False Time Constraints – Talk To ANY Girl And WIN


I’m about to share a tip with you that will make meeting girls a lot easier. Starting right now.

And this tip will allow you to capture that girl’s attention within the first second and hold that attention, meaning you have a lot less to fear when talking to a girl.

So, let’s crack into it.

Now there are two types of men this world. Active and boring.

Active men are always moving they’re on the go, they’re doing something, they have to be somewhere.

And they are interesting to be around.

Boring men, well, they don’t have to be anywhere, and they’re not in demand.

And as you can imagine, women are attracted to active men. Women are attracted to men that appear to be busy. Women are attracted to men that appear to be scarce.

False Time Constraints

So, a neat little trick to capture a girl’s attention on that first sentence you speak to her is to use a “false time constraint.”

You tell her, “Real quick…”

“Just a second…”

“This’ll take just a second…”

“I need to steal you for just a second…”

Or you say to her, “I’ve got to meet my friends in just a second but let me tell you…”

Or you say to her, “I’m meeting my friends in a few minutes and I’ve got to go, but let me ask you one thing real quick…”

How it lowers her defenses

Not only does this make you look like an active man on the go, and scarce, and valuable, but it also lowers her defenses. It disarms the woman who has her guard up because just imagine what flashes through a woman’s mind when you first talk to her… And you don’t use a false time constraint?

The thought might run through her mind, “You know, I don’t know this guy. How long is he going to be here?”

“How long is this going to last?”

“How can I get rid of him?”

She’s not even consciously thinking those thoughts.

But she has a mild discomfort because after all you’re a complete stranger, and she doesn’t know what your intention is.

But starting off with a false time constraint, saying “Two minutes, I just have two minutes…”

You’re indicating to her that you will be no inconvenience.

You’re indicating to her that nothing weird or long drawn-out is going to happen.

The results

And then you’ve got a few minutes to demonstrate that you’re a perfectly friendly and cool guy. Once she sees that you’re a normal and attractive dude, and she’s actually rather happy that you’re there. Then you can just continue the conversation onward normally.

Most girls won’t even remember that you gave the conversation a two second or a two-minute time constraint.

So it’s a very clever way of sneaking yourself into the conversation.

Using time constraints on groups

You can also use this technique on groups of people.

Like say, you’re at a party, often times a girl will be with a girlfriend of hers.

And you can say to the two of them, “There’s a bunch of interesting people to meet here, but I thought I would talk you guys just for two minutes and see what you’re all about.”

And implying that you’re talking to everybody, that you’re a social person, that your time is scarce, and that their time with you is scarce is typically enough to disarm the girls.

Get the girl you want

Now, this is just one little tip among dozens.

You have to understand that it’s not one little thing that is going to make you get laid with the hottest girls.

Each little thing adds maybe 1 percent to the equation, so it’s essential to make all the pieces come together and fit together.

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To see how all these little tips work and pull together to turn you into a completely irresistible man, where you can walk into any room, simply notice the exact girl you have your eye on her on, pick her out from the crowd, say a couple of special words to her.

And next thing you know, have her fawning all over you where you’re taking her out on a date, getting her number, bringing her back to your place is all as easy as apple pie.

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