How to introduce yourself to girls (5 awful mistakes you’re making opening)

You see that lovely girl.

She’s a vision of perfection, and your heart starts beating fast.

You want to meet this girl.

But you’re just not quite sure how to introduce yourself.

After all, you don’t want to get rejected.

You don’t want to have an awkward, or embarrassing situation.

You don’t want your heart to get ripped out of your chest, torn apart, and destroyed.

Well, have no fear, my friend.

Because today I am giving you my five best tips for introducing yourself to a pretty girl in a way that works 99 percent of the time and will get her loving you for where she’s genuinely smiling, and friendly, and happy to meet you, even if she already has a boyfriend, even if she was in a bad mood, even if she gets hit on all the time, or whatever her situation is.

These tips will make you stand out and make a very positive impression on her.

My name is Jesse, and let’s crack right into it.

Tip #1: BE loud

The first tip for introducing yourself to a very attractive woman is to talk relatively loudly on the opener.

Speaking loudly, projecting your voice, projecting your voice one or two levels louder than it really needs to be conveys confidence, authority, and leadership.

Whereas when you speak too softly, which is what you’re most likely going to do if you’re nervous, that communicates that what you’re doing is something wrong.

It communicates that what you’re doing is something creepy, and you’re trying to hide it.

That’s why you are talking softly.

Paradoxically, by speaking louder, you actually make her feel more comfortable with you, not less.

(softly) “Hello there. My name is Jesse”

(loudly) “Hello there! My name is Jesse!”

See the difference?

Tip #2: Give a Handshake

The second tip when introducing yourself to an attractive woman is to extend your hand and give her a handshake.

(extend hand) “Hey there! You look pretty cute. Hi! My name is Jesse.”

That handshake is the difference between opening the girl as a stranger and opening the girl as a friend.

That handshake builds comfort and a sense of familiarity.

And that handshake sets the important precedent right away, that physical touch with you is normal and natural.

Tip #3: Use a time constraint

And the third tip when introducing yourself to an attractive woman is to use a time constraint.

Tell her, “You know, I have to go on a second. I have a friend to meet. Just two seconds literally two seconds.”

And this has three benefits.

First, the girl lets her guard down because she thinks it’s not going to last for long.

And second, you’re showing her that your time with you is scarce, so there’s a small pressure on her to invest in the conversation and keep holding it.

And third, if she sucks, it gives you an excuse to get out of the conversation.

Tip #4: Talk slow

The fourth tip, my friend, when introducing yourself to attractive woman is to talk sloooow and with pauses.

When you’re nervous and overly excited, you tend to talk too fast.

We all do it.

And it sounds like this: (fast) “Hey! My name is Jesse! How are you? I just want to meet you.”

And talking too quickly simply betrays your lack of confidence.

But when you –slooow– it way down, and you use pauses effectively, it shows the girl that you are grounded.

It sounds masculine.

It gives you a chance to enunciate your words clearly for her to soak them all in.

So you want to take your time and pause for dramatic effect.

Tip #5: Smile

The fifth tip for introducing yourself to a pretty girl is smile. Smiling, being playful, not being overly serious and heavy.

But instead being lighthearted and carefree Is key to making the girl feel comfortable when you introduce yourself to her.

Smiling lowers her guard down.

It’s the principle of state transference.

Your smiling and your positive mood will be infectious and rub off on her, and make her smile, too.

And make her feel playful too.

And make her feel lighthearted and carefree.

It’s when she’s feeling those good emotions… that’s when she’ll want to keep talking to you.

Tip #6: Remember her name

And the sixth tip for introducing yourself to a pretty girl is to ask for her name early and remember it.

And then say her name back to her a whole hot.

“Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. What are you doing with yourself, Jenny? Is that right? Jenney? Wow! You know what, Jenny, I was just thinking about that, too.”

And so on.

Women like to hear their names said back to them.

It makes them feel a special connection with you.

It makes them feel familiar and comfortable with you, like you like they’ve known you for a long time.

How to get a girlfriend

So, those my friend are the six tips for introducing yourself to a pretty girl with guaranteed good results.

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