How An Average Guy Can Get A Beautiful Girlfriend

I am giving you a couple of tips to look more handsome, so you can attract those girls that you really want.

These aren’t some bullshit nonsense tips like, “Buy the razor from my sponsor, and when you use this razor, you’re just going to look beautiful and attract the girls,” or, “You should buy the watch that I’m getting sponsored by. If you wear this watch, it’s going to attract all the chicas and all the ladies, and your life is going to be perfect.”

None of that nonsense!

These are real tips that will really help you out when it comes to getting girls if you believe you are rather average looking or an ugly guy.

It’s important that you watch this video all the way through if you’re an average or ugly-looking guy; otherwise, you’re going to be following that same road that has gotten you nowhere. You’re going to be following that same road that gets you the same crap results that you’ve always been getting.

I’m also going to be covering a huge mistake I’ve seen guys make again and again and again when it comes to their looks, when it comes to pretty girls that nixes their chance of ever dating that hottie forever, so you want to watch all the way through to the end to get that huge mistake.

Now, most guys, they say, “Jesse, I need the money to get the girls. I need to have the right look. I’m an Indian guy. I need to be white if I want to get the pretty girls. I’m too short. I need to be tall. I need to have the piercing blue eyes. I need to be jacked and ripped. I need to be driving the Lambo to get the girls because all these girls care about is money. How am I going to compete with the other men out there if I don’t have the right characteristics to get the girls I really want.”

Advantage #1. You Have More Leverage

First point, my friend, are these things true? Yes, to some degree they’re true. you’re going to have it little tougher than that guy who is 6-foot-3 tall, white with piercing blue eyes, and is jacked, and drives a Lamborghini and lives on a mansion on a hill, but that’s ultimately a loser’s game comparing yourself to other people because after all you can’t just get plastic surgery on your face.

You can’t snap your fingers and become a millionaire. You can’t change the color of your skin. There’s always going to be dudes who are better looking than you and richer than you, and it’s pointless to compare yourself because all that’s going to do is beat down your soul. It’s just negative self-talk that you tell yourself that gradually eats away at you, that destroys your confidence, and leaves you decimated.

Yes, maybe a bit easier if you were taller, if you were more jacked, fi you had millions of dollars in your bank account, if you had a different color of skin. Sure, maybe all of those things would make it easier. Maybe if you were standing next to that beautiful guy who had everything in life, the girl would go for him instead of you, but what are you going to do about it? What good is complaining going to do? Are you just going to give up?

When you give up on yourself like that, it just means that big business wins. Corporations make lots of profits off of selling you that expensive razor. They make lots of profits off of selling you that cologne you don’t really need. They make lots of profits off of selling you a very expensive sports car that you take loans out for, you put on credit card, so they want you buying stuff.

Or they just want you to give up, so you watch a lot of television, watch advertisements. They want you to give up so you go on to purchasing playing video games, watching advertisements, buying their products rather than actually going out and meeting girls.

They don’t what you to be doing active things. They want you to be doing passive things of purchasing. That’s what allows these elite men who control these corporations to take a vacation off in Monaco, to drive their own Ferrari, to live in a freaking castle, to make millions, billions of dollars selling you things that you don’t really need, so do not let them win.

You actually have some advantages as an average-looking duded or even as an ugly dude, and that is this: that most guys give up.

Most guys do give up. They buy into that whole narrative. They need to have the right cologne. They need to have the right razor to shave with. They need to be driving the right car. They need to have the right job. They need to have the right number in their bank account. Because they’re chasing all this stuff, they never actually approach the girl.

They always believe, “I am not good enough. I am not worthy. I am not entitled yet. Maybe one day, I’ll get there, but I’m not entitled yet. Not many guys are approaching these really pretty girls. Pretty girls are not as approached as much as you think, so when you do go up to her, you really stand out because you literally have no competition.

You’re not competing with very many other guys when you already believe, “I’m enough. Yes, maybe I’m an average guy. Maybe I’m a little bit ugly, but I’m enough. I’m entitled. I’m confident. That’s a very rare man. You really have no competition if you start believing that.

Advantage #2. Good looking guys don’t feel entitled either

The second advantage you have my friend is that even the good-looking guy, even the tall guy, even the guy with the money in his bank account doesn’t feel entitled to get the very pretty girls either. Maybe he feels like he’s too skinny. Yes, he’s tall and good looking, but he’s just skinnier than he would like to be, so he doesn’t feel entitled.

Maybe he grew up with bad parents, parents that just said a lot of negative things to him, so he’s got all this negative self-talk going on inside his head. He doesn’t feel entitled to go up to the pretty girl.

Maybe he got bad grades in school. Maybe failed in some way, and he’s projecting his failure into a generalized way where he doesn’t feel entitled to really have those really pretty girls.

I remember coaching a guy who was relatively good looking. On paper you would say he has everything, but he thought he was too white. He thought he was too pale. He had these freckles on his face that he had this hang-up about it. I mean most guys, most good-looking guys have their own hang-ups, so the point is the competition is low.

Most of these really stunning, beautiful girls are not getting hit up all the time by guys because even the good-looking guys don’t feel like they deserve these girls.

Advantage #3. Good looking guys lack motivation

The third advantage you have, my friend, if you are an average-looking dude or even an ugly-looking dude over these good-looking guys is that good-looking guys usually aren’t even that motivated. Have you ever heard that phrase, “The good is the enemy of the great,” meaning that the good-looing guy, when he was very young, he got some results?

Maybe not the best results ever, but he was good looking. He hung out. He got laid a couple of times, maybe with mediocre girls, girls that chased him down, so he’ already getting sex. he’s already getting some results doing nothing. He lacks that pain. He lacks that pain to give himself leverage to really step it up and take his game to the next level to get those really pretty girls.

It’s the same reason that a lot of the popular kids in high school grow up to be losers later in life because they had so easy in high school. They had everything handed to them, so they don’t feel like they have to work hard. They lack that incentive. They lack that motivation to really go out and kill it in life.

It’s the same reason that the really pretty girls in high school become emotionally stunted, intellectually stunted, don’t really go on to achieve anything as they get older because everything is handed to them simply because they’re a pretty girl. They become spoiled. They don’t learn to push themselves. They’re not motivated. They not incentivized to go out and get something better for themselves.

As an ugly guy or an average-looking guy that pain that you have, that lack of results that you have can give you that leverage to go out and take massive action and just smoke your competition, your competition not really being anybody else.

Advantage #4. Attraction for women isn’t fixed

The next advantage you have, my friend, lies in women’s psychology itself. We see a girl. We just look her up and down, and we know within seconds whether we want to have sex with her or not.

But women view attraction a little bit differently. Women don’t just look at the physical. They look at the behavioral. Women want to see how you behave. Are you able to hold eye contact with them or not? Are you able to project your voice and speak with confidence? They want to see how other women treat you. they want to see if you’re a positive dude who is social. They want to see if you can remain normal and friendly and cool in front of them.

You need to spend time with a girl for that attraction to rise because for girls, attraction is like volume knob, or a temperature knob where you can turn it down over time and you become less attractive, or you have the right behaviors, and it turns up the knob and makes them more attractive. They want to observe you for a while. That’s true even if you’re a good-looking guy with bad behaviors and the girl’s temperature knob for you will be turned down and she will lose attraction.

The point is if you’re not the best-looking guy, time is on your side. Your goal is to be purely stay in set with the girl long enough to demonstrate high-value behaviors where you’re turning up that temperature knob where she gradually becomes more attracted and more hot for you based on the actions you’re taking.

In that sense, you can easily compete with these better-looking dudes if you can stay in set long enough to turn up the attraction level.

Advantage #5. Getting out of negative loops

The next advantage you have, my friend, starting right now is you will now understand the self-fulfilling prophecy of negative feedback loops where it if you believe that you need to be this tall, jacked, white guy who is rich to get a girl, if you do approach a girl, you’re going to lack confidence in yourself. you’re going to lack entitlement. You’re going to feel nervous.

What happens when you don’t believe that you should be there talking to that girl, you’re going to give off these very subtle, micro expressions in your behavior like you’re not going to project your voice properly. You’re going to come across as very timid in your vocal tonality. You’re not going to make eye contact, but you’re going to look away.

You’re not going to square up properly with the girl, but you’re going to talk to her from the side, or you’re just going to have bad body language, or you’re going to have these nervous twitches going on. You’re going to excuse yourself from the interaction on and on and on.

Your whole vibe is going to be off and the girl will notice it. It’s going to be very subtle, but girls are very good at picking up on those subtle signs that you lack confidence, that you do not believe you’re entitled to even be talking to her.

If you don’t believe in yourself, my friend, how is the girl going to believe in you and then you count that as evidence? You start telling yourself, “See? She rejected me. It proves that it’s only looks and money that matter. It’s not from my behavior. It’s just my looks and my money. That’s proof!”

Then the next girl you talk to, you’re even more inside your head. you have even less confidence, which causes rejections. You’re getting blown. You’re getting rejected, not because of your looks but because of your micro behaviors, because you do not believe in yourself, because you’re rejecting yourself before you even give the girl a chance to know you.

The solution to that is:

Just having an awareness of how these self-fulfilling prophecy negative feedback loops play in the human psychology and where you’re maybe a victim to it yourself. Then when you talk to a girl, you just learn from the good parts of the interaction like say this is the social interaction, you just extract the parts that work out well. you extract the parts that you want to learn from, and then you just throw away the rest. You just throw it over your shoulder, and you forget about it.

If you’re just extracting the good lessons, the good experiences that builds up your confidence, that builds up your entitlement, you go up to that next girl, you feel more confident, you feel more entitled, you know better what to do for that next girl. you have a better interaction. You just accumulate the good experiences and you throw out the negative feedback.

Your 5 Advantages

For all these reasons, this is why you can be an average-looking dude or even be ugly and still date the really pretty girls first reason is because most men don’t even try. They just give up. They take themselves out of the competition because they buy into this narrative that they need to have great looks to date a pretty girl, or they need to be rich to date a pretty girl even the good-looking guys.

Even the good-looking have their hang-ups. Even the good-looking guys don’t feel entitled to be dating pretty girls, so you literally have no competition. If you out and you’re cool, friendly, confident dude, you will stand out. You will stand out like a fireworks because it’s so rare. Most guys don’t even try.

The second reason, remember, is that, good-looking guys, they’re not your competition because they don’t even try. It’s that saying that “The good is the enemy of the great.” They got laid when they were young. They got some success that just fell into their laps.

They’re just essentially lazy. They don’t have those pain points to drive them forward, to incentivize them, to motivate them, to go after the really pretty girls.

The third advantage you have is that your pain, your lack of results up until now give you that leverage to take massive action, so you will do things that other guys are simply too lazy or aren’t motivated to do, so you can go after these really pretty girls in a way that you stand out, that other guys don’t.

Your fourth advantage is that girls don’t just look at your physical attractiveness. They look at your behavior, which means that time is on your side. If you can stay in set long enough to turn up that temperature knob of attraction, if she can watch your behavior as a high-value guy, she will get attracted to you even if you’re just average looking.

Because you understand that trap of the self-fulfilling prophecy of the negative feedback cycle, you’re not going to fall into that trap. When you have an interaction with a girl, you just pull out the good parts. You pull out the good lessons and you throw out the rest as a way to build up your confidence and you don’t fall into that negative cycle where it becomes self-defeatism and you just give up.

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