What Thai Girls are REALLY like – Thailand Girls Guide

You love the ladies but you’re tired of your hometown girls. You’re tired of playing the dating game and I don’t blame you.

You go to work, you take out the trash, and everything is the same day after day, week after week, and you’re questioning the meaning of your existence.

You, my friend, are getting the yellow fever and you want a little taste of that Asian awesome experience.

You want a little adventure, a little sand, a little sun, a tropical breeze by the ocean, some exotic food and some cute little Asian honeys to top it all up. You’re thinking to yourself, “Man, I got to get myself to Thailand.”

Well, today, gentlemen, I’m going to tell you about my own firsthand experience in Thailand and what the Thai girls are really like. Now this is not a complete guide of Thailand by any means. It’s just my own personal take of the Thai girls and my own personal opinion in a nutshell.

The context, real quick. I spent about 2 months or 8 weeks in Thailand, mostly in the north in the second largest city of Chiang Mai but also in Bangkok and in the beach city of Ao Nang and the tropical party island of Ko Phi Phi. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

How Hot Are Thai Girls

The most important question, the most important question, damn it! Let’s not kid ourselves why are we here, gentlemen. Why are we here? The girls! How hot are the girls, Jesse?

How hot are the titillating Thai senoritas?

That’s all that matters. That’s all that we want to know. The food, the culture, the temples, the beach—it does not matter. It does not matter!

All right, here’s the thing. Like everything in life, it’s a tradeoff.

Will you get more attention from Thai girls compared to your hometown girls if you’re a good-looking young Westerner? Yes!

Are Thai girls generally thinner than their Western female counterparts? Yes.

On the flipside, if you like girls with a nice popping butt or a nice chest or generally curvaceous or blondes, or green-eyes, or tall girls or girls with long legs, then Thailand, my friend, is not the place for you.

Yes, Thai girls are thin. You can’t argue with that, but they’re thin in kind of young, boyish sort of way where there’s just not so much body going on. The girls are also very short, I think on average like 4 foot 11, so if you’re a 6-foot tall dude, you look almost ridiculous standing to most of them.

Overall, I have to say and I hate to disappoint you, gentlemen, I hate to say this, but Thai girls are on the lower end of the global attractive scale. I myself find Latina girl, white girls, black girls, Japanese girls either prettier in the face or more bodily bodacious than Thai girls. In fact, in my 2 months in Thailand, I wouldn’t even categorize 1 Thai girl as being stunning. There are certainly plenty of cute girls but 99 percent of the cute girls are either a 6/10 or maybe 7/10 with that occasional 7.5/10 or 8/10 sprinkled into the mix.

Downsides of Thai Girls

One thing that I find particularly unattractive about Thai girls is that they tend to have this nasally high-pitched voice and long, drawn-out words that sounds kind of like a chipmunk being murdered, and it’s just my take on it. Although other Westerners that I talk to generally agree more or less that Thailand is more about quantity rather than quality.

Now there’s a subset of men that love the look of Thai girls and they go over, they fall in love with both the country and the women, and they’ve got that Thai fever, and that could be you. I suggest you go on YouTube and type into the search walking the mall in Bangkok, walking in Chiang Mai, and see for yourself what the typical Thai girl looks like and decide if that could be for you.

Now for me, Thailand really shines for the white girls. Tourist girls from all over Europe come to play—from Russia, from Israel, from Australia. It’s a real international crowd and a lot of these white girls are open to a little bit of adventure and romance.

Don’t Go To Thailand Desperate

Now a couple of warnings, gentlemen, about finding love and romance in Thailand.

If you are too scared to approach girls in your own country, you will not experience much of a difference in Thailand. Thai culture is rather conservative. The girls are shy, and you have to approach and lead 100 percent of the time. Thai women expect you to step up and take the initiative and do everything, and all the responsibility for making it happen falls on your shoulders.

My friend, if you can’t approach, if you can’t lead, if you don’t have game, and you’re expecting that going to Thailand will solve all of your girlfriend problems, you are sorely mistaken. The guy who is going to have the best experience in Thailand is the guy who has at least a basic proficiency with women.

You even don’t have to be great, you don’t even have to be good, but at least you can do a basic approach, you look borderline presentable, and you can hold a basic conversation without shitting in your pants, and you’re going to have lots of success.

Don’t Fall For The Wrong Thai Girl

Now the other trap: if you haven’t gotten laid in years and you are supremely desperate to get a girlfriend, you are setting yourself for being pussy-struck and getting scammed. A lot of clever, enterprising Thai girls know that a lot of desperate Western men go to Thailand to find love and they prey on this.

These girls will go to bars where foreigners are known to frequent and seduce these poor, horny, desperate guys and tell the poor sap that they’re in love with them when in reality, she’s dating a bunch of different men at once, extracting money out of all of them.

These guys who can’t get laid back home and who are dastardly desperate for a girlfriend go blind and get fucking dumb when a sweet, little innocent-looking girl tells them, “I love you,” and their heart begins to thump and their life suddenly feels like it’s worth living and they end up getting scammed. They end up chasing the wrong kind of woman. You don’t want that to happen to you, so don’t go to Thailand desperate.

To wrap this up, if you’re incredibly needy and you have no game and you look terrible, again Thailand is not going to be a quick fix for your problems, but do not worry.

I’ve put together a method over the last 15 years called Girlfriend Express where you don’t have to travel thousands of miles. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, and you don’t have to torture yourself learning a new language where you can meet that girl of your dreams right in your hometown right away, which in my opinion is the smart, practical way and the fastest way to get that loyal, loving girlfriend you crave and the link is right in the description below.

What Thai Girls Are Like In Relationships

Now another thing that you have to consider about Thai women are the cultural differences. For example, Thai women can be very clingy.

Remember this is a conservative culture and regular Thai girls are brought up to not have casual sex and she’s likely never had sex with a foreigner before. When a regular sweet little Thai girl sleeps with you right away, she may consider you her boyfriend. It won’t be very long at all before she starts talking about flying off to visit you or even want to move in with you.

For some guys, you may love this. The first girl you meet, she’s your girlfriend. Heck! Maybe that sounds like the greatest thing ever, but if you want to experience more of life, have a lot of different relationship experiences, experience more options, then sleeping with Thai girls at least with normal Thai girls maybe that’s not the experience that you’re really hoping for when you consider the emotional drama that can come with it.

Chiang Mai

Now a really quick on the cities. I really like Chiang Mai.

That’s the second largest city in Thailand located up in the north and you get the sense there that anything is possible simply because it’s so damn cheap. I had a spacious Western modern style hotel room, which included breakfast, for US$20 a night and you can find beds to crash on for as little as US$5. You can get a 1-hour massage for as little as $5 to $10. If you really want to splurge, you can go to a fancy spa for $20 or $25.

The culture is very friendly. The crime rate is virtually nonexistent, and walking around at night felt safe.

There’s a lot of cool nature experiences that you can do. I went zip lining up in the canopy for the first time. I rode on the back of an elephant. I went on quite a few bicycle tours around the countryside. I really enjoyed the food. The food is very healthy. It’s very cheap, and if you miss your McDonald’s or Western-style restaurants, they have all that, too.


As for Bangkok the city, it’s a zoo. It’s an experience.

Now some people love it, some people just want to get the heck out of there and get to the beaches as fast as possible. In my estimation, it’s worth spending a couple of days at least in Bangkok to see the sights. But if you decide to stay in Bangkok because you want to meet some Thai girls, it’s a great city to do day game in. Just go to the mall, go to universities, go to the parks, and you will be meeting a lot of girls.

As for the beaches like Ao Nang and Ko Phi Phi, it’s worth going for the adventure, but keep in mind that’s more for meeting Australian girls and European girls than it is for meeting the local Thai girls.

On Local Asian Girls

Now a really curious thing is that some of the most amazing Asian girls that I’ve ever meet with beautiful smiles, beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, beautiful bodies, well-dressed Asian girls that are those true perfect 10s, I’ve actually met in the United States.

You see a lot of middle upper class Asian girls, a lot of the very prettiest Asian girls from around the world come to visit the United States, come to visit Europe to follow their modeling career, to do a little bit of traveling, or what have you.

A lot of the very prettiest Asian girls are actually right here. The question here is how do you find them, how do you meet them, and how do you attract them? Well, I’ve developed the Girlfriend Express method to be the fastest, most efficient, the simplest way of getting these girls and landing that loyal, loving girlfriend of amazingness that you crave and you deserve.

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