Ask A Girl Out: 4 Tricks That Makes Any Girl Say Yes

Ever have a girl you’re crushing on badly, and you just want to ask her out?

But you just don’t know how or when to make your move.

I feel you, brother, because I myself have crushed on a lot of girls but had no idea how to ask them out.

And then when I did, I got that dreaded, “Oh, you’re so sweet, but no thank you.”

Fortunately for you though, you can easily get a girl to say “Yes” if you follow some simple rules that tap deep into female psychology.

So today, my friend, I’m showing you the top four things you can do to trick that girl into saying “Yes” to that first date request.

Tip #1. Strike while iron is hot

Tip number one for asking a girl out on a first date is to strike while the iron is hot, my friend.

You wait too long, and that window of opportunity closes quick.

It’s simply a mistake to wait around, looking for the perfect opportunity and time.

You’re waiting around.

You’re biding your time.

You’re waiting for that “perfect moment.”

And then you just end up waiting forever because the perfect moment never arrives.

And girls don’t wait around forever.

A pretty girl, she has options.

And you wait too long, she’s going to put you into the friend zone.

So ideally, you want to ask a girl out as soon as you realize that you like her.

Not a week after you decide you like the girl.

Not a month after you decide that you like the girl.

But ask her out as soon as you realize you like her.

It feels a little scarier, but I guarantee you, she’ll far more likely say “Yes” when you just go for it right away.

Tip #2: ask when her emotions are going up

The second tip for asking a girl out on a first date is ask her when her emotions are going up during the conversation.

Don’t ask her for the date while the conversation is fizzling out.

Don’t ask her for the date when things are beginning to feel awkward.

Don’t ask her when her emotions are going down.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh man, I’m talking to her and I’m losing her, I better ask her out before it’s too late!”

That is not the time to ask her for the date.

Instead, get into a conversation, and while her emotions are still on an upward trajectory, when she’s laughing, when she’s telling you about herself, when she’s getting more comfortable and flirtatious with you, that’s when you ask her on that first date.

The story of my friend Ned

And actually, if you’ve had trouble asking a girl out on a date: before asking a girl you’re crushing on, and believe me, we all have, you should listen to how my friend Ned did it.

He went out on a date with a girl from his work, and he got rejected.

But he was able to turn things around with her and turn her into his girlfriend.

And you can see how Ned did that at where you can learn from Ned’s mistakes and learn from Ned’s triumph, and how you can get that girl you’re crushing on to be your girlfriend.

It’s a really interesting video, I suggest you go watch it right now.

Tip #3: Be cool when she says “yes”

All right, tip number three for asking a girl on a first date: if the girl says “yes” to you, don’t start acting really excited or weird.

Don’t get nervous.

Don’t get hyper.

Don’t start talking about the date with her right there.

Don’t tell her how glad you are that she said “yes” to you.

Don’t start planning the date with her.

And don’t just immediately leave.

Keep talking to the girl for a couple more minutes, exactly as you were before.

That makes the date feel like it’s not a big deal and doesn’t put pressure on the girl or weird her out.

Tip #4: Let her pick the time

Okay, my friend, tip number four when asking a girl on that first date: don’t tell her the exact time and day that you’re going to meet up with her.

For example, don’t say to her, “Okay, let’s meet up on Friday at 7 PM.”

Because she’s going to say to you, “No, Friday, I’m busy.”

And you don’t want to hear that word “No” from the girl.

That “no” is a small mini-rejection that you cornered yourself into.

So, let the girl pick the day, and let her pick the time.

Just tell her instead, “All right, great. So what time and day is good for YOU?”

And she’ll give you valuable information as to when she’s most available.

And now you’re traveling along with the river’s current instead of trying to fight the current.

And you’re likely to hear her say “Yes.”

And that’s basically it for me today, guys.

Those are the top four things you can do when asking a girl out on a date.

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