How to Be A Hot Guy – Style Tips

There’s a difference between being popular and being a hot guy. If the ladies are not talking about you, then you’re doing something wrong. When you are hot, it’s easier to get the attention of women that you like. Half of the job is already done when you’re tagged as a hottie, as this would have gotten you through the door.

Some tips are available to help improve your pickup game and keep you in the hot zone. So you don’t have to beg women to go out on a date with you, instead, they’ll be competing with one another for your attention.

Tip #1. Improve your appearance

Fashion – The first thing to do is to step up your fashion game. You have to wear clothes that are trendy and fit your physical structure. Choose colors that match your eyes and skin tone. Use everyday carry items like a great wallet that’ll show how classy and sophisticated you are.

Keep your wallet choice classic and avoid eccentric designs. You want to show that you are confident and the only way to achieve this is by choosing a black leather wallet.

Your other accessories like your wristwatch, cuff-links, tie, shoes and overall appearance should radiate elegance and make you look suave and not desperate.

Workout – Even though you dress the part, you also want to look the part and be physically appealing. No one is saying that you have to be buff, but you must at least be fit. Hit the gym frequently because exercise has a way of pepping you up. It might not be evident in a six pack, but it will show in the way you carry yourself.

Clean up – Some haircuts are so 1950 and shouldn’t be seen in 2018. Get a stylish haircut, pedicure, and manicure. Trim your facial hair and make sure there’s no hair sticking out of your nose or ears.

It is so unappealing to see a man with nose hair. Most women will not want to get to know you better once they spot it. Manscaping is necessary to clean up your looks completely.

Smell nice – Finally, to top up your looks you must get a good fragrance that exudes your sex appeal. You don’t want to overwhelm her senses with a strong smell. Keep it subtle and avoid soaking yourself in cologne. Shower with a great body wash, wear quality deodorant and make sure to keep your breath fresh at all times. No matter how fit and fashionable you are, if you smell, you’re going to be very lonely!

Tip #2. Your body language

Facial expression – Some men have facial expressions that are just not sexy and could even be downright comic. You must work on your facial expressions and practice the perfect expression that women will find sexy. Watch some sexy movie actors and imitate the way they make eye contact and look at the ladies. If you can get this right, you’ll be on the hot radar of many women.

Smile – Your laugh and smile usually tell a lot about you. Sexy men laugh and smile in a confident, self-assured manner. Don’t laugh loudly and don’t smile with your mouth open wide. Ensure that your mouth is closed and mimic guys who are already sex icons.

Walk – This one is a no-brainer. We all feel awkward when we walk as women stare at us. But if you have a sexy walk, then you would have nailed it. Walk like a man with some space in between your legs and move slowly – there’s no need to rush it. You will radiate confidence and your swagger will drive women insane for you.

Posture – As well as walking, you also want to ensure that you have a good posture. When you’re not walking how will women see you? Will they think you’re a really confident guy? Slouching shows that you’re insecure and uncomfortable. So you need to develop a good posture that will make you look attractive.

Sexy voice – Have you ever met a man that is sexy, superbly dressed, and with a great haircut but when he opens his mouth you feel like a little boy just spoke? Well if you’re one of these guys it’s not your fault, but you could do something about it. I’ve known a lot of men who have changed the way they look, as well as the way they speak successfully. Learn how to imitate the voices of sexy men. When you sound sexy, ladies will want to see who is talking.

Tip #3. Learn how to score with women

Your manners – With great manners, you will score every time. Master common courtesies like holding the door open and show the ladies that you’re a gentleman.

The conversation – Some men just love to hear themselves talk.This is unacceptable when you’re trying to score with a woman. If you talk about yourself, make sure that the conversation is impressive and try to turn it back to her. Also ensure that you listen attentively because that is one quality that women love.

Improve your mind – If you’ve ever dated an intelligent woman, then you know that they don’t want to be with a man who isn’t intelligent. Don’t waste time on unnecessary activities. Read a book, watch a documentary and improve your mind. The more intelligent and well-rounded you are, the more likely it is that you will impress most women.

Take a chance – Every woman is different and what works on one may not work on others. You must try different methods to find out which one will work. Take a chance with your pick up line and your conversation. The worse case scenario is that you end up in the friend zone, but if your plan works, you might end up in her arms.

When you’re trying to score with a woman look out for signs of attraction first because she might just not be interested in you. Assess the situation to determine if there is something between the two of you. If there is, make your move and get her alone as fast as possible. Women love men that are decisive and willing to take things to the next level.

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