5 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally


Hello, my friend, it’s your pal, Jesse, here coming right at you with a great video and we are talking testosterone.

Yes testosterone: the five ways to naturally and instantly boost your testosterone.

Well, maybe not instantly, but pretty darn fast.

And a healthy high level of testosterone is important to attracting the cutie chicas, because, well, because testosterone is responsible for making you feeling good.

Testosterone gives you that drive and that motivation to go out and meet girls.

Testosterone gives you energy.

Testosterone helps to create that sexual polarity between yourself and the lovely ladies, so that the underlying vibe is not just friend-to-friend but is man to woman.

Testosterone makes you feel strong, and confident, and assertive.

And it makes you look and feel younger.

So if your testosterone is low, your results with the ladies, will be even lower.

The problem is that a lot of us have habits that we do every single day that decrease our testosterone.

So, if you find yourself feeling down, or you lack motivation to go out there and meet the girl of your dreams, or you just want to feel happier and have more drive, then you’re in luck, my friend!

Because, in fact, there’s some simple lifestyle adjustments you can do that are incredibly effective.

So, today I’m going to show you five specific things you can do starting today, that have shown to naturally increase testosterone.

Testosterone Tip #1: Masturbate less

So, the very first trick I recommend to all men is to stop watching pornography, and then, on top of that, just masturbate less often.

Because when you have a release, it lets out all of that sexual pressure building up.

It lets out all of that hot sexual steam.

And then your body is like, “Well, I already did my thing, so why produce more testosterone? I don’t need it now.”

And your testosterone falls.

Whereas if you delay the release, your body gets sexually frustrated and starts producing more testosterone to send a signal to your brain, “Yo, dude! You better get laid, and get off your lazy butt, and take some action, like right now.”

And research has shown that your testosterone will continue to rise for about a week before it levels off.

So, if you want to walk around with maximum levels of testosterone and maximum levels of sexual drive, you should limit masturbation to about once a week.

Testosterone Tip #2. Cardiovascular fitness

The second thing you want to do… is be more physically active.

When you’re sitting down all day long on your butt, your brain is thinking to itself, “All right dude, right, everything is cool. Everything is chill. There’s no physical threat. There’s no fight for survival. Because after all, you’re just sitting down all day long.”

“And I have it too good. I have it great. There’s no reason that I have to get off my butt and go hunt some mammoth. So, I might as well not even bother expending the extra energy to produce any extra testosterone.”

And yep, research has shown that when you are sitting down all day and not moving because you’re watching too much television, or because of your work, your testosterone is suppressed.

Get a Jump Box

What you can do however, is do some cardio.

Go swimming at a pool a couple times a week.

Go on a brisk walk a few times a week.

Now if it’s cold outside and your schedule is limited, or you have a small apartment, or you can’t afford any expensive indoor fitness equipment, I recommend you buy yourself a jump box.

With an adjustable jump box, you can keep your body active on your own schedule, on your own time, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it.

Testosterone Tip #3: Cut out the carbs

Tip #3 to boost your testosterone, my friend: stay lean!

Don’t get fat!

When you carry a lot of extra body fat, the amount of testosterone you produce decreases, and the amount of estrogen, which is typically found in women, increases.

Again, your body is thinking, “I got all the calories I’ll ever need, way more than I need. I don’t need to go out and hunt no mammoth. Life is good, so I’ll just conserve energy and produce less testosterone.”

So as obvious as it sounds, you want to cut out refined carbohydrates.

That means removing, for the most part, ice cream and pizza, and hamburgers, and French fries.

And especially don’t drink your calories.

Don’t drink sugary sodas.

Even better, if you’re overweight, use a technique like intermittent fasting to help keep yourself in a slight calorie deficit, so you can gradually lose the fat.

Testosterone tip #4: Go where the girls are

Tip #4 to boost your testosterone: go where the girls are.

That’s right: go where the girls are.

Visual stimulation, my friend!

Have you ever been out and about, and you spot a pretty girl walk by, and suddenly, you felt this burst of energy?

Suddenly you felt the animal inside awaken.

You felt energetic, and happier, and more motivated.

But if you spend all your time indoors, in front of your computer, or in front of your television, or doing your own hobbies, and you never see pretty girls around you, then your testosterone levels will remain suppressed.

And when you see a real-life, true-blooded, beautiful feminine woman right in front of you, your body says, “Okay, there’s pretty girls around. It’s time to get your lazy ass into gear and start producing those hormones that are going to get you laid because it’s now or never.”

And your testosterone production shoots through the roof.

So, you want to go to places where you will be surrounded by women which means go out and throw yourself into more social situations.

Testosterone Tip #5: Lift heavy weights

And my fifth and final tip for you my friend, is that you want to lift heavy weights.

I just can’t recommend enough how important that lifting weights and stimulating your body with resistance training is, to skyrocketing your testosterone levels.

And when you have the right habits in place, the girls are going to feel that high level of testosterone coming right from your skin.

Girls will literally smell the pheromones on you.

Putting the right habits into place will literally change your life when it comes to women.

In fact, a guy that has the right lifestyle habits on lock but is lacking in specific techniques of what to say or what to do will still generally do better than a guy with terrible habits who has wrecked his testosterone levels but knows all techniques.

What high testosterone does for you

What’s even more, because so few guys take care of their body in a way that keeps their testosterone high that if you do these five things I’ve recommended, you will have no competition.

That’s just a fact.

Because 99% of guys simply won’t do any of these five basic lifestyle habits for more than a week or two before giving up.

So not only will you have higher levels of testosterone, but you’re going to look great.

You’re going to feel great.

And you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

There you go—instant attraction on an epic scale.

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