3 Steps to Get Your Girlfriend Back | How to get back with your EX

You’ve just broken up with your girlfriend.

Well, let’s be real here. It’s more like your girlfriend broke up with you, and you’re missing her badly.

You want to get her back.

But you’re asking, “Jesse, how do I get her back? I mean, what do I do?”

“If I start texting her, and calling her, and trying to convince her to take me back, won’t I look needy?”

“I don’t want to push her away from me even further.”

“I don’t want to get rejected.”

And that’s a very good point, my friend.

You want to get your girlfriend back, but it’s very easy to look desperate, and turn her off even more in the process.

But, you are in luck my friend, because today I’m giving you the three steps to getting your girlfriend back.

Get Her Back Step #1: Get your fundamentals handled

So, the first step to getting your girlfriend back is to get your fundamentals handled.

That means the time for lazy coasting and comfort is over.

The time when you could just rely on your girlfriend to make you feel complete is over.

Work on your posture, work on your body language.

Get better clothing style.

Work on some of your mental hang-ups you have.

Start learning how to become more positive and have gratitude.

Learn how to generate your own positive emotions.

Start breaking some of your bad habits like spending all your time playing video games or drinking too much.

Start hitting the gym to put more muscle definition on your body.

Start reading more books on relationships and what women like in relationships.

Maybe start studying up on new sex techniques.

In other words, become the man she dreamed about when she first met you.

And let her see you as that new man whenever you find yourself in front of her, assuming you have some social circle ties in with her.

You must let her see you as the new you, the opposite of how you were before.

And the sooner you can turn yourself into the man she wants, the sooner you can be the man she wants and get her back.

Now will this take time? Yes!

But at the very least, you are using your time wisely.

Because even if you end up with a completely different girl, at least you made positive investments in yourself, positive investments that will help you to hold on to any future girlfriend you get.

Get Her Back Step #2: Get preselection

The second step to getting your girlfriend back is to get preselection.

Women are very social creatures, and they very much care about the opinion of others.

As soon as she sees you with other attractive and new women, she’ll start wondering if perhaps she was wrong to leave you.

If you’re on Instagram and pictures of you with other beautiful women suddenly start showing up, she’s going to wonder who those girls are.

It’s going to intrigue her.

It’s going to make her have second thoughts about you.

Now, you don’t want to rub it into her face.

You’re just letting her know that you’ve moved on and that beautiful women want you and are with you.

You’re just letting her know that she’s passed up on something that every other girl wants.

And that leaves a very strong foundation for getting your girlfriend back.

Get Her Back Step #3: Restart the courtship

And the third step for getting your girlfriend back is to restart the courtship.

So, after you worked on yourself a little bit, and after you get some preselection, and after you’ve given her a period of radio silence for a while, so that she doesn’t get the feeling that you’re immediately chasing her in a needy way but you’ve stepped back, and created some space, now you can start the courtship again.

As if you’re starting completely over as a new guy.

Go on a “first date” with her again, a really casual meetup.

And start the physical escalation just like you would if she were a new girl on a date.

The key is not to beg.

Your instinct may be to crawl down on your knees, and plead, and beg, but you’re not going to get her back that way.

And you’re not going to get her back by giving her more of the same.

You must communicate with her that things have changed with you.

Do you really need to her back?

The other question I have asked you is, do you really want your ex-girlfriend back?

When you’re emotionally distraught and you feel rejected, and you feel like women are scarce resources and you don’t have options, and you feel like your one girl is the only special girl in the world for you, then of course you’re going to feel like you need to have her back.

But in many cases, what you feel like you need because you’re in scarcity Isn’t what’s actually best for you.

In many cases, what’s best for you is to meet a lot of new girls and expand your horizons.

And that’s a judgment call you’re going to have to make.

But regardless, those are the three steps for getting your girlfriend back if getting her back is the right choice.

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