The Pickup Venue Sucks? What to Do

We’re talking about enjoying whatever environment you’re in when it comes to meeting women.

Now let’s say you go to a nightclub, there’s more men than women or the women aren’t exactly your type, or it’s kind of slow. It’s kind of a tired night. You’re just not feeling it. Most guys will get discouraged, give up, go home. They won’t accomplish anything.

Listen! You’re at the nightclub. You’re there anyway. This is a moment in your life. You might as well be enjoying it. You might as well make the most of it, just probably a couple of sets of girls maybe they’re not your ideal type of girl that you can get a little bit of practice on. You already spent the time. You already spent the money. You already put in the effort to go out there, so just enjoy what environment you’re in.

You don’t have to be resistant in that environment. When you resist, you’re going to feel bad. You’re going to get discouraged. That brings up negative feelings.

Instead, just embrace the environment for all its flaws, and when you embrace the environment for its flaws, that’s where you discover the little gems because in any crappy environment like a nightclub or bar situation that’s not as good as you were expecting, there’s always these little things that you can pick out of it. Maybe you had a good conversation with a girl that you don’t rate that highly but you kind of learn something from the situation.

You always want to be going with the flow. You always want to be enjoying your life where it is. You always want to be happy in what you’re doing.

Now that doesn’t mean that when you go home, you can’t plan for bigger things. Let’s say you live in a small town, and every time you go out, there’s almost no girls, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan to move to a big city or move to another country, or just move to where the girls are at.

But in the moment when you go out, make the most of it. For example, here I’m at the beach. It’s low season. There’s practically nobody here. The girls aren’t out. There’s a couple of girls on the beach but I mean it kind of sucks basically, but I make the most of it. Those couple of girls make a point to go try to talk to them, feel a little interaction going, keep myself fresh, keep the momentum going, stay warmed up.

Instead of resisting the situation and feeling down and feeling shitty and feeling like I wasted my time, I make the most of it and just enjoy my life. Hey, I’m here at the beach. It’s a moment in my life. I can enjoy it. There’s a couple of girls to talk to.

Most people in the world don’t get to do that. Most people in the world are just struggling to survive to get basic food. If you have the free time to go out and meet girls, enjoy it despite the flaws.

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