4 happiness destroying mistakes you’re making


I know. I know. I know you’re thinking, “When I get an amazing girlfriend, I. will be happy.”

“When the girl I like likes me back in the way I want her to like me back, then I will be happy.”

“When I’m making the amount of money I deserve to be making, when I have the car, when I have the house, then I will be happy”

“When I’m getting the harem of girls I have in my imagination, then I will be happy.”

Am I right or am I right? I know I’m right!

We’ve all had thoughts like that before.

And I’m here to tell you, gentlemen, the four mistakes you’re mentally making that will destroy your happiness and keep you forever feeling unfulfilled.

Mistake #1 Of Happiness

Mistake number one that is destroying your happiness is thinking that when you get a girlfriend, or you have a harem, it’s going to make you happy.

Now, it’s understandable…  if you don’t have the girl you want right now.

All you can think about is getting sex, or getting a girlfriend, or having companionship, and you think that your life is going to improve.

But at the end of the day, you’re still going to have all the same old problems that you had before even after you get the girl.

And the girl will give you a lot of her problems as well.

Yes, you have this romantic period where all your emotions are lifted up.

But pretty soon, the girl will begin dumping all of her drama, and dumping all of her problems onto you.

Reigning in your freedom.

Getting pissed off at you.

Costing you a lot of time and money.

And you’ll find that you still have all the same old problems that you had before.

Here’s the key to happiness: it’s not that you get the girl and happiness comes to you.

Rather, it’s you get happiness first by getting a hand handle on your habits and lifestyle, and then in being a happy and positive person. That’s the factor that attracts girls.

It’s not, “I get the girl, and then I get happy.”

Rather, it’s “I learn how to make myself happy and that’s what attracts the girls.”

Mistake #2 Of Happiness

The second mistake ruining your happiness is thinking that getting laid with lots of girls is going to make you happy.

It’s a bit like thinking that a man who is starving and is famished, thinking that having unlimited access to living inside of a McDonald’s with free hamburgers and free French fries for year is going to make him happy.

Having unlimited burgers and soda and shakes may make him feel more comfortable, but he’s going to get fat.

He’s going to feel trapped living inside that McDonald’s. He’s going to start feeling unhealthy.

Once his need for food is satiated, his other higher needs now come to the surface like wanting freedom, or wanting personal connections, wanting to contribute something to society, now all go unmet.

And he’s unsatisfied once again just in other ways.

It’s the same with sex with lots of girls.

You quickly find out that having sex with different girls is not what makes you happy.

Rather, you build sustainable happiness by creating an ecosystem of good habits and a healthy lifestyle, that makes you feel good feelings on a daily basis.

And then that happiness that you feel that is self-generated.

Those good feelings that you are in control of Is what attracts women into your life.

And the sex with different girls is simply a nice little diversion like watching a good television program.

But you have to understand the girls are not going to be the source of your happiness.

Mistake #3 of Happiness

Mistake number three that is working against your happiness is thinking that your happiness comes from being comfortable.

You don’t want to go out to meet girls because it’s simply more comfortable sitting in your chair playing a videogame.

You don’t want to eat that big green bowl of salad because it’s simply more comfortable to eat that pizza.

You don’t want to study for the test or do the work because it’s simply more comfortable watching television.

Choosing that easy, short-term route of feeling comfortable, yes, it buys you immediate comfort and ease, but typically at the expense of your long-term happiness.

Because an overly comfortable life is not a life where you achieve anything significant.

Mistake #4 Of Happiness

Mistake number four sabotaging your happiness is escapism in passive stimulation.

Playing video games, spending a lot of time on social media, binge watching television.

While these activities can be fun and entertaining in the moment, keep in mind that created by big corporations, paying talented people big salaries to keep your eyeballs hooked and glued to the screen to show you advertisements, so that they can make money off of you.

They are training you to be a passive spectator while the bosses use your dollars to buy multimillion-dollar homes, take vacations in Bali, and drive a Maserati.

For your end of the bargain, you end up socially isolated, with bad eating habits, and a lower sense of self-worth.

So, if you want to have more happiness in your life, you need to move away from spending your time in passive entertainment.

What will make you happy

Now if your happiness is a priority, that’s why I created this presentation on how to attract a quality girlfriend, that is beautiful and smart and intelligent.

How to attract a girl that loves you, and adores you, and is loyal and has your back.

And attract her in a way where you build a foundation of your own happiness where you are not becoming codependent on the girl or leeching off of her for positive and good feelings.

That’s called building a life of abundance where you have choices and options of your own, where you have choices and options of choosing which girls you want to date, and having the girls become madly attracted to you.

So, go watch that presentation right now because it will change your life.

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