How to tell if she likes you instantly: 5 signs a girl is crushing hard

There’s nothing worse than talking to a girl and having no idea if she likes you are not.

You want to get her phone number, or ask her out for coffee, but does she like you?

You don’t want to have an embarrassing situation where you’re thinking, “I think she likes me. I’m going to get her number.”

And she tells you back, “No, no, no, no. Maybe another time honey.”

Or, what happens even more often is you just keep talking, and talking, and talking, and talking until the conversation fizzles out and goes nowhere.

And she did like you, but you never made a move because you weren’t sure.

And she’s like, “You know, I really liked that guy. He never made a move.”

The opportunity slipped through your fingers and you never see her again.

So, in this video gentlemen, I am giving you the five surefire signs that a girl really likes you.

Sign #1: Body language

So, surefire sign number one that the girl really likes you is her body language.

Her body language tells all.

If she making a lot of eye contact?

Is she playing with her hair?

If she’s smiling a lot?

If you can pick up on two, just two, body language tells, that means she likes you.

And listen. It doesn’t take much.

You don’t want to be looking for sign after sign after sign.

If you can see that she is doing two body language tells, that means she likes you, and that’s all the evidence you need. Case closed!

Sign #2: She’s asking questions about you

Surefire sign number two that the girl really likes you is that she’s asking you questions about yourself.

She might ask you, “So mister what you do?”

And, “Where are you from originally?”

Now you got to understand that girls tend to be nervous around a guy they like nor are women conversational masters.

So, you’ll typically get the same generic questions again, again, and again.

But even if she’s asking you uncreative questions, especially if she keeps restarting the conversation and re-engaging, it’s a sure sign that the girl likes you.

Sign #3: She’s touching you

And the third way to tell if the girl really likes you or not is, is she touching you or not.

Does she touch your arm when she laughs, for example?

Girls will generally not physically touch a man unless she likes him.

Especially if she’s touching you, multiple times, consistently. That’s a surefire sign right there.

Sign #4: She hovers near to you

The fourth way to tell if a girl likes you are not is she staying there in place.

If a girl is hovering around you, or she’s remaining interested in the conversation, that’s a pretty strong tell that she likes you.

Because if she doesn’t like you, she’s going to find an excuse to leave pretty fast, or she’s going to leave with her friends, or she’s going to excuse herself very politely.

So, if you find yourself talking with the girl for more than ten minutes, that’s a pretty strong sign that she likes you.

Sign #5. Assume she likes you

And the fifth way to tell if a girl likes you, and actually this one is kind of a ninja Jedi trick, and it’s don’t look for signs that she likes you. But instead assume that the girl likes you instead of thinking that girls don’t like you and looking for evidence and even more evidence that a girl might actually like you,

That’s not a good mind-frame to be coming from.

It’s much better to just assume from the very beginning that girls like you.

To have self-delusional confidence that every girl you talk to because you’re such a cool, bad ass, awesome dude. Of course, girls are going to like you.

So, you’re talking to a chick, and all that’s going through your mind is, “Oh yeah! This chick is digging me. It’s on!”

“She’s just talking to me because she’s in love with me.”

“She’s talking to me because I’m the most incredible man she’s ever met, and she’s crushing that hard.”

Why assumption works

Now whether that is all true are not, it sort of doesn’t matter.

Because that will cause you to exude a very supremely sexy confidence that attracts the girl.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you assume that the girls are going to like you, you act sexier and more confident, and that causes the girls to like you.

Whereas if you assume that girls are neutral toward you, and you need to look for evidence and signs, that’s going to cause you to have micro behaviors that are needy and unattractive, causing women not to like you as much.

So, you can typically get the best results by just ignoring all the signs from a girl and just assuming the best from the very beginning, assuming from the very beginning that she’s covertly in love with you.

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