Kiev Girls: 10 Tips to get women in Ukraine

Hey, my friend! it’s your pal, Jesse, here from, and today we are talking the Ukraine.

Specifically, Kiev, Ukraine.

And in this video, I am answering the most important question on your mind: how hot are the girls, for real?

Do the girls live up to the hype?

Is Kiev a good place to visit?

Are the women really beautiful, and how does Kiev compare to your city?

Now I heard a lot of good things about Kiev from friends, and I heard some bad things about Kiev from friends.

So, I decided why not see for myself.

I flew over to Kiev, spent a couple of weeks living there, and I am now back to report exactly what I experienced.

So, without further ado, here’s my 10 tips on women in the Ukraine.

Kiev is a walkable city

First off before the girls—safety.

For me, Kiev felt quite safe.

The best areas feel like a modern city.

And during the day, I didn’t feel in danger at all even when I ventured out to more remote, out-of-the-way places.

And that’s what I love about Kiev. It’s great for meeting girls out during the day.

Getting around Kiev is relatively cheap and easy.

It’s a very walkable city.

There’s a lot of people walking about.

There’s plenty of girls walking about, so it makes it very easy to meet them.

If you need to get from one area of the city to another, there’s a very nice clean and efficient Metro system.

And when you get lost, no problem. A lot of the younger people speak enough English to help direct you.

How hot are the girls

So, let’s get on to the important part, the girls.

The first you’ll notice is that lots girls wear high heel shoes during the day, which let’s face it, is very unusual because you go to most countries, and women are dressed down in flats.

But in Kiev, it’s different.

Women dress demonstrably sexier.

I’ve been told that even when it’s bitter cold out, with snow on the ground and ice everywhere, still about 10% of the women walk around in high heel shoes.

I’ve traveled all over Europe, and I’ve never seen anything close to such a high percentage of women wearing high heels. It’s not even a contest.

And because the girls are so dressed up, there’s visual eye-candy everywhere to get you inspired and to get you motivated.

The negatives about the Ukraine girls

But, it’s not all roses.

To begin with, the city is rather dull, and gray, and a little bit ugly, so it doesn’t exactly lift your spirits being there.

And Kiev girls aren’t perfect.

Many of the girls are so super thin that they almost look malnourished.

And if you’re into girls with full breasts, or large hips, or a nice butt, then Kiev girls will disappoint you.

In fact, most of the women have very pale white skin, brown eyes, and brown hair, and are skinny as sticks.

And there’s not that much genetic diversity or visual variety.

So, if you go for that particular look, you’re going to be in Paradise!

But if you like to have lots of variety of girls, then Kiev doesn’t deliver.

Why Kiev girls are hot

Furthermore, my own personal opinion is that the girls in Kiev are hot, really hotter than anywhere else in Europe

They’re not any taller.

They don’t have better legs.

They don’t have better faces.

Most the girls are perfectly average in looks.

It’s just that the girls put more effort into their clothes. They dress in sexier shoes. They wear more makeup.

They spend more time on their hair.

So, Kiev girls are better at creating a visual illusion of beauty.

But if you were to take the average Swedish girl, or if you are to take the average Italian girl, or if you were to take the average Hungarian girl, and you put her into a tight little dress with high heel shoes, and did her hair, and did her makeup, she would be just as pretty and sexy as the average Ukrainian girl.

What I did notice though, is that as a foreigner, it’s easy to stand out in Kiev.

Most of the men dressed in very dark and drab colors.

So, if you dress a little more colorful and you have style, you easily stand out and catch girl’s attention.

When you open your mouth and speak fluent English, you catch a girls’ attention.

All in a way that I didn’t find to be the case in other European countries.

How easy are Kiev girls

Despite that advantage, if you have no game, if you have no style, if you don’t dress well, if you can’t talk to girls in your home country, then don’t expect to just drop into Kiev and have the girls all chasing you down.

It’s not to happen.

Long gone are the days when you can be a scruffy homeless backpacker with no social skills and get a hot girlfriend just for showing up.

If you can’t get laid in your home country, you’ll probably have trouble getting laid in Kiev, too.

That all being said however, there’s still a strong argument to going to Kiev.

Because it’s relatively cheap.

And you see a lot of girls dressed up very feminine, walking around in the streets.

It’s great for meeting girls during the day.

You’re going to stand out as a foreigner and have that extra attractive points, just for being different.

And if you’re game is intermediate, you can certainly do very well there.

So, it’s quite likely that for you, my friend, Kiev IS a place worth checking out.

How to get your own girlfriend

Now if you’re really interested in foreign girls, I want to show you something.

What I want to show you is this video presentation I made for you, which I cultivated from doing 20 years of attracting American and European girls.

Applying these techniques on the girls in Kiev will give you a completely unfair advantage where it’s like taking a machine gun to a knife fight.

You will just mow down those Ukrainian girls, and if you choose, get that stunning girl you really want most as your loyal and loving girlfriend.

Check out the link you see right here or click on the link down in the description below.

Watch that presentation right now, and you can thank me later, my friend.

I’m excited, you’re excited, so let’s make it happen.

Well that concludes my tips on Ukrainian girls. I had a blast recording this for you, but now it’s time for me to split.

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  1. Foreign Love Web

    I can see Ukrainian women as not really attractive. But, because they dress up and make themselves sexy and desirable to men, they are worth flying thousands of miles and spending much money. I would like to go to Kiev one day if I end up and ask a woman from Odessa about going there.

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