Tips to Improve Your Day Game

This is a GUEST post from Mr. Flirt.

Approaching women during the day is the most effective tool you are not using,  approach women daily and never be single again, we show you how!

You may very well look forward to the next weekend, or your next weekend just to meet or even just see new women. These evenings out may be spent building up your courage, getting over your anxieties, have a few drinks to help your cause and then eventually speak to a woman. If you are anything like I used to be then this often ended in disappointment and you have to wait to the following weekend to do it all again.

Well not anymore, the scene is set all around you on a daily basis to enable you to meet women. You don’t have to wait until the weekends, or your next big night out, you can approach women all day every day and I am here to discuss how.

Baby Steps

By taking small achievable steps you can slowly build up your confidence and meet women every day, relying on nights out or even alcohol itself will no longer be necessary. It’s not rocket science, I know that sounds like a cliché but there is no top secret or demanding skill you must possess, it’s just talking to one new woman a day.

To help build confidence with women, you must firstly build confidence in general. My top tip is to make it your challenge every single day to say “Hello” to one new woman. That’s all, just eye contact and a “hello”. You will be surprised how easy this becomes.

Then work on saying “hello” to 10 random women, in work, in the gym, walking to the shop, online at dating sites UK or anywhere you find yourself, but they must be women you have not met or don’t know. Again you will be surprised how easy this becomes over time and more importantly, you will be surprised at the percentage of their positive response. The “hello” or smile right back at you is enough to fill you with pleasure and spark that thirst to say hello to that next lucky lady.


We are all seeking rewards, personal satisfaction and some positive feedback, this is what drives us. The important step is to set yourself achievable goals, gain reward and in turn gain confidence. Each goal takes effort and smaller steps to achieve.

However saying “hello” to a new woman during the day every day is a sure fast easy way to gain your rewards. You can build up your confidence levels by meet and greeting in a range of different social situations throughout the day. You will be surprised at how easy this is, and how confident you become.

And the rewards don’t stop there, once you have smiled and said hello, the feedback or response you get is also a reward, the satisfaction of completing your goal that day is a reward; smiles, positive responses, interactions are all bonus that allow you to hold your head high and move on with confidence.

Chance after Chance

The great thing about approaching women in the day is the choice. On a night out you may build yourself up to speak to one woman, this may not work out and then find yourself waiting until next weekend. Your success just purely by chance is very low.

The more women you talk to, the more chance people will react in a positive manner and fuel your reward system.  Approaching a woman a day, and moving on to saying hello to 10 women a day allows your interaction percentages to be a lot higher.

You also know that women will be in every occasion, around the corner in every aspect of your life. Just say hello, and move on to asking them a question. “Could you please tell me where the nearest Italian restaurant is”? Approaching women in the day allows you to move on from one to another in your own time and space. There is no interaction you can’t learn from, if the conversation doesn’t go as you hoped, or the “hello” is ignored, then by doing it during the day you can move on, unseen to the next situation. No harm done, you confidence isn’t knocked, nothing to be embarrassed about, onwards and upwards.


I honestly didn’t meant to put another cliché here but, practice makes perfect.

Your anxieties may be high to start with, but over the first few weeks you will see how easy it is to say hello to women, and how often they respond positively to you. Speak to women you don’t find attractive as well as the ones you do, by doing this you are building up your social status as well as your self-confidence.

Using is a great place to start. Online chatting with women can really boost confidence and build up your social network, try out topics of interests and conversations and see what works well. But remember to invite them to carry on the conversation offline too.  You can also use this time as practice in the art of conversation for when you do spark off that conversation with the two or three you like.

Being social with more women also helps develop your self-worth as well as your exposure to women. At this stage, don’t make the mistake of only socialising with the most attractive girls or the “one you like”, this is a grave error, you can improve your social skills with everyone, by choosing “hot” women you will only increase the pressures upon you and issues you may have with self-confidence.

It’s a numbers game and at this time and you must practice your social skills and charm as often as you can during the day. Chat, smile, nod and say hello to a wide range of women and enjoy the pleasant responses you receive in return.

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