5 Tricks for instant confidence with girls | How to be confident


Now unshakable, rock solid self-confidence, it’s that magical character trait that women just find so irresistible in a man.

Imagine this: you go to a stunning beautiful woman. She’s a vision of perfection.

And without any hesitation, you look her right in the eyes with 100% rock solid confidence and introduce yourself.

And she thinks, “Wow! Who is this guy? My! He is interesting! I’ve got to get to know this man better.”

And then you just lean back and let her chase you.

Now you might not be quite there yet, my friend.

But we’re going to get you there and get you to the point where you have endless amounts of sexy confidence just like that (snap).

Because in this video, I’m showing you five easy tricks to instantly boost your confidence in just seconds.

Instant Confidence Trick #1: Get physical

So, the first trick to instantly boost your confidence is to do 10 jumping jacks, followed by 10 push-ups, followed by 10 squats in place.

Now hold on, hold on.

I know that sounds a little bit ridiculous. But trust me, this works.

Let me tell you a story.

I had a friend that wanted me to help him move out of his apartment.

So, of course, being the good guy that I am, I showed up and spent about three hours heavy lifting his gym weights, lifting his sofa, all his furniture.

Let me tell you. What a pain in the butt!

And when it was all done, I was beat.

But weirdly enough, I was also full of adrenaline.

I was feeling incredible.

I was feeling really alive.

And I went out that night and I just killed it!

I had so much confidence from out-of-nowhere that I was talking effortlessly to every girl in sight.

I was grabbing girls, pulling them into me, and they would just follow instantly, loving it.

The girls were like piranhas encircling a juicy piece of steak.

You see, doing all that heavy lifting that day working out my body in a new way got me outside my head.

So, to instantly boost your confidence just do 10 jumping jacks in place, followed by 10 push-ups, followed by 10 squats.

I know it sounds weird, but sometimes it’s those simple little tricks that work the best.

Instant Confidence Trick #2: Talk to people

Trick number two to instantly boost your confidence is to say “hello” to somebody.

To the cashier at the store tell her, “Hey there! How’s your day going?”

You see an old man sitting on a park bench, ask him for directions.

There’s that soccer mom at the clothing store, ask her for her opinion on a shirt.

You’re at a bar, and you’re not feeling very comfortable, introduce yourself to girl who you’re not even attracted to.

Go out of your way to socialize with people that otherwise bring “no value” to you.

Socialize with people that you don’t get anything out of them.

Because I guarantee you, even doing that simple little thing, you’re going to feel a lot of hesitation and anxiety.

And once you get over that initial hump of social anxiety, by talking to a couple of people every day, you’re going to feel more relaxed.

You’re going to feel entitled.

You’re going to feel indifferent.

You’re going to feel alive.

And just talking to one or two people in casual conversation will give you that instant boost (snap) of confidence.

Instant Confidence Trick #3: Embody the man

Trick #3 for instantly boosting your confidence Is to stand up tall and straight like a champ and smile.

You see, your emotions follow behind your physical motions.

So, when you still stand tall and smile like a supremely confident person would, your brain tells itself, “Well, he’s holding himself tall with confidence. He’s smiling. So, I’m going to just flood his brain with those good, happy emotions that a confident person would have. Awesome!”

And your feelings and emotions follow along with what you’re physically doing.

So, if you just force yourself to stand tall, and you force yourself to smile, Instantly you’re going to feel more confident.

How my friend got confident

Now before we get into the next tips, if you are lacking confidence with the prettiest girls,

If you don’t have the girlfriend you want yet, you’re feeling lonely, you’re feeling incomplete like something is missing, like something in your life just isn’t right, you know that you need to make a change.

And I want to introduce you to a friend of mine who was not the most confident guy.

But he said a couple of the right phrases to a girl he was crushing on. He made a couple of special moves.

And he was able to get her out on a date and eventually turn her into his girlfriend.

And you can watch that story here at www.seethefullstory.com.

And after watching that presentation, you’re going to have a much better understanding of how you yourself can get that girl that you’ve been crushing on for so long.

You’re going to see for yourself how to overcome your confidence issues and turn that girl into your loyal loving girlfriend who loves you and who has your back.

So definitely check that video out right now.

Instant confidence trick #4: Use a cheat sheet

All right, my friend, the fourth instant trick for feeling newfound confidence in just seconds is to use a cheat sheet.

So, I keep a little paper in my pocket with some printed reminders on it.

They’re just little affirmations like, “Girls love men that take action.”

And “Talk to the girl not to impress her, but to see how much fun you can have for yourself.”

Little confidence boosting tips like that.

And you start building your collection of little reminders and keep them in your pocket whenever you need that little confidence boost.

It’s almost like having a white angel on your shoulder whispering the right thing to do into your ear… except it’s in your pocket.

Instant confidence trick #5: The real world

And the fifth instant confidence boosting tip is stop all passive entertainment.

No more video games.

No more television.

No more surfing the net.

Because these things keep you socially isolated.

And these things correlate to eating crappy food, putting on weight, and feeling like a big slug where your energy levels tank and you don’t feel motivated.

Because you’re not working on yourself.

Instead, spend an hour a day reading a good book.

I guarantee you that your confidence levels will get a nice boost within a day or two.

So, my friend, there you got it. Those are the five simple tricks you can use to instantly boost your confidence in no time and show the ladies who is Mr. Attractive, that is, you my friend.

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