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You’re in a coffee shop.

You’re at the clothing store.

You’re at the doctor’s office.

You’re at your favorite food place.

You’re just minding your own business.

When, bam!

This amazing, incredible, beautiful girl walks in.

No! More like she fell down from heaven to be right in front of your presence, as a gift from God.

And you can’t take your eyes off her.

She’s like your dream girl.

And you would love to meet her!

Your approach anxiety

And you know if you did the right thing, you’d go up to her, say hello, and introduce yourself in a confident manner… and get her phone number.

But you know the story.

That doesn’t happen.

Because you’re nervous.

You have approach anxiety.

Your brain starts making up 1 million excuses not to talk to her.

And the girl just leaves after a couple of minutes and you’ve lost her forever.

You hit the jackpot, but you let it slip through your fingers.

And you feel terrible.

You’re kicking yourself!

How to bust out of it

Well, have no fear my friend, because in this video, I’ve got four ways to bust out of that approach anxiety forever.

So the next time you see that girl from heaven at the coffee shop right in front of you, you have no problem keeping your cool, and going up to her, and introducing yourself in a comfortable and confident way.

In a way that leaves her feeling impressed that you’re an awesome, bad-ass dude… that she should get to know.

Technique #1. Disassociate from your emotions

So my friend, technique number one for overcoming your approach anxiety is understand that your emotions are not on your side.

Your emotions want you to survive, not to thrive.

Your emotions want you to stay home and watch television, eat pizza, and just feel comfortable.

They don’t care about you achieving greatness.

They don’t care if you get an amazing girlfriend or not.

Your emotions want to keep you exactly where you are where it’s most comfortable.

So, you don’t want to identify with your emotions.

You have to understand that your emotions, whatever you’re feeling the moment, isn’t you.

They’re just temporary feelings that after a couple of minutes will pass.

And you don’t have to listen to them. They’re not your identity.

For example, when you see a pretty girl and you start feeling scared, you just tell yourself, “Yes, I’m feeling scared.  But that’s fine. It’s not me.”

“This is just a chemical reaction in my body, that after a couple of moments will pass.”

“I don’t have to listen to those feelings. I don’t have to identify with those emotions.”

And just having that simple understanding like you can step outside of yourself and look at yourself from a third-person perspective that is more rational and understand the feelings come and go, and that you don’t always have to act on them goes a long way to overcoming your approach anxiety.

Technique #2. picture yourself opening

Technique number two for opening girl without approach anxiety is a mental exercise that I like to do where I picture myself in the upcoming moments, opening a girl.

I imagine the scenario, and I practice it happening.

So, say you’re walking down the street.

And with your imagination, project the image of a beautiful girl walking toward you in your direction.

And then mentally imagine going up to her and saying hello.

Mentally imagine what you say and how she reacts.

Imagine all the little details.

And every couple of minutes, in your mind practice saying “hello” to another pretty girl again, and again, and again.

And doing this one simple mental exercise takes the edge off of your approach anxiety.

Because your brain is like, “Wait! This isn’t so bad. This isn’t so scary.”

“After all, I’ve approached hundreds of women. At least, it feels like I have.”

“This is normal. This is natural because I’ve done this 100 times before.”

Technique #3. Get momentum

Technique number three for overcoming your approach anxiety, my friend.

Just do some warm-up approaches to build a little bit of social momentum and wake up your brain.

If you’ve been sitting at a computer all day, you’ve got to rev up that social engine.

So walk down the street and say hello to the old couple.

Say hello to the soccer mom with the baby.

Say hello to the boyfriend with his girlfriend.

Just get some casual conversations going.

And then when that hot girl finally does walk by, you’ve already reached a state of indifference where talking to strangers feels perfectly normal.

And then… going up to that really hot girl, feels a lot more natural and normal… and will be a breeze.

Technique #4. Unstifle physically

And technique number four for overcoming your approach anxiety.

You’ve got to understand that your emotions of feeling good and having confidence follow behind the physical motions that you take.

For example, if you hold yourself with drooped shoulders, and you start frowning, after a couple of minutes, you’re actually going to feel sad and depressed.

But if you just force yourself to smile, force out a laugh, and then you do 10 jumping jacks, you’re suddenly going to feel a lot more happy and more energetic.

Your emotions follow behind your physical motions.

So if you’re feeling a lot of anxiety, you want to physically shake yourself out of it.

Laugh out loud, silly as it seems and feels, but just do it.

Get on the floor and do a couple of push-ups.

Stretch out your body.

Go for a run around the block.

Scream and yell it out, to get those vocal chords moving.

Having a set of exercises you do, to just un-stifle your physical body will get all that blood flowing, and make you feel whole lot better.

It’s going to get you outside of your damn head and put you into your physical body.

And then your anxiety will just melt away like that.

The fast way to a girlfriend

Now you have to understand that I was a computer programmer for many years and I was deathly afraid of even talking to a girl at all.

And if you’re extremely introverted like I was, you’re a shy person who simply can’t figure it out no matter how hard you try, or when you see a hot girl, you utterly freeze up.

Or when you’re in a new social group, you just don’t know what to do.

That’s why I created girlfriend express.

Girlfriend Express will flat-out annihilate your approach anxiety.

It’s a system to detoxify you from all of your negative beliefs and mindsets that are currently chaining you down.

It’s a system that makes taking action from feeling difficult to feeling fun, and effortless from meeting women feeling scary to feeling fun, and exciting.

And doing it in a way that the girls just love you for it where they’re excited to meet this cool, awesome, new guy, where they give you a big smile on their face, and they want to stand there, and talk to you too.

So check it out right now, link in the description below. It’s going it will change your life, my friend.

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  1. In my country girls like a scattered pearls but nobody talks to them I lacked so much beautiful girls and I regret and blame myself why diden’t went to them and getting to know them every time I see the hottest girls I neglect them because I feel Anxiety and shy that’s the fact that’s the reality I want to play my role properly i want to be an audacious a rake a lecherous a brave make my fantasies to actions not just a blah blah blah

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