3 Dating Tricks I Got From Tucker Max | Getting Laid in ‘Hilarity Ensues’


I was reading this book called Hilarity Ensues by Tucker Max. It’s about Tucker’s exploits getting drunk, partying, and chasing girls back when he was in his 20s.

In this video, I’m going to give you 3, count them 3, eye-opening tricks for picking up girls that you can learn from Tucker Max, and I know you’re going to love these.

Tucker Max Trick #1. Go Direct

The first thing that Tucker Max does that most guys simply don’t do is that he’s extremely direct. He’s extremely blunt with the girl. In a relatively short period of time, he tells the girl what he’s about and he tells her what he wants.

For example, in one story, he’s at a corporate meeting and one of the women at the meeting at the meeting gives him one of those “come-hither I like you” eyes. Whereas most men would be like, “I wonder if she really likes me,” or think, “I have to find the perfect opportunity to talk to her,” immediately after the meeting, Tucker Max goes right up to the girl and straight up tells her how he noticed she was checking him out, and that they should hook up together, and she agrees. They end up having sex on one of the corporate tables.

Tucker Max calls this being honest where he writes in his book, “I cannot tell you how many women have said to me, ‘You maybe an asshole but at least you’re honest about it, and I know what I’m getting.’”

Now being super direct with a girl just flat out telling his desires to have sex with her, it’s in a way limiting.

First of all, it’s much better than what most guys do, which is fawn over and crush over the girl for weeks or months without letting her know. But when you are super upfront direct with the girl, it creates a very polarizing dynamic where either the girl loves that you’re so sexual and direct and upfront with her, or for most girls though, it’s simply too fast.

Ideally, you want to create a very sexual vibe with the girl, create sexual tension without necessarily explicitly stating it overtly.

For example, making her feel desired through your eye contact, or alternatively tell her that you like her, but you also disqualify her, or you disqualify yourself to create this question in her mind as to how much you really like her, to create this question in her mind as to whether she has you or not.

How Tucker Makes Directness Work

But Tucker Max makes this super direct approach work for him anyway for a couple of reasons.

First, he’s super direct on a lot of girls, but he doesn’t care about rejection.

He doesn’t care about what the girl thinks of him, and this is a numbers game to him.

If you are super sexually direct and polarizing in a playful way where you don’t need the girl, in a way, you’re just goofing around, you will get 10 percent of the women to bite.

If you are talking to a bunch of girls on a given day or any given night, you’re going to get a lot of girls biting just because you’re plowing through so many women.

Being super direct loses him some girls, but he doesn’t care. He’s talking to a lot of people, and he’s being persistent. That playful persistence gets him results over time.

Tucker Max Trick #2: Assume

Another technique that Tucker Max uses is that he never asks the girl what she wants to do. Instead, he simply assumes that she wants to do what he wants to do, so he just leads forward, doing what he wants to do.

For example, if he’s vibing really well with the girl and the interaction goes very sexually explicit, which is likely since he’s a very sexually upfront guy, he doesn’t ask the girl, “You want to go back to my place?” No, not at all. He asks her instead, “Are you ready to get out of here?” Just assuming that the sex is going to happen.

If she says, “Yes, let’s get out of here,” he starts driving over to his place. He deals with the objections as they come up from there.” In sales, as an analogy, it’s not, “Do you want to buy my product?” Rather, it’s, “How much of my product are you buying?”

Taking charge, my friend, taking the lead, guiding the girl’s actions, taking her by the hand, and pulling her along for the ride is very attractive to women because it shows her that you are the leader and it takes the weight off of her shoulders.

It takes the responsibility away from her, so in her mind, sleeping with you is like, “Well, it just happened.”

Tucker Max Trick #3: Be Unfiltered

Another thing that Tucker Max does that is very effective that pulls the girl’s attention to him is that he is unfiltered.

He has no problems saying something shocking.

He has no problem saying something polarizing.

He has no problem critiquing the girl.

He has no problem giving the girl a compliment or praise.

He has no problem telling the girl that she is overweight or badly dressed.

He has no problem telling whatever story gets a laugh even if the story makes him look ridiculous. He doesn’t care that much about what the girl has to say.

If she is an interesting person, then yes, he’s genuinely interested in what she has to say, but if the girl is an airhead or vapid, then he doesn’t pretend to be deeply interested or absorbed in what she’s saying.

You know how most guys will suck up to the girl and pretend that she said the most interesting thing in the world even if it was complete garbage just because she’s a pretty girl?

Well, Tucker Max does not do that. He is more likely to tell the girl how vapid and how stupid she is right to her face even if she’s a knockout in terms of her looks.

In other words, he does not care about every word that comes out of the girl’s mouth.

Instead, he’s totally confident in what he’s saying. He’s not caring about the outcome of the conversation, and this is what makes him so interesting, and different, and fascinating to these girls, and they end up fighting for his attention.

They end up fighting for his approval. They end up being wrapped up in his stories, wrapped up in his crude humor because he’s not trying to get into their world. The girls are trying to get into his world.

Just imagine the alpha leader of a tribe. Imagine the most cool alpha male you can get. He’s not worried about what other people think of him, my friend.

He’s not worried about what other people think of what he’s saying. He says whatever comes across his mind completely unstifled, completely unfiltered because he doesn’t give a damn.

I’d say this is one of my Tucker Max’s very greatest seductive skills is his unfiltered mouth.

Now if you always want to have the right thing to say at the tips of your fingertips, if you never want to run out of things to say in the conversation so you can keep on talking and flowing and being interesting and being fascinating and just pull girls into the conversation like a tractor beam, pull girls into your world where they are the planets revolving around your sun and spark attraction through every word you say.

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