How to Get Rich Picking Up Girls

I know, I know. We all want to meet beautiful girls.

As red-blooded men, we all see a beautiful, amazing girl in our future.

But not only that. Of course, we want to be successful.

We want to have an amazing house, with a nice swimming pool and lots of bedrooms, so we can invite our family over. We can invite her friends over. We can throw cool parties there.

We don’t have to worry about money.

We can take off, and go on an adventure, have the means to take girl to Paris for a long weekend or visit a tropical island in Thailand, and sip drinks on a lazy beach.

All that means freedom.

And, then of course, you want to be physically fit and looking good, maybe even look jacked and buff.

So, when your take off your shirt at the swimming pool, all the girls lower their shades and start ogling you down.

Because you’ve got that Greek-God Marvel superhero body from head to toe.

Meeting Girls Can Make You Rich

But did you know, my friend, and I shouldn’t even be giving this one away, is that being good with girls—no, wait, no. Not even being good with girls, but just the process of meeting girls, the process of learning how to attract women, can make you successful, can make you rich. Can get you physically fit and jacked, can get you that body that girls drool over?

Meeting girls can open these avenues to you in a magical way that are currently closed off and elusive to you.

I know it sounds weird, but yes. Oh, yes. There is a connection.

A very strong connection between learning pickup and tripling your income and getting an amazing look.

And that’s what this video is about.

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Learning to take action

So what meeting girls teaches you is that it teaches you to take massive action in your life.

No, seriously!

Pickup punishes you for not taking action

Pickup grinds your face into the concrete and leaves it battered and bruised and bloodied when you don’t take action.

Now, you know, high school teaches you to take action to a degree.

If you just don’t do any work at all, you’re going to get a big fat “F” on your tests and you will flunk out. You will be ostracized by your peers. You will face negative social pressure from your teachers…

But on the other hand, school is a very structured environment where you’re given a set of parameters to follow.

You’re basically told exactly what to do from beginning to end.

And if you’re not a go-getter-action-taker, well, you’re not particularly punished in the moment.

You can just glide through school on cruise control and no one will bother you for it. You might even be even seen as cool.

Pickup punishes you for not taking action

Meeting girls, on the other hand, will immediately punish you and punish you severely for not being an action taker.

When you see that beautiful girl and you don’t take action, when you just hesitate and don’t take action to go up to her, you will not only get a “C.” You will not get a “D.”

Hell! Even an “F” can be worth 50%, right?

No, you will get 0%. Nothing. Zero!

When you talk to a girl, and you don’t hold up your end of the conversation, she’s going to get bored of you real fast and split out of there.

And it can feel embarrassing and awkward.

Not taking action “equals” some very harsh, negative feedback from the girl.

Instantaneous feedback.

And girls don’t care. They will be brutal on you if you’re not leading the interaction and being the action taker.

You’re on a date with a girl, and you don’t make a physical move on her.

Well, at the end of the night, you know what she’s going to say! I don’t have to tell you!

“Well, it was such a NICE date, and you’re such a NICE guy! BYE!” And she never calls you back.


Pickup, more than almost anything else, gives you very harsh, very immediate feedback from the girl that’s, “You’re not taking action, so I am punishing you, and punishing you severely.”

And that’s why I love pickup because the feedback is so raw and immediate.

Pickup rewards you for taking action

And the flipside of that is that when you do take action, pickup rewards you immediately as well and can reward you big.

You take action, and you go up to that girl and she gives you that immediate good feedback.

She’s smiling. She flicks her hair. She gives you her contact details.

You put effort into the conversation, you put effort in making yourself look presentable, and you make a connection with a beautiful girl, and you’re rewarded instantly. You get this shot of endorphins and you feel like everything is right with the world.

You’re on a date with a girl, and you take action. You take the initiative to make some physical moves on her and you end up having a beautiful girl in your bed.

Take action “equals” highly positive, instantaneous feedback.

Almost nothing else in life will give you that kind of reward system.

Better Career

But it doesn’t end there.

Every time you take action, every time you practice taking action when it comes to pretty girls, it spills over into all other areas of your life.

It’s like working out an action-taking muscle!

You stop playing video games and watching television because well, because it’s just not as much fun as taking action.

You start taking more action in your professional career.

Maybe instead of just doing the minimal amount it takes to get by in your job, you start becoming a triple A player.

And pretty soon your boss notices you, and you get a promotion.

Maybe you switch to a more aggressive career like sales or entrepreneurship, and pretty soon, you’ve doubled or tripled the amount of money you’re making.

Or you start taking massive action, and culture new friends and business contacts, and pretty soon, new and better career possibilities present themselves to you.

You get ripped

You start killing it in business, but you also start killing it at the gym.

Taking all this action with different girls, it doesn’t take long before that action-taking muscle is strengthened.

So now when you go to the gym, you don’t just give up after a week or two like you used to.

Now, you’ve got more dedication.

You’ve got more stamina.

You’ve got more consistency.

You’ve got confidence and wisdom.

Maybe you start watching tutorials and videos on proper form and proper technique, on how to prepare your meals, and start tracking your caloric intake.

You start going to the gym consistently.

You start enjoying the grind.

You start enjoying the hustle.

Because it’s a skill, it’s a muscle that you built up over time and strengthened to wicked proportions through picking up girls.

Transformation I’ve Seen

I’ve known guys that were super nervous, super scared to even go talk to a girl.

Not a pretty girl, mind you. ANY girl.

And I’ve seen them 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 years later, and they look completely different.

I don’t even recognize them.

They’re just, they’re bigger. They walk taller. They look better.

They look, dare I say, handsome!

Because they started taking care of themselves.

They’re killing it in their professional life, making insane amounts of money.

And they’re no longer scared to talk to girls.

Now they’re charismatic and confident with swagger and socially attuned to what attracts a woman.

And that’s all from doing pickup.

What to do next

Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t shortcuts.

If you’re feeling lonely, maybe your love life is not where you want to be.

Maybe you can’t get girls to notice you.

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated.

Maybe you feel like you’re missing out.

Maybe you’re admiring a particular girl from afar, and she doesn’t notice you.

Or she’s rejected you badly, or she just sees you as this “friend” and nothing more than that.

And it’s tearing you up inside.

You don’t want to live like that.

That’s why I’ve put together a video for you, on getting an amazing girlfriend, at this link HTTP://

This video shows you some of the unique trigger points to get that girlfriend you want and turn things around with that girl you’re crushing on

Just imagine waking up with that beautiful girl lying by your side in bed every morning, loving you, holding you, giving you everything you want.

Someone to share your life with and be happy with; an amazing girl that inspires you, and keeps you motivated to be your best self.

That’s what you want.

And this video will help you start on that path, so be sure to go watch it right now.

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