Texting Cute Girls – The #1 Purpose of Texting Women


I have a very, very critical tip for you and that is how to text a girl, and actually meet up with her later on.

You got the girl’s phone number. You want to see again. Maybe it’s a couple of days later, the next day, or the same night and you want to bridge from that first interaction to the second interaction and move the relationship forward.

How do you do that with texting?

Well the number 1 most important thing about texting is remember that it serves just one purpose, and that one purpose is to bridge from the first date to the second date.

Texting is not about establishing a deep emotional connection with the girl. It’s not about turning up the attraction really high. It’s not about getting to know her dreams and innermost fears and discovering her personality or anything like that. Texting only serves to get from day 1 to day 2.

Anything that’s about getting to day 2 and meeting up with her in person, that is good texting. Everything else is technically bad texting.

The reason that you want to use texting in such a limited form is that it’s much easier to create comfort and attraction in person.

In person, the girl can see your piercing eye contact. She can hear the emotional vibrancy of your voice. She can feel the tonality. She can feel the vocal projection. She can see your body language. She can see that you’re comfortable with yourself.

Texting is such a limited medium that it’s very easy to misinterpret things wrong or not really have the joke come across. Really you just want to get her off of texting as quick as possible and meeting up with you in person where you can properly do the seduction.

Keeping that number 1 rule in mind, over the next couple of videos, I’m going to talk more about texting, giving you little tips about what to do right, how to avoid the big mistakes I see guys making again and again.

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