How long it takes to get laid EXACTLY – hours needed to get a HOT girl into bed

I get asked a lot, “Jesse, how long until I get laid with a hot girl?”

“How many hours do I need to put into this?”

“How many weeks does it take to get the girlfriend I really want?”

“How much time and energy do I need to devote to get an amazing girlfriend?”

“How many girls will I need to approach???”

Do you ever feel that way, my friend?

Do you ever feel like you want an exact day to look forward to, where you’ll get that girl of your dreams and know exactly how many hours goes into it?

Well, there is a pretty specific answer to that question actually!

And that, my friend, is what we’re answering in THIS video:

How many hours do you need to devote to getting an amazing girlfriend?

How long it takes to get an exceptional woman of beauty into your bed!?

THIS is a number I’ve found that universally gets guys the RESULTS they’re looking for, and why if you fall short of this exact number, you’re in for a world of pain. You’ll be left with the scraps of other men.

You. Will. Fail.

And at the end of this video, I’m going to present to you a challenge for reaching that magic number…

So be sure to watch all the way to the end to see that.

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People want a cheap fix

All right, so let’s start off with a big mistake guys make.

Remember: this is not about giving you some bullshit answer that is unrealistically easy. This isn’t a cheat code to jump right into a hot girl’s pants.

Rather, I’m presenting to you the unvarnished, ugly truth of the real matter.

Nowadays, everybody wants a cheap and easy fix. We expect that, right?

The whole ideology of capitalism revolves around cheaper and easier fixes to everything.

You get bored, you just turn on the television or your phone and select from 1,000 different programs that cover your exact taste.

You get a small cut, which 100 years ago could get infected and kill you, now, you just put some cream on that and you don’t have to think about it again.

You ran out of dog food for your dog. Big deal! Just go online, hit a button, and two days later it’s delivered right to your door.

So we’re used to that.

Instant service!

Instant solutions!

And so we tend to bring that kind of expectation over to getting laid and getting a girlfriend. We’re promised magical results by companies like Tinder, “Oh, just swipe the girls and they’re delivered right to your door practically.”

Well I’m here to tell you right now, when it comes to pretty girls, results are not fast and EASY.

Approaching girls, if you’re not used to it, for most guys, is HARD.

It’s fucking HARD!

It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of hours. It can feel stressful.

If you’re weak-willed, if you’re soft, if you’re impatient, if you give up easily, if you expect things in life to come easy, if you’ve had an easy life up until now, you’re probably not going to make it.

Ninety-nine out of 100 guys who first start out in 6 months are GONE–99 out of 100!

Because they want it easy!

Not approaching girls

So, what is the BIG mistake the typical guy makes?

And this could likely be you as well, so listen up.

The mistake is, well, the mistake is—he doesn’t approach girls at all!

But let’s say you do start approaching. How many hours a week do you need to put into this?

You might think, “Well, “I can put 2 or 3 hours a week, and I’ll be good.”

But here’s the problem with that. Say you’re going out once a week to approach women, just one day a week.

Say you go out on a Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours to approach some girls.

Well, it takes a while to build up some momentum.

It takes a while to shake off the rust and get back into the groove of things.

Typically, the first couple of girls you talk to, your voice and eye contact and smoothness are all going to be OFF.

And just as you get warmed up, next thing you know, your two hours are up and you’re tired!

So, you spend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at school, at work, doing your hobbies.

In that time, my friend, you lose all that momentum you built up approaching girls on Saturday. So next week comes around, and you’re cold again. It feels unfamiliar again. It feels strange again. And you have to approach girls not at your best again. Right!?

Then you’re like, “Why am I not getting results with this?”

And you get angry. You get frustrated, and you just want to give up!

I know how that feels!

The Gym analogy

Listen, you want a beautiful woman, right?

Well, there’s not enough beautiful women to go around, so having a beautiful girl essentially makes you exceptional.

And if you want to be exceptional in your results, you need to put an exceptional effort – not a mediocre effort – but an exceptional effort.

If you want an exceptionally muscular, ripped body that turns girl’s heads at the beach, likewise, sculpting that body over time, requires exceptional effort as well.

Imagine if you wanted an exceptional body but you just hit the gym once a week.

I don’t need to spell it out to you! It’s obvious. That math just doesn’t add up.

So, why do guys think that they’ll become exceptional with girls going out a twice a month?

You’re never going to get there!

And if this is all making sense so far, write “momentum” in the comments below.

The minimum necessary to build macro momentum

So how many hours is needed to get exceptional results, and get an amazing girlfriend, or sleep with exceptionally beautiful women?

How many times should you go out a week?

Well, let’s start with my minimum recommendation.

The minimum is once a week. Have your big day where you go out 2 or 3 hours solely for meeting girls, whether that’s to the beach, or day game on the street, or a bar.

Two or three hours in one session, once a week.

The two days prior to that, you also go out for 20 minutes or until you do at least one approach.

So for example, on Wednesday, you go out for 20 minutes and do at least one approach, or more. On Thursday likewise, you also go out for 20 minutes, and do one approach or more. Then on Friday, Friday is your big day where you go out for 2 or 3 hours.

What this does

Essentially, you are giving yourself two days of warming up.

Two days to jog your mind. Two days to give your brain a chance to remember, “Oh yeah, I remember this. I remember what to do.”

Two days to get the feel for it again. So when hit your primary session on day number three, you’re ready. You hit the ground running!

That’s what is called building “macro momentum.” Important phrase: macro momentum.

Macro momentum has an enormous impact on your game.

If you go out only once per week, you *lose* macro momentum, and you essentially have to start all over again from scratch.

So yeah, that’s the formula to success:

Twenty minutes the first day, twenty minutes the second day, and two to three hours the third day.

And if you can’t put in at least that, you’re going to be spinning your wheels, progress will be damn slow.

Much slower than it needs to be.

Pain creates leverage

You know, I have a little story to tell you.

The best guys in pickup come from a background of pain—being virgins into their 20s, being socially ostracized, being bullied, being short, or being extremely broke.

They have nothing to lose, so they throw themselves into meeting women, spending two- or three-hour sessions, multiple times a week.

BUT, if your life is frankly too easy and too comfortable, if things have come too easy for you, and you have easy entertainment at your fingertips, food provided for you, maybe you haven’t had your dream girl, but you’ve gotten some attention from women, so it isn’t so bad.

You’re NOT coming from a place of enough pain. Maybe you don’t want it badly enough. Maybe you’re not willing to put in the effort, and the hours, and the time necessary to become exceptional, and get exceptional results.

The Challenge

So, I challenge you to accept that pain of carving out the time necessary.

I challenge to accept the hours.

I challenge you to NOT just take easy path of comfort.

Because if you want the magic pill, if you grasp for the easy fix, you’re just going to get the same mediocre results you’ve always been getting.

You’re just going to be running on that hamster wheel going nowhere.

But if you can devote three hours to going out every week with a couple warm up days beforehand…

Yeah, it’s hard! I’m not going to lie. It’s going to be hard!

It takes time.

But if you go down the RIGHT path, the path of mastery, when you walk that path of mastery, you’re going to have incredible experiences, meet incredible women.

You’re going to become exceptional, and you’ll attract exceptional women into your life.

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