Hot Girls Love Men Who Do THIS – Generate your own emotions within

We are talking something that women love when a guy does THIS.

And THIS is a pretty simple thing to do.

And yet no guy actually does it, which is good for you, my friend.

Because if you choose to take on this challenge, you can absolutely clean it up with the ladies.

We look for good emotions outside ourselves

So, here’s the deal!

Typically, as human beings, we are looking for good emotions.

We want to feel good. We want to feel happy.

And we look for those good feelings from events and circumstances outside of ourselves.

“I won’t really be happy until I make X amount of money.”

“I won’t be happy until I have the girlfriend I want.”

“I won’t be happy until I’m living on a tropical island and I have girls in bikinis bring me tropical drinks to my hammock on the beach.”

Happiness is something that’s always out of reach.

And we have these rules about what we think we need to be happy… and we have a lot of rules.

We seek good emotions from girls

And we tend to bring those rules into our social life, into meeting girls as well.

You go out to meet a girl and you think yourself, “All right! Time to talk to some girls.”

“Problem is, I’m not happy with myself.”

“I’m not happy with my life situation.”

“I’m not happy doing this. This should be easier.”

“And I won’t be happy until I get a positive reaction from the beautiful girl.”

“When a beautiful girl is smiling at me, and is paying attention to me, and is stroking my ego, that’s when I’m going to feel good about myself.”

That’s how most people are thinking.

“That’s when I can be at peace with the world.”

“When a beautiful girl is telling me I’m an awesome guy, that’s when I know I’m an awesome guy, and I can feel good.”

“But until then, I’m going to feel like a 4 out of 10, or a 5 out of 10, or 6 out of 10 in terms of how I’m feeling deep in my gut.”

“So yeah, I’m going to talk to girls, and I’m going to dislike every minute of.”

The needy desperate vibe

Yep, so some variation of that thought process is going through your head.

The problem is that when you do talk to a girl, your vibe is all weird.

Instead of being self-fulfilled, positive, and confident, which is what would be attractive, your vibe is like, “So, do you like me?”

“Will you please, please give me your approval?”

“Because I have this big hole, a pit of negative emotions that needs to be filled up with your approval of… in order for me to feel happy.”

“I need you, girl, to make me feel better.”

“I need to leech off of you, to feel happy and good.”

“So, would you kindly do that for me please?”

Now of course you’re not outright saying such things to the girl.

But she can feel this needy, weird, desperate vibe suddenly coming off of you where you’re coming from a place of low value, trying to leech good emotions from the girl.

And the girl’s response is very predictable.

It’s, “Thanks, Mister, But no thanks. You seem like a nice guy. But I have to get going.”

Because women don’t want you to drag them down.

Women don’t want the responsibility on their shoulders to pull you up.

No! Women have their own problems.

They want you to be the positive, fun, internally fulfilled man… who knows how to generate his own good emotions and pull her up and makes her feel good to make her feel happy.

And make her feel like she’s being swept off her feet.

Tip #1: don’t come across as desperate

So yeah, the solution is, you want to start generating your own positive emotions from within yourself.

And there’s three reasons you want to do this.

Reason number one.

So you’re not trying to leech off the girl, and weird her out and come across as needy and desperate!

But if you’re already feeling happy and positive, regardless of what reaction the girls going to give you, then, then my friend, you come across with a much cleaner, confident, self-assured underlying vibration that will put the girl at ease and make her feel comfortable and instantly attracted to you.

Tip #2: get off the emotional roller-coaster

The second reason you want to generate your own happiness internally from within is when you try to leech good emotions off of the girls you talk to, you’re going to be on an emotional roller coaster that goes up and down, up and down where you can never predict how a girl is going to react to you, or predict how you’re going to feel from moment to moment, which is exhausting because you lack control.

If the girl reacts positively to you, that’s great! You feel fantastic.

But then the next girl could react aloof or even give you a mildly negative reaction, and then you feel crushed.

You feel crushed because you’re looking for the girl to give you her validation and her approval and to fill your empty cup.

You’re looking for the girl to fill that empty hole inside you to make you feel better.

But when you generate your own positive emotions from within, you have this nice steady high throughout your day and there’s no nasty emotional surprises.

Because you’re not relying on the girl’s reactions to feel good about yourself and about life.

Tip #3: You can be happy right now

And the third reason you want to generate your own positive happy feelings from within is that you can be happy right now. You can be happy today, my friend.

You don’t have to wait to get the “perfect 10” girlfriend be happy.

You don’t have to wait to become rich to be happy.

You see, most people have it backwards.

They think that getting the perfect girl or getting rich will make them happy.

No, my friend!

You get happy first—happiness comes first—and that positivity you have is what draws the beautiful women into your life.

Being happy is what draws the girls to you.

Likewise, that positivity is what draws successful and wealthy people into your life, people that can mentor you… and show you how to become rich yourself.

In case you’re not happy

Now my friend, if you’re not happy, If your emotions are all over the place, maybe you’re up one day, maybe you’re down the next, if you’re crushing on a girl and you don’t get the response you want, do you freak out, or get angry, or get sad, or depressed.

And you’re just not in control of how you feel, then check out HTTP://Girlfriend.Express. Watch this presentation I put together for you, link down in the description below, which will get you started on the way to generating your own positive emotions from within.

To have that core confidence everywhere you go, so you feel self-assured and at peace in any situation,

so that you feel good and happy and you draw the girls into you like a powerful magnet, like a force of nature where instead of taking and leeching off of girls, you are giving to them and they’re drawn to your powerful masculine energy.

And that girl you’re crushing on, suddenly, she wants to spend all of her time with you and just you alone.

Because you can offer her something that no other man she’s ever met, can ever offer her.

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