5 steps to date girls at the gym | meet fitness babes

Ahhh…the gym!

The gym, let me tell you, has some of the hottest, tightest-bodied, cute girls you’ll find anywhere.

The girl who does the squats with her butt bursting out of her tights, the girl on the floor doing her stretches and showing every part of her body.

The girls are wearing skintight clothes, and you’re like “Damn!”

And I know what you’re thinking. You want to meet one of these girls at your gym.

But you’re not sure quite how to go about it.

Well, it’s Jesse to the rescue.

Because in this video, I’m giving you the five steps to meeting those amazing gym girls in a unique way that they’ll love you for it.

Step #1: Do NOT stare at her

Now you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the muscular, good-looking guys you see there lifting weights because 99% of them have no idea how to talk to the women there.

So, if you follow the steps in this video, you’ll literally have no competition even if you’re skinny and geeky.

So first of all, step number one is do not stare her down!

Staring girls down, they’re going to notice.

And then when you DO get the courage to go talk to her and bam you say hello, it’s going to feel even more awkward to her because she’s noticed that you’ve undressed her with your eyes a hundred times already.

And she’s going to tell you, “Well it was nice meeting you. Goodbye!”

And that will be the end of that.

So, don’t stare girls down.

Step #2: Do NOT pose in front of her

The second mistake you don’t want to do to girls at the gym is pose.

Don’t hover in her vicinity just to be near her and look at her.

Don’t grunt loudly, so that she can hear you.

Don’t get on the machines right in front of her just so that you can flex for her.

All these things is you trying to impress her.

It’s putting her up on a pedestal where she’s up here and you’re down here.

And it’s a turn off to the girl.

You’re not connecting with her.

Step #3: Get to know the staff

So, the third step to get girls at the gym is to get to know the staff.

At the front desk just say to the guy, “How’s it going?” When you go inside.

Or say to him, “What’s the crowd look like today?”

Or say to him, “Nice weather outside today. Man, I’m feeling good!”

You want the staff to begin recognizing you.

You want to get to know their names.

You want to build up familiarity with them, so that when you see the staff on the floor, you can say “hi” to them and the girls in turn see you chatting up the staff like you are one of the insiders.

Step #4: Talk to the guys

Which brings us to step number four for getting girls at the gym, and that’s to become the most sociable guy around.

Start saying “what’s up” to all the dudes.

Ask them about their workout routine.

Ask them for tips about form.

Other guys love talking about that stuff.

Remember their names because you’re going to see them again over and over.

Get to the point where people recognize you and are glad to see you.

So that when you show up, you’re saying “Hi” to everyone.

Now when you do that, the cute girl is going to notice.

She’s going to think yourself, “Ah! That’s the cool and friendly guy who knows everybody. It’s normal for him to be talking to people.”

She’s going to think, “He’s a cool guy. Everybody knows him. He talks to everybody.”

Step #5: Approach her

And now, going up to the cute girl that you’ve had your eye on will feel very natural because you’re saying “hello” to everybody anyway.

Now, when you approach her, it will seem very normal for you, and it will seem very normal for her.

And then you can just introduce yourself to her and exchange Facebook or exchange Instagram.

You don’t even need to get her phone number or schedule a day to meet up because you’re going to see her again at the gym anyway pretty soon.

Just exchange with her your social media accounts, so that she can follow along with what you’re up to.

And then every time you see her again at the gym, say “hello” to her.

Get into little conversation with her.

And over time, you will build up comfort and familiarity with her and attraction.

And then, casually invite her to meet up with you.

And she’s very likely to tell you “yes.”

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