the Coliseum. Believe me, guys, this little trick works wonders.

Question #2: “What gives you the most adrenaline rush?”

Now the reason to ask a girl this is because the feelings of excitement and fear are very closely related to sexual arousal like take the girl out on a fast car and slam the acceleration down that she feels her back pressed against the seat as she’s thrust forward and fear courses through her veins.

After the ride is over, she’s ready to go boom, boom in the bedroom. It’s an old trick.

Or take a girl out on an amusement park on a date and put her on the rides. It will get her sexually aroused, but you, my friend, can skip all the work and get that same effect by simply making her recall in her mind what gives her that adrenaline rush. Then she’ll associate those feelings of sexual excitement with you.

Question #3: “What type of guys are you attracted to?”

This does three things. (a) First, it’s a good way to find out if she’s single or not because if she does have a boyfriend, she might say, ‘Well, I’m attracted to my boyfriend. (b) It puts her mind on the track of sexual thinking when she starts imagining what her ideal guy might be like. (c) You’re doing market research essentially on how to attract her as she tells you what is attractive to her.

Now, you shouldn’t necessarily take too seriously everything the woman says because a lot of times, girls aren’t consciously aware of what they’re actually attracted to.

There’s a segment of women that are attracted to really bad abusive boys that hit them and treat them terribly but she’s never going to actually say that, and a lot of times, girls will only tell you what they think you want to hear, and yet you can often pick out little golden nuggets of what her attraction blueprint is and then proceed in the conversation armed with that intelligence.

Question #4: “How do you feel about kissing in public?”

Now here’s the thing, most guys are scared about letting the girl know his true intentions, but why are you talking to her in the first place? It’s because you want to get into her pants. But if the conversation is always friend-to-friend very friendly with no sexual tension, it’s going to get very boring fast and the girl will eventually leave and excuse herself.

You need to show a girl that you are a man and this conversation is man-to-woman. It has sexual polarity and you want the girl to feel that sexual tension in the air, and asking a woman how do you feel about kissing in public creates that man-to-woman polarity but doesn’t go so far as to creep her out either.

Question #5: “Do you like kisses on the lips or kisses on the neck?”

This is really a follow up to the previous question. If she responds well to question 4, you’re just stepping it up a little bit. You’re just amping up the sexual tension a notch and it will also get her associating you with being kissed on the neck and lips, which is a very good thing indeed.

Notice how you’re very cleverly just giving her two options with this question. It’s either on the neck or on the lips. You’re framing her to choose either one or the other, so you’re not likely to hear a no or get a rejection.

Question #6: “What’s your favorite animal?”

Here’s the thing. This is a no-brainer because girls love animals. She may have a little dog that she loves. She may have dreamed about always having a pony as a little girl. Someone may even like cats.

The point is get her talking about animals and get those good feelings she has associated with those cute furry little questions associated with you.

Question #7: “If you could make 3 wishes, what would they be?”

Here, you are diving into and exploring a woman’s attraction blueprint. You are learning what emotions make her feel the best, what her dreams and desires are.

Then by talking about those three topics, she will start associating all those good feelings with you.

Question #8: “How do you all know each other?”

This question is great if the girl is in a group because you want to find out the social connections of that group. Is this guy she’s with, is he her boyfriend? Is he her brother? Is he just a male friend nice guy that’s orbiting her? Are these other girls she’s with, her best friends, her work colleagues, her acquaintances?

By understanding how everyone knows each other, it informs you on how to proceed with the girl. It’s also a great conversation for a group because after all people love talking about themselves and their relationships.

Question #9: “When did you first realize that you liked me?”

If the conversation is going well, asking the girl this question shows her that you have balls, that you have confidence.

This question forces the girl to acknowledge her attraction for you and once she says yes or blushes, it makes her attraction for you feel real in her mind.

This question also amps up the sexual tension and turns up the heat and turns the conversation from friend-to-friend to man-to-woman.

Now the key to making it work is to say it with a big smile on your face and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. It’s not said seriously.

You also have to care not one bit about what answer she gives you, even if she says, “What? I don’t like you, you pig!” You have to remain unreactive. It does not faze you one bit. When she sees that you don’t even flinch, she’ll see that you’re not looking for a positive reaction, that amps up her attraction for you even more.

Question #10: “So, do you like hot showers or bubble baths?”

Now this is a question designed to get that girl hot and heavy and thinking sexy, naughty thoughts about you. It’s also another one of those “this or that” questions that gives the girl just two options to choose from, a false choice between two very similar things that is hard to psychologically wiggle out of.

For the delivery, you want to ask the question nice and slow. “So, let me ask you: nice showers or bubble baths?” Then you can transition into that sexier, slower pace of enunciating each word individually and lingering on each word like warm molasses.

Question #11: “So what is your guilty pleasure?”

Now she may tell you her guilty pleasure is eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or watching My Little Pony cartons or gossiping with her friends, whatever it is. The point is she is sharing with you a personal secret, a personal secret between you and her, and when a woman shares her secrets with you, it enhances the intimacy that you two share together.

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