Why Don’t Girls Like Me: The 6 Brutal Honest Reasons

“Jesse, Jesse, Jesse! Why, oh, why doesn’t she like me?”

You can imagine the number of emails I get from guys all wanting to know the exact same thing, why doesn’t she like me?

Look, maybe she isn’t replying to texts or calls. Maybe she’s been blowing off dates. Maybe you can’t get that girl to even notice you. Maybe the conversation doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe you’ve been friend-zoned.

The fact is you like a girl, but she doesn’t like you and you want to know why she doesn’t like you and if this keeps going on very much longer, my friend, you may very well end up alone.

Well, no worries because today, I’m giving you the six most common reasons that girls don’t like a guy, and you’re probably doing at least one of these things, if not two or three, but I guarantee you if you get all six of these things handled, you’ll get the attention of any girl that you have your eye on.

You have girls text you back. You have girls showing up on dates. You have girls giving you little glances out of the corner of their eyes, checking you out, and you’ll have your pick of the perfect girlfriend.

Six reasons that girls don’t like you:

#1. Your negative attitude

Are you always complaining about other people, complaining about the government, complaining about women, complaining about your life, complaining about your job?

Do you focus on what you’re lacking like how you wished you had more money or you wished you were taller, or you wished you were better looking?

Do you get caught up in petty bullshit drama like how your parents did this to you or how your friend did that to you, or a celebrity did this, or some politician did that?

Do you like to play the victim card like how women have screwed you over or how the government is keeping you down, or how your family screwed you over, or how your genes are a handicap?

Do you have negative attitude? Are you not just fun in general?

If you like to put out negative vibes, if that’s what you’re resonating with, it’s going to turn girls off. It’s going to drive girls away like gazelles running away from a cackling hyena.

#2. Your appearance and your hygiene

Does it look like you have your shit together?

Does it look like you even give a damn?

Tell me, you walk into a public place like a grocery store or a college campus, and how many of the men look disheveled with the wrinkled clothes, or clothes that don’t fit, or boring shirt, or messy hair, or they’re out of shape?

At least 19 out of 20 men in the general population look boring, dull, and average, but the fact is, as human beings, we judge each other based on our virtual presentation and how we present ourselves. If you’re looking sloppy, it does you no favor in attracting the ladies.

Does your breath stink? Do your armpits stink?

Are your clothes wrinkled, or plain, or boring, or too big?

Is your hair out of whack? Is your skin and your complexion marred and spotty?

Is your posture stopped and lazy? Do you look overweight or physically like crap?

Look, take a look in the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself. What do you need to change to get on the ball and look more presentable

#3. You are needy as hell

You’re texting her too much, you’re thinking about her all the time.

You’re complimenting her when she doesn’t deserve it.

You’re holding her up on a pedestal, and you just want to wham yourself onto the girl.

You only feel good when she’s around.

You’re trying to draw your positive emotions from the girl instead of generating your own positive emotions from within yourself.

You’re hypersensitive to every little positive signal she gives you, and hypersensitive to every negative signal she gives you.

Because you’re so damn needy, you act weird around her and maybe even a little creepy, and then you whine why is the girl ignoring me? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because you’re needy as fuck, and that really kills attraction.

#4. You have nothing to offer her

Is your favorite activity playing PlayStation in your underwear?

Do you spend all your time watching sports?

Do you spend all your time on Facebook, watching silly distracting videos?

Is the food that you eat preprocessed garbage and fast food?

Do you work at a boring job that you hate, but you don’t feel motivated enough or ambitious enough to move up and out of it?

If I woman could espy on you and saw how you spend your average week, would she want to be part of your life? If the answer is no, then you need to consider making some radical lifestyle changes.

#5. You’re not expressive enough

What do I mean by expressive? I mean facially expressive.

You’ve got one look going on, and you’re too serious.

You’re not smiling enough. You’re not playful enough. You’re not teasing enough. You’re not excited enough. You’re not passionate enough.

You’re not facially expressive enough, but also not expressive enough in your storytelling. It’s always like, “How was your day? What did you do? How did you like school?”

No! You need to be telling stories about yourself with some passion and some details to make your stories interesting and entertaining.

What it comes down to, you are stifled. You’re like, “Ugh!” You’re compressing your body. You’re stiff. You’re holding back. You’re filtering yourself. You’re trying to think of the right things to say and censoring everything and that’s predictable and it’s boring.

#6. Self fulfilling prophecies

You’re expecting them not to like you and you act accordingly and you collect evidence that reinforces your negative beliefs, create a vicious circle, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example, you think to yourself, “Well, girls don’t like me. I don’t know why but I do know this: I suck.” Then you see a cute girl, and you go talk to her, but because you think that girls don’t like you, you are nervous as hell.

Your palms are sweating. You can’t make eye contact. Your voice sounds like a meek little mouse, and you can’t think of what to say next because you don’t feel worthy.

The girl is not feeling it. It’s not attractive, and she excuses herself because you’re acting a little bit weird, and then you think to yourself, “Well, there you go. That’s the evidence right there. Girls don’t like me. I’ve got all the evidence I need. I’m never talking to another girl again.”

Look, when you go into social interactions thinking that you suck, it’s going to cause you to act like shit, which will give you shit reactions, and then you’ll see that as the evidence that you’re looking for that you really do suck, which will reinforce your belief that you do suck and will cost future interactions to go even worse, causing you to gather even more evidence that girls don’t like you.

So, my friend, you could be stuck in a negative downward reinforcing loop between your negative beliefs and your negative performance feeding on each other.

There you have it, my friend, the six reasons women aren’t feeling you and why you’re left out alone and in the cold.

That’s why I created Girlfriend Express. It solves these six problems for you. It shows you how to ditch the negative attitude and feel happier, how to get your appearance under control, so that you’re in the top 1 percent of best-dressed guys that girls crave, how to replace that neediness with rock-solid confidence, how to build an awesome lifestyle in an affordable way that girls want to be a part of, how to become expressive and never run out of things to say, how to break out negative thought patterns that become self-fulfilling prophecies that are ruining your life.

Yes, Girlfriend Express shows you how to do all that and more. Simply click on the link in the description below or click on the link you see right here on this video.

Medieval Times

All right, you made it to the Bonus Section, so why girls aren’t feeling you, why don’t girls like you? It’s a very good question.

Think back to medieval times hundreds of years ago. Relationships were basically like arranged marriages in the sense that most people didn’t travel more than 10 miles from where they lived, and the church was the center point of where people would meet every week. In very smaller populations, the number of fertile women was very limited, and there was no travel except for foot travel, so you can walk more than a couple of miles.

Your choice of girls was maybe three or four different women, and typically parents will talk to each other and match their children up with one another, so basically you would be matched up. You would have kids, maybe age 16, 17, 18, and disease would finish you off at a relatively young age, maybe in your 20s, maybe in your 30s. A couple of people lived into their 70s, but it was pretty rare.

Basically, in that kind of situation, since you were matched up in what is essentially an arranged marriage, you could be negative, you could be drunk, you could be physically abusive, you could be antisocial and just keeping to yourself, you could be like a workaholic and never talk to your woman. You could be sexually abusive, on and on, and on. That woman was pretty much stuck with you where she was matched with you by the parents and that was the end of that.

Human beings aren’t really evolved to be these like action-takers where, “I’m going to improve myself. I’m going to learn how to become a good dancer. I’m going to learn how to be a good conversationalist. I’m going to learn how to be a snappy dresser who walks with style and learns how to be confident, learns how to make eye contact, and goes to the gym and get buff,” because we never had that evolutionary pressure on ourselves because in the past, everything was basically arranged, or your options were extremely limited, and you just ended up with a girl by default.

the Free Market

Nowadays, we are in capitalism. It’s a total and free market. The advantage is that you could travel for a couple of hundred dollars to the other side of the world. You can meet girls in Thailand, or South America, or China, or Japan, or go to an exotic country in Eastern Europe, or go to a different part of your own country, say to the other coast, go to the beach.

You can do that for a couple of hundred dollars, a little bit of your time. You just have endless options. You can get on a dating app, and you have the selection of thousands of different women. It’s a great time to be alive in the sense that you have endless choice.

The downside of that is you also have lots of male competition. Because it’s a free market, there are men out there that are like, “Wow! I’m going to take advantage of all this new technology. I want to take advantage of all this knowledge at my fingertips. I’m going to learn how to dance. I’m going to learn how to be a great dresser. I’m going to go the gym and get in shape, and eat well, eat healthy food. I’m going to learn how to be a great conversationalist. I’m going to learn what makes women attracted to men. I’m going to take advantage of all the knowledge at my fingertips if I have to watch YouTube videos or read books, or what have you. I’m going to take advantage of the modern technology like I can learn about what food is going to give me the most energy. I’m going to become an extreme action-taker.”

If you want beautiful women, you are up against more competition. you have more choices, but because it’s an open market, you also have that hard competition coming down on your shoulders and you don’t necessarily have that genetic drive within yourself through evolutionary programing to be an action taker yourself.

We, humans, basically want to conserve time and energy. We want to do as little as possible that we can get away with and still get the results that we want. Your brain might be telling you, “Hey! Let’s just play PlayStation all day and sit in our underwear and eat fast food and watch funny little cat videos or watch sports.” Your brain is telling you to do that because that is the medieval man brain talking to you or your caveman brain talking to you.

That’s not going to get you the girls anymore because in the past, parents would just be like, “Let’s arrange something.” That doesn’t happen anymore, so now you have to be putting the evolutionary pressure on yourself to do better, to actually learn what it takes to become attractive to women, to put that effort into it, and resist that desire to kind of just lay back and conserve time and energy and do as little as possible.

Unfortunately, our school system fails us because we’re really not taught what we need to learn in school. I think our educational system is a bit of a scam, or at least it’s certainly outdated. It’s really nice to learn history, but the fact is you can learn history later in life, reading a good book or watching some video. We learn what an isosceles triangle is, but we don’t know how to balance a checkbook. We don’t learn how to socialize with people. We don’t learn how to present ourselves to other people, so we are crippled later in life.

Well, Girlfriend Express is a program that I’ve created to continue that education, to fill in the gaps of what you missed in school, to learn how to be social, to learn how to take action, to learn how to be attractive to a girl, to learn how to carry a conversation in a way that sparks the girl’s interest and gets her sexually excited and into you and want to be your girlfriend.

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