How to talk to a hot girl with the ‘Cooperative Persistence’ trick

You want that perfect 10 girlfriend, right? Of course, you do! You know the beautiful smile, the amazing eyes, the long flowing hair, the tight little body, the feminine voice. Well, my friend, we are one step closer to that.

Just doing a little mindset shift and it’s called cooperative persistence can make a huge difference between the girl flat out ignoring you or spending a little time chitchatting.

You know when you go up to a girl and she just gives you a very blasé reaction like she’s not very positive about it, she’s just kind of without emotion, she’s not giving you a negative reaction, but it’s not positive either. She just answers you with 1-word answers where she’s not contributing anything back to the conversation. You’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think she really likes me. I’m going to get going.”

For me, I get this blasé reaction from women all the time, particularly if it’s really a hot girl, but do not slink away, my friend. Do not figure that she’s not interested. Do not give up.

Here’s how to turn that blasé reaction into your advantage.

Turning a girl around with persistence

First you got to understand why girls give these cool, aloof responses in the first place. Think about it: it’s a very efficient way for the girl to weed out 99 percent of men because most men will lack confidence and the girl doesn’t have to expend much energy to do it either. She can just stand there, barely even crack a smile, and most men are going to walk away with their tail between their legs because they don’t feel like they’re deserving of the girl. They’re going to feel like the girl doesn’t like them.

The rule you want to follow is to open the girl three times. You open her once if she gives you the blasé response. You open her again a second time. If she gives you the blasé response, you open her a third time.

Each time you open, you just want to keep talking. It’s almost like you’re the prince that deserves to grow. You don’t even know any better because the prince always has gotten what he’s wanted. You just keep talking. You pretend like the girl is an old friend.

When you do that, when you do just keep talking, assume the burden of the conversation and act like she’s an old friend like the girl is giving you a positive response even if she isn’t, eventually the girl will flip. The ice will crack and she’ll start contributing back to the conversation. Why? Persistence sparks massive attraction in the girl.

Why women test men

First, you pass her test that’s designed to weed out 99 percent of guys, so if you can pass that test, you’re really going to stand out as different. It also shows the girl that you’re unreactive, that she can’t emotionally move you, that you’re drawing your positive emotions from within. You’re going up to the girl in a positive state with positivity and no matter what happens, drawing your state from within, you are positive. She’s going to subconsciously appreciate the little bumps in the road aren’t going to slow you down.

Now it’s a great tip in and of itself, but that’s not what today’s video is about.

Here’s where the little trick comes in.

Competitive Persistence

With competitive persistence, your mindset is, “I have to pass this shit test to win this girl over, to beat her at her own game.” There’s nothing wrong with that frame per se. It is accurate in a sense, but it’ s a me versus the girl mentality like a tug of war where I have to win where she’s an end in a video game that has to be beaten.

A better mindset to have is cooperative persistence where you’re thinking, “I’m doing this girl a favor by persisting, and she secretly wants me to pass and persist. This girl wants to meet a cool guy that doesn’t fold. She wants the drama. She wants the romance. That’s the best thing that can happen to this girl. I’m merely cooperating with the girl. Our interests are in alignment here. We’re both on the same page.”

Cooperative Persistence

Here’s what that does. That cooperative mental frame puts a lot less stress on you. It’s less exhausting. It’s not going to tire you out. It’s more fun. The girl will also feel more playful vibe coming off of you. You’re not going to be so serious, and it’s putting less pressure on the girl. It’s not going to make her feel a lot more comfortable.

Now is it easy to pull off, my friend? Absolutely not! It takes practice and most guys frankly aren’t going to do it, but if you do open girls, follow the three opens rules, keep talking, assume the burden of the conversation. Assume that playful vibe through that cooperative frame, and man you will kill it because you will be like no other guy. You will have that stunning girl on your arm like that, my friend.

2 thoughts on “How to talk to a hot girl with the ‘Cooperative Persistence’ trick”

  1. I would love to learn the best Art of seducing younger women and keep learning from every experience I come across. Happy to be on your Team.

  2. I would love to learn the best Art of seducing younger women and keep learning from every experience I come across. Happy to be on your Team.

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