10 Gadgets to Look Handsome Instantly – Be More Attractive


Hello, my friend! Today, I have 10 unique tools, 10 weird gadgets that instantly make you look more attractive. Now is that really possible? Is there really an instant quick fix to turn you from that ugly duckling into that crown prince, to turn you from that ugly duckling into the handsome stud?

Now, let me ask you. Does it ever feel like girls look like through you, like you don’t even exist? Are you always being cast off into the friend zone? Do your conversations always like feel you just peter out and go nowhere and the girls lose interest? Does it feel like it be so much easier if you were just more handsome, if you were attractive, if you had that edge over every other guy out there? Well, yes, my friend, it is possible.

Hey, it’s Jesse from SeductionScience.com, and these are the 10 tools, the 10 gadgets that I just discovered over the years that instantly make you look more attractive, instantly make you more handsome, and a couple of these are really going to surprise you, especially the last one.

If you were an ugly-looking dude, these tips will turn you into an average-looking dude. If you were an average-looking guy, these tips will turn you into a relatively better-looking guy and that’s a huge advantage because when you look more handsome, that opens a lot of doors.

Girls will generally give you more time to introduce yourself. Girls will give you more of a chance. Being a good-looking dude, it literally hypnotizes the girls, so you can do what you want to do. You can grab the girl, pull her in, give her a kiss. She doesn’t resist. You can make the moves that you want to make, and there are easy fixes. You just buy the tool and you are set and done.

This isn’t some nonsense advice like, “Don’t be fat.” I mean, “Duh!” right? Nor am I going to lie to you and tell you that you have to put on the right pair of underwear because that attracts or you need to wear the right watch because that attracts the girls.

I am not being sponsored. These are gadgets that I’ve discovered on my own. I’m not getting paid. I’m not getting any commissions. This is the real deal.

Gadget #1. The Lumo Lift

Handsome gadget number 1, I love this little thing. It is called the Lumo Lift.

Holding your posture up tall, this is so critical to looking more attractive, to looking handsome. It’s a very underestimated factor in my opinion that most guys don’t think about, they don’t take into account because when you stoop, you look like a worker bee. You look like an average drone.

But when you hold yourself upright and tall, that’s the posture of a champion. That’s the posture of a prince. That’s the posture of somebody in the upper class. That’s the posture of someone who has lots of confidence, and it makes you standout because it’s just so rare to see. Standing with upright posture, it also makes you look an inch or 2 inches taller. Talk about hypnotizing girls, my friend.

The problem is, my friend, is it’s very easy to forget. You think to yourself, “I got to hold myself up straight,” but 5 minutes later, you completely forget. So I got myself a little gadget called a Gym Boss, a little gadget you just kind of hook onto your belt, and I set it so that every 3 minutes, it gives me a little gentle vibration, a little buzz that allows you to remember, “Oh, I got to carry myself up straight.” It’s a sample and cheap little fix.

But I eventually replaced my Gym Boss with this, which is the Lumo Lift. It’s a little more expensive, but it has the advantage of detecting when you slouch. It’s not constantly vibrating you. It’s not constantly reminding. It only reminds you when you slouch because it has an axis sensor in here. You attach it with a magnet onto your chest, and it can detect when you’re kind of moving forward, so it’s a little more handy, a little more convenient.

Gadget #2. The Electric Razor

Now the second tool to make you instantly look more attractive, instantly more handsome is an electric razor.

Now studies have conclusively shown that that 5 o’clock shadow looks more attractive to girls than even the big bushy beard or being cleanshaven. In my opinion, it’s because that stubble hides a weak jawline. For example, I myself have a very weak fleshy jawline and having that stubble gives my face more angular definition. It makes me look like I have more testosterone.

The stubble also makes your face look more symmetrical from side to side, which is a sign of health, and it’s really easy. All you do is get an electric razor. This one is from Costco. Set it to level 3. Let your hair grow. Shave, and you are all set.

Gadget #3. Shoe Inserts

Your third handsome hack tool, my friend, are shoe inserts.

Height, gentlemen. Girls just want taller guys. I know. I know. It’s not fair. The world isn’t fair, but women like taller guys. They’re programmed to like taller guys in the same way that we, men, are programmed to like women with large breasts and a little waist. It’s not fair to the girls. It’s not fair to the guys, but what are you going to do? Are you going to cry about it and go to your mommy and complain and whine? Are you going to take action and do something about it?

What I recommend as a cheap solution to getting taller is to buy yourself a pair of inserts, so you can just slip into a pair of boots or slip into a pair of high-top sneakers, and you will gain about 1-1/2 inches of height.

You can find really cheap ones on Amazon for about $10. This is a more expensive brand. It’s called Add Height. It’s going to set you back about $50, but what you get is a memory foam top. It makes it more comfortable, and it has a nice rubber sole. It’s more durable and will last longer.

Gadget #4. Foundation

Gadget number 4 for looking more attractive is foundation.

Yes, I am talking about makeup, particularly if you’re getting older. If you’re getting to your 30s, then makeup is your friend, my friend. Now you’re not going crazy just adding a little bit of foundation onto your skin. A little bit of powder takes a couple of seconds to apply, and you are done.

If you go real light, nobody is going to notice. Girls aren’t going to notice. Your friends are not going to notice. Nobody is going to notice and what it does is it hides your imperfections, hides your blemishes, hides your marks, makes you look more young, more fresh, more new, takes 5 years off the age of your face.

No! Make up is not for girls only. Celebrity studs, famous actors, fitness gurus, they all wear makeup. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel movies, who is this epitome of masculinity, who is this bad-ass dude in the movies, he’s wearing makeup. When he’s out and about in real life, he’s wearing makeup.

If freaking Thor can wear makeup, you can, too! Do not buy into this idea that you can’t. You can, and it will give you a very real edge.

Gadget #5. The Facial Cleansing Brush

Tool number 5 for looking more handsome, my friend, is a facial cleansing brush.

I, myself, tend to collect dead skin on my face here above my lip, here around my nose and the corner of my eyes, and it’s essentially dandruff on my face. I just use this little tool, which is battery powered, to exfoliate the skin on my face. I’ve read that this is about 10 times more effective at taking away dead skin than washing your face with your hands alone.

Now I don’t use it every day. I only use them about once a week. Is it going to make you look magically more handsome? No, but it works well in conjunction if you’re wearing makeup because when you apply the makeup, you want to have clear smooth skin without dead skin on your face to make the makeup look absolutely invisible.

Gadget #6. Custom Teeth Tray

Handsome hack number 6 to instantly look more handsome and attractive is to use a dental teeth whitening tray and carbamide peroxide gel.

How it work is you simply add a little dot of gel onto to every tooth, and then you pop this tray into your mouth. It’s custom-molded to fit your mouth exactly. You wait 20 minutes, and over time, over a couple of weeks, it gradually whitens your teeth.

Now if you go to your dentist, he will probably charge you $300 or $400 to get this custom-molded for your own teeth. It will cost him about $50 to do it; the rest is pure profit for him, but don’t you worry , my friend. There is a far cheaper way to do this, and it’s Amazon.com.

My mold is from a company called Sporting Smiles. You go on Amazon. They’ll send you the materials to make the impression. You send the impression back to them, and then they will send you your custom tray. It’s easy as that. It just costs $70, not $300 or $400.

Having a white smile is a relatively easy and simple fix to look more attractive and look more handsome. Studies have shown that we, human beings, the way we size each other up in our attractiveness, one of the first body parts we look at is the smile.

We use teeth to judge someone’s age, to judge their physical overall health, to judge their fertility. We use the smile. We look at the teeth whether to judge someone is well-educated, to judge whether someone is young, to judge whether someone is wealthy or not.

Studies show that you are perceived to be about 5 to 10 years younger than you actually are when your teeth are pearly white, so it’s absolutely worth it to get one of these trays if you want to look more handsome.

Gadget #7. Cologne

Tool number for looking instantly handsome, instantly more attractive, gentlemen, is cologne.

Now I think cologne is stupid. It’s pointless. It’s retarded, but I have a very poor sense of smell, so what do I know? I’ve heard over and over and over again from women how much nicer they perceive a guy to be when he smells nice. I almost just can’t believe it, but I just take women’s word for it.

Women, women do have a better sense of smell than men do on average. As men, we are olfactory crippled, so get yourself a bottle of cologne. Don’t overthink it. Don’t spend a lot of money. you can even go to the Dollar Store if you’re really tight for cash. You can go to TJ Maxx. You can go to Ross. You can get a bottle of Nautica on Amazon for about $20, and you are done.

Gadget #8. Nose Hair Trimmer

Gadget number 8 for looking more handsome and more attractive is the trusty nose hair trimmer.

It’s the details, gentlemen, the details. Women notice the little details, and if you got big ugly hairs coming out of your nose, she might not notice right away when she first meets you, but when she she’s sitting there on that date, and she’s sizing you up in more detail, she’s going to notice those little details. Being impeccably well-groomed will sit you apart from the competition because most guys are just lazy about it. They got hairs coming out everywhere in all sorts of places and having these big gross hair coming out of your nose is not going to look good.

Now I used to have a very small travel-sized dedicated nose hair trimmer just for the nose, but I dropped it on the floor, and it broke. Now I use my regular razor, and I just swap the head out for a nose hair-trimmer top. In about once a month, I go in there and clean it all out.

Gadget #9. The Red Shirt

Handsome hack tool number 9, my friend, for looking more attractive, and we are coming to the end here, but handsome hack number 9 is the red shirt.

Now you probably had the experience of walking down the street, minding your own business when a stunning girl wearing a red jacket, or a red shirt, or a red scarf, or a red hat catches your eye. Studies have shown conclusively that men pictured in a red shirt, or a standing against a red background look more sexually attractive to women.

They don’t look more aggregable. They don’t look more likable. They don’t look more outgoing. They look more sexually attractive. Not only does wearing red make you look more attractive but knowing that you are wearing red makes you feel more attractive, which causes you to act more attractive, act more assertive, act more alpha, act more confident, which causes even more attraction.

Gadget #10. Cosmetic Contacts

Tip number 10, my friend, for instantly looking more handsome and more attractive is to wear cosmetic colored contacts. Now my eyes are naturally a rather dark blue, but in the past, I did use a translucent colored contact that was a lighter blue, so what happened was my natural dark blue color did shine through but the contacts just kind of lightened them up a little bit with a lighter blue.

Now in my case, I don’t wear them anymore. I was just going from a dark blue to a slightly lighter shade of blue, so it wasn’t making this enormous difference but wearing colored contacts for a lot of guys can make them look a lot more handsome.

Now one word of warning: if you are going to buy colored contacts, do not buy them online. You want to go to your eye doctor called your optometrist. Yes, it’s more expensive to go to the doctor. Yes, it takes a little bit more time, but it’s much, much safer.

Listen, you do not want to take chances with your vision. You do not want to take chances with your eyes. You do not want to take chances just to save $100. If someone offered you $100 one time, $100 one time, but in exchange, you could never wear a seatbelt again in a car, would you take that deal? Would you honestly take that deal never wear a seatbelt again for $100? How stupid would you have to be? Make sure you do it the right way.

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