The Best Way to Get a Hot Girlfriend (And make everyone jealous)

This video is for those guys that want a hot girlfriend.

Those guys that want to aim a little bit higher than the average man where you and your girlfriend walks into a room and all the women turn their heads in envy and jealousy, and all the men turn their heads in utter awe with their jaws dropping where you can show off to your friends.

And your friends are just wondering, “How the hell did Little Billy pull that off?” You bring her home to your parents and your parents almost can’t even believe it and your life almost completely changed.

I want to give you the 5 steps to making that happen, and you want to follow each one of these steps in this video because if you miss even one of these steps, you’re probably going to fail, and I’m just being honest. That’s how important each one of these steps is.

At the end of this video, I’m also throwing your way a super-secret final tip. This tip kind of just pulls it all together in a way that kind of clinches in getting that superhot model girlfriend.

I’m also going to be sharing with you a devastating mistake that I see guys make over and over and over again, a mistake that you are most likely that if you make this mistake, it pretty much nixes your chance of pulling this off and getting that girlfriend that you want.

Also, quick word of warning: this is not some wishy-washy mainstream dating advice you read in GQ magazine or somewhere like that. This is not politically correct advice, so if you are easily offended, turn away now because what I’m about to say is a little bit controversial. It’s for men’s ears only. If you’re a woman, you don’t need to be here.

That being said, if you really want that 9 or 10 model-type girlfriend, you’ve got be watching this, so let’s crack right into it.

Now maybe you’ve been alone for a long while. You’ve just forgotten what it feels like to have a woman’s touch. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to wake up with a beautiful girl by your side, or maybe you are getting a little bit of action, but it’s not with the kind of quality girls that you are expecting. You know that you deserve more.

You know that you can do better, but you’re not just quite sure how to go about it, and the prettiest girls you find are hooking up with these douchebag asshole losers, men that are no good for them. You know that you can make a better boyfriend. You know that you can offer them a lot more if the girls will just give you a chance.

I’ve been there. I really didn’t lose my virginity until my 20s, so I spent a lot of time alone. I spent a lot of time crushing on girls. I spent a lot of time lost and confused. But my friend, fortunately, there is a way to get these 9 or 10 hotties following these steps.

Step #1

All right, my friend, step number 1 for getting those really hot girls is that you must go to where they are. You must go to where you can actually find them.

Now, I’m just going to imagine that you spend way too much time inside your home where it’s nice and comfortable. Maybe you are spending too much time watching television. Maybe you are spending too much time playing video games. Maybe you are on social media or in front of your computer, or on your phone, or calling up your mom, whatever it is, you’re probably spending a couple of hours a day, maybe 2, 3, 4 hours a day wasting time, spending time in your house where you’re never going to see a pretty girl.

You must go to the locations where you are going to find them. You need to choose a couple of locations, one or two locations. That will be your plan of attack, and if there are pretty girls at your school, you can choose your school. If there’s beautiful women at your workplace like you work in a big place, you can choose your workplace.

Now if those aren’t options, you can also choose your gym. There’s usually very beautiful women that go to the gym, that work out, that have hot bodies. You can choose a class, start taking some classes like a dance class, maybe a salsa class. There’s beautiful women that love to dance, for example. Or you can take a humanities class, or photography class. Or you can go to your nightlife options like if you live in a medium-sized town or a larger city, there’s usually some bars or some lounges, some nightlife that pretty girls usually will attend to.

You want to choose one or even better yet two locations that you will be focusing on to work to find these girls.

Step #2

Step 2 for getting a beautiful girlfriend is now you are going to build your social circle.

Once you’ve chosen your place of attack or two locations even better, now you are just going to be introducing yourself to everybody. You’re going to be that sociable guy that makes friends with everybody. Now these aren’t like deep friendships or anything like that. It’s just like you’re the friendly, sociable cool guy that always says hello to them, always starts up the conversation with everybody you see.

For example, if you choose the gym as your location, go up to the person working the counter, ask them how their day was, ask them their name, chitchat about the weather even, anything. You’re just being the sociable guy. Then you go lift weights.

You see a guy lifting his weights. He is this big guy. He looks like he knows more than you. Ask for some tips on how he got big because men love to talk about that stuff. Men love to share information. You’re just going to go around the gym, say hello to everybody that’s near to you, just be the sociable guy that talks to everybody.

Let’s say you pick a hub of bars for nightlife. Go into the bar and just chat to everybody. Introduce yourself to everybody. Get to know people’s names. It can just be small, little chitchats. You don’t have to make deep friendships. You don’t have to be seducing people. You don’t have to be attracting everybody. You don’t need everybody like you, but you just want to become known as the sociable guy that knows everybody in that hub of bars.

Now the other thing to remember is that you want to be talking to the girls as well. whether it’s at school, the gym, the nightlife, or your workplace. Even the girls that are not attractive, even the girls that you don’t want to hook up with. She’s not that pretty of a girl. She doesn’t offer you any value, so why would you talk to her? Well the reason you would talk to her is because you are building up your social circle. You want to know everybody by name.

If Suzie is there and she’s not particularly attractive. Maybe she’s an older woman who is married with 5 kids, whatever it is, you can still get to know her as a human being. You can still bring her into your social circle so that you recognize her by name and she gives you a smile when she sees you because the two of you are friends. What’s important here is building up a wide social circle where everybody knows you.

Step #3.

The next step to getting a hot girlfriend, if you’re wondering, “Jesse, where is this going? How does this get me a hot girlfriend?” Don’t worry. You’re’ going to see how it all comes together in the next couple of steps. You want to be the networker. You want to be introducing people to one another.

Yes, you’re building a social circle. You’re getting to know everyone in that venue, whether it’s the gym or your school, or your art class, but you also want to introduce people to one another. For example say your venue is the school and you know some of the jocks, you know some of the people who do art and the humanities. you know some of the nerds who love computers. You want to be introducing people to one another because people are naturally shy.

Most people stay in their own lane. Most people stay in their own cliques. But guess what? When you introduce that girl who works in art to the guy on the football team, or you introduce that nerd, who works on computers, to Jennifer in the band, you are creating value because most people are too shy to talk to one another, but now you’re that guy that hooks people up.

You are that guy that introduces people to one another. You are that guy who essentially creates the party. So few people do that. You’re really going to stand out. You’re going to have no competition in that role, and you’re going to be this social maven, this connector that everybody wants to know.

The next thing that you want to do is practice being that physical guy, that guy who is just physical with everybody from the very beginning, so let’s say you meet another male, shake his hand. Let’s say you meet another woman, shake her hand. Let’s say there’s a girl that you see the second, third, or fourth time, give her a little hug when you see her again. Thumb wrestle with her. Play some games. Read her palm.

Basically, you are just practicing getting physical in kind of innocent ways. This isn’t like pinching her butt, or anything. It’s very friendly, innocent, little physical things that you are practicing so that when that 9 or 10 comes along, when you meet that girl of your dreams, you’re already used to being physical. This is something you’ve done a hundred times, so you don’t freak out. you don’t freeze out.

You don’t hesitate when that beautiful girl comes along. You just naturally do the routine that you do with everybody, so that you can get physical with that perfect angel right away. Now in this process because you’re going to where the 9’s and 10’s are and you’re being the social butterfly, you’re meeting everybody, you will be meeting these hot girls either just by introducing yourself because you’re just talking to everybody.

You introduce yourself to everybody. You’re the guy who knows everybody, so meeting her just seems natural because it’s just another girl that you’re going up and talking just like you do with everybody, or you’re going to be introduced to these girls.

Again like the example for school. Maybe you make friends with guys on the football team, and the football players have access to some of the hottest girls in the school. You’re naturally going to get introduced to these girls. You’re not even cold approaching them. you are warm approaching them. You don’t have to go up to her just like, “Hey, Suzie, I saw you over there. you look really pretty. I want to introduce myself.”

No! You’ve got these cool dude football players that she knows introducing you to her, so now you are in the cool club. You are one of the cool people. It’s a much hotter approach. It works much better that way. Not only that, but that beautiful girl that you’ve just been introduced to also sees that you talk to everybody, that you’re this friendly and cool guy that all the less pretty girls know you and maybe want to date you, or talk about you, or say good things about you. That’s very powerful in creating attraction.

Or say that you’re at the gym and you’re not introduced to the pretty girl; at least she sees that you’re talking to everybody. Maybe she’s up there on the treadmill and she sees, “Wow! This guy talks to everybody. He knows everybody!”

When you go up and you talk to her, it feels perfectly natural to her because she probably secretly wants you to say hello to her. She probably secretly has been checking you out and noticing you that you talk to everybody, that you know, John, Jim, Mr. Smith, the guy at the front desk. You know Suzie, Margaret, and Jennifer at the gym, and she wants to be kind of in that little club, that in club and it makes it way easier talking to her and opening her, and cold approaching her.

What you have to understand is that men and women’s brains are very different in terms of what we’re attracted to. We see a girl and we know within 10 or 20 seconds whether we want to have sex with her or not. It all comes down to the visual elements. But women are a little bit different. Women see a very handsome man. She might feel attracted, but she needs to spend a couple of hours, maybe more than that, really getting to know him because she doesn’t know whether he would just have sex with her and then instantly dump her and run away. Maybe he’s really an ax murderer, or he’s an asshole, or drunkard, what kind of psychological problems he has, whether he would be a good father, so to speak.

But if she sees you surrounded by other people, being friendly with other people, other girls like you, that’s evidence to her that she can make a split-second decision about whether you’re a good guy or not. It’s social proof. Social proof is almost the equivalent of you growing enormous breasts with beautiful cleavage. She can get attracted to you in seconds, so you must build that social proof.

The girl at the gym, she sees you talking to all these people. She sees you talking to these other girls, you haven’t introduced yourself to her yet. It doesn’t matter. She already has that attraction for you, so when you go cold approach her, she’s warm to you already. She wants to meet you. She wants you to come up to her. She wants you to say hello, and the interaction can go really smoothly.

Say your venue of choice is a series of bars. You want to build social proof by getting to know all the men. Just introduce yourself to them, exchange names, exchange a little bit of chitchat, talk to some of the girls. These girls might not be that pretty. These might not be girls that you want to hook up, but just say hello. Get her name. Exchange a sentence or two. Put a smile on her face. Make her feel good. Make the rounds. Get to know everybody, so that when you go talk to that really pretty stunning girl, two things happen.

  1. Now you have social momentum. You talked to 10 different people so now talking to that girl feels easy because you’ve built up a level of indifference. You’re not going to have that same hesitation and approach anxiety.
  2. You now have social proof with this pretty girl. She’s seen you talking to all the other women. She’s seen all the other women with smiles on their faces, so now she can make a split decision about you. It’s like you’ve grown these giant breasts. She’s going to get instantly attracted, so when you go talk to the pretty girl, you’re going to get a much warmer reception than if you just went up to her straightaway and completely cold.

Do you see what we have done here, my friend? Now you have access to all the 9’s and 10’s, but you’ve also created attraction with them.

Step #4.

The next step is you want to build that man-to-woman connection with the girl, so it’s not just friend-to-friend, but man-to-woman.

There’s a little bit of sexual tension by getting physical with her, by taking her by the hand and twirling her around, by giving her a little hug, by playing games with her like the thumb wrestling game, by reading her palm; by teasing her and kind of giving her a little poke and then pulling her back into you, a little bit of push-pull action.

There’s a lot of physical things you can do, but you’re not going to freeze up. You’re not going to be nervous because these are physical actions that you’ve done a hundred times on a hundred different girls. Practicing is a matter of habit. It’s a matter of pure automation. It’s built into your brain by a laser, so it’s really easy to pull off.

Let’s just connect the dots, shall we? How does this work? You know everybody. You know everybody in that venue. She sees that you have massive social proof. She sees that you have preselection with all the other girls, even if they’re not as pretty as her. You go up to her. You come across as a cool friendly guy, very easygoing because you’ve already approached a ton of other people, so it’s a normal thing for you.

You get physical with her right away, creating this man-to-woman sexual connection that feels very natural because you’ve already done it dozens and dozens of times. It’s not some weird thing because you’re just so used to doing it. that creates attraction with that really pretty girl. That, my friend, is how you get that 9 or 10 girlfriend.

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