How To Meet Your Soul Mate – 5 Terrible Mistakes You Make

This video is a little bit controversial but this must be said. You must heed this warning. You must listen to what I’m about to say for the next 2 minutes or you can literally ruin your dating life for years to come. You can destroy your opportunity to get that soulmate you deserve. You can even ruin your life and that’s not an exaggeration.

Now it’s nice to think that there is this nice one special girl out there, that one special girl that is meant for you, that there is this one special girl that will make you happy, an amazing girl that if only you could be with her, then your life would be five times more awesome than it is right now, and you would be complete as a man.

But here’s the problem: this girl doesn’t know you exist. Maybe she’s put you into the friend zone. Maybe she’s a colleague at work who you haven’t had the courage to approach yet, or maybe she’s a girl from school who you approached already, but she’s rejected you. She’s put you into that infamous friend zone saying, “Let’s just be friends.”

But it doesn’t have to be like that, my friend. It really doesn’t. I’m going to give you some very specific advice right now, and if you don’t follow this advice, not only will you not attract that girl ever but that girl will literally spit on you. She will tear you down. She will want to have nothing to do with you, and this makes me mad almost because I’ve been there.

I’ve been there wasting years of my life where I crushed on a girl really hard, and in my mind, gave my soul to her. I gave everything to her. I constructed this image of the girl that I would fall in love with, and I think about her all day long, and then when I finally got the balls to talk to her and profess my love, of course very predictably she’d be like, “You’re so sweet. You seem like a really nice guy, and we really should be friends.”

This is one of the most painful places a guy can be, in unrequited love It’s that terrible, soul-destroying craving for that one special girl that eats you alive from the inside.

For example, I have one friend who told me about a story in middle school. On the first day of class one year, every student took their turn standing up telling the class their names, where they lived, and what they like to do.

This one girl stood up and started talking, and she was special because as soon as she did, my friend fell instantly in love with her looks. He felt instantly in love with her voice, and he became fixated on this one special girl all through middle school and into high school. He was absolutely convinced that this was the girl for him. She was the one. There was no other girl for him. It had to be her.

Over the years, as you can imagine, he got a little bit depressed. He’d often lose himself playing video games. He just felt like he wasn’t going anywhere. He spent the whole year in fact mustering up the courage to confess to her his deep crush, his deep crush on her that he had for years, his deep crush that was eating him up alive from the inside.

She just said to him something along the lines of, “Thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate it. You’re such a great friend to me.”

Yes, he spent years, years, my friend, building up this fantasy inside his head just to have it all knocked down in a couple of seconds. He spent a whole another year in mild depression, spending nights crying into his laptop, lamenting how the world was so cruel. I’ll let you know what happened to him in a minute.

Now he was an extreme case for sure, but we’ve all been there in one way or another. We’ve all been in his shoes where you don’t even feel like talking to any other girls except for that one girl that you like so much where you make up qualities and traits about her in your imagination even though you don’t even know her, where you believe that if you just got this one special girl, she could lift you out of your doldrums and your life would just be amazing and fulfilled.

The viscous reinforcing pattern emerges where the more you think about her, the more emotional energy you invest into her, and the more attached you become, leading you to invest even more emotional energy into her and you get trapped in this cycle, in this loop that becomes a sort of prison of your mind.

Now what happens? What happens, my friend? Well, I’ll tell you what happens. You become an emotional mess. You become an emotional wreck. Putting the girl up on a pedestal ironically just drives her away. It drives her away because you reek of desperation. It drives her away because you reek of neediness and it makes her uncomfortable. It makes her massively uncomfortable and the girl is like, “Gosh! This is too much pressure for me. I’m just a girl. I’m not a goddess, and this guy is a stalking, wimpy, whiny, needy loser. I got to say something to shut him down right now.”

The second problem and this is how you are ruining your life, my friend, you are wasting years of your life in pursuit of something that will never materialize, and you’re passing up loads of opportunities with other more interested women.

All the time you spend thinking, all the time you spent obsessing about this one particular girl, there’s a decreasing probability of ending up with you because you just get more and more needy, you could spend that time on women with a much higher probability of ending up being yours. You could spend that time on women that are prettier, smarter, more fun and more amazing than the girl you’re currently falling for.

It just amazes me how much we waste so much of our time. Guys act like they’re never going to die, but you only have so many days left, my friend, and you are losing them. You are losing them one by one by one.

That time, that time is something you can never get back and you risk becoming this old man—an old man still buying into this fantasy in his head, an old man who is alone, an old man who never got that girl he really wanted, an old man who never got that girl you really deserve, an old man who is full of regrets because you wasted all those years on something that would never happen and you can literally destroy years of your life that way.

Pill of truth, my friend: this girl does not care about you. Let me repeat that to be clear: this girl does not care about you. She does not care. She doesn’t care! You can go crying in the corner. You can go beg and plead. You can go fantasize and hope, but she does not care about your petty little concerns. Women are not a charity organization and girls will ruthlessly pursue their own interests and her interests do not include you.

When you obsess over her like a needy little weasel, when you obsess over her like a pathetic little boy, that’s not a good deal for her. A woman will punish you for that behavior. A woman will punish you for that behavior every time and without exception. She will squash your hopes and she will squash your dreams in a second, in an instant by kicking you directly into the friend zone so fast your head is spinning.

Pill of truth, my friend, pill of truth: that special snowflake who you believe is the perfect woman, who you hold up so dearly likely had sex with a local drug dealer at the pool party last summer. The girl I crushed on in high school, the girl who had friend zoned me, the girl who I thought was this perfect, idyllic angel, she started dating the biggest douchebag asshole bully in school.

This dude was genuinely not a good guy and was going nowhere in life. This guy was having sex with other girls behind her back, and I know because I shared a locker right next to him in gym class and he would openly talk and brag about all these conquests.

Pill of truth, my friend, pill of truth: with 7 or 8 billion people on the planet out there, there is no one for you either. The truth is that there are a great number of women out there that you could have a successful relationship with. It’s merely a question of finding them.

Why do you crush on one girl? Why do they con you into this trap again and again and again? Well one reason is because society, it doesn’t teach you any better. The culture sabotages you at every turn.

The group narrative is that there is this one special person for everybody so just be patient and wait. The group narrative says that fixating on a girl is even cute, even normal. It’s romantic. The group narrative says that the female is this untouchable goddess and the man is a lowly serf who cannot even get close to her except by her own permission and will. That’s what you see in movies all the time where the guy romantically longs after the girl for this long period of time, and magically somehow, they just end up together.

Your crushing hard on girls, spending months or years of your life in this stupor also benefits capitalism. It benefits commerce because when you’re in a passive, depressed, lonely, isolated state of inaction ad ineptitude, guess what you do, my friend? Guess what you do?

That’s right! You go and you go buy shit. You buy the right clothes that will impress. You go buy the right watch that will impress her. You have to have the right car, right? You need to go buy that big bouquet of flowers to profess your love with. You have to buy junk food and video games to self-medicate yourself.

Even if you got her, my friend, even if you got her, which almost never happens, but even if you got her and you wife her up, say somehow that happens, well now you got to buy her the nice furniture. You got to go buy her a car. You got to go buy her a whole new wardrobe of clothes while she’s allowed to walk all over you because you really don’t deserve her.

You don’t believe that you deserve her because you didn’t feel worthy of just asking her out right away. No! You had to admire her for months or years from afar. You did not feel entitled to have her and she’s going to realize that you feel like you don’t deserve to have her, that you feel like you got incredibly lucky, lucky in a very needy and creepy way, which is alright by capitalism because you’re spending all of your money and business is booming off of your back while you work for a company that’s extracting all the profits out of you and making some other guys at the top filthy rich, laughing all the way to the bank.

Now here’s the thing, my friend, here is the important thing: you have the right to choose whether or not you take your position like a wet noodle of a wimp or use it as an impetus for getting out of your rut.

You have the right to choose whether you’re going to continue living in this fantasy inside your head or whether you’re going to break out of the cultural group think that benefits a few rich bosses driving around in their Ferraris and taking vacations in Monaco off the back of your work. You have the right to choose that. You can choose right now.

I’ve created a presentation that you can watch right here that will take you to that next level. This is a presentation that will elevate you. It will show you how to use a couple of special tricks and techniques and attraction triggers I learned over the years so you can have two or three girls blowing up your phone and fighting for your attention, for you to start to develop an abundance of sexual options where you can just pick and choose and design the exact lifestyle you want most.

Here’s the cool thing, here’s the genius to this, my friend: that girl that you’re crushing on, that girl that you really, really like, in fact you’re sleeping with four or five amazing girls and you still want that first girl? Then you can make that happen, my friend, because she’s going to see you hanging out with all these other beautiful ladies on your Instagram feed. That creates a little bit of competition. That creates a little bit of jealousy.

Now you can go to that girl who sees that you are this cool dude surrounded by beautiful women and you can pick her. She won’t feel like you’re coming at her out of desperation and neediness because you have no other options. No! Now she’ll feel like she’s in the competition with other beautiful girls and you have chosen her. You’re the man with abundance of choice and she is the one that you chose. She’ll feel like you are the catch and she got caught.

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