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I am spilling the beans to the Four Levels Of Pickup Game Mastery from beginner to hitting godlike level, and I guarantee in this video that even if you think you know everything about gaming girls, I’m going over some concepts that you have never heard of before.

If you can reach Stage 4, that nirvana stage, something utterly surprising happens that you will not expect, my friend.

I’ll also tell you a couple of stories about how I went through some of these early stages myself, so listen up and let’s crack right into it.

Stage #1

The first stage, and this where most guys are honestly, is you want to learn a little game to win that girl you’re crushing on, or maybe you want to learn game just because you’re dead tired being alone and lonely, and you are hurt. The game you want to learn in stage 1 is just real simple: just some pickup lines or special tactics, or a little bit of technique, something that’s really simple that can be learned with minimal effort and take you out of your deep pain.

I’ve been there. I’ve been there myself. Back in high school, I had a terrible crush on a girl, and that crush lasted a whole entire year. For a whole entire year, my world revolved around this one girl. I knew where she would be in the school halls and at what time. I would go on detours just so we would pass each other in the halls, so I got just get a short glimpse of her. Every day, I would think about her.

Then when I finally got the courage to talk to her after about a year, she basically just ignored me. I was talking to her, but she just acted like I wasn’t even there. But I don’t blame her. It was for good reason because I was a reeking mess of neediness and approval seeking. Of course, you yourself, my friend, have probably crushed on girls from afar as well. We all have.

Now we Stage 1, it has a certain logic to it. It’s not purely rational. That crush serves a purpose, a specific purpose. Crushing on a girl in a sense it gives you good feelings. It can give you meaning. Crushing on a girl gives you this feeling of significance in a way. Crushing on a girl can help you to focus. Crushing on a girl can lead you to start lifting weights, or eating healthier, or do better in school, or improve yourself in some way.

But at some point, you realize I’m not going anywhere. At some point, the pain begins to outweigh the few good feelings you get from it. At some point, you’re like, “No! No more of this. I have to make it change!”

This, my friend, this is where you discover game. Maybe you typed in the words, “how to get a girlfriend,” in the Google search. I remember way back in 1998 I think it was. This was just a few years after the modern Internet browser became available—I know I’m pretty old. I typed in the word “seduction” and found a treasure trove of guys swapping tips and stories or reports on how to pick up girls.

If you’re like me, what you’ll do next is you start reading, reading, and reading, and if you’re like, you’ll read everything that you can get your hands on—well, 20 years ago. Nowadays, you probably watch videos mostly, so you watch videos. You watch more videos.

Slowly, slowly the ideas begin to penetrate. Slowly, you begin to wake up. Slowly, you begin to think to yourself, “Wait a second! I can actually talk to different girls? I can actually approach different women that I’ve never met before, taking the initiative myself? I shouldn’t be putting a girl up there on a pedestal? That just pushes her away from me?”

For me, these sorts of ideas were mind-blowing and revolutionary at the time. You might even get inspired. You might start thinking to yourself, “I could even start dating multiple girls and having multiple relationships and having choice in abundance? This is incredible!” which brings us to Mastery Level 2, my friend.

Level 2

You level up. Now your goals change. Instead of crushing on Suzie from school or work, your new goal becomes something the lines of, “I want to get a smoking hot girlfriend. I want to sleep with 10 different women!” So you get really excited. You get really inspired. You can see all the possibilities in front of you, so you start with this idea that you’re going to start approaching girls.

But it doesn’t go quite according to your plan. You find out really quickly that you suck balls. You see a pretty girl and you can barely even approach her. Your heart beats like it’s going to pound right out of your chest and your hands get all sweaty. Even if you do talk to her, your meek little mouse of a voice means she can barely hear you because you’re too quiet. You don’t make eye contact. You talk too quickly, and you’re very sweet and nice, too nice. You’re too worried about what she thinks of you, and that’s exactly what happened to me.

I approached like 200 girls before even one girl gave me her phone number. Let me repeat that: 200 girls give or take turned me down in a row. That’s how bad I sucked. That 200th girl, she only gave me her number because I think she felt some pity for me and she had just broken up with her boyfriend and she was just enjoying the validation I was giving her.

That’s not going to happen to you. This was 20 years ago. Nowadays, the technology of what to do and what to say is light years advanced of what it was back then, but yes, it was a couple of months of constant failure and rejection. It was hard. It was brutal.

Here’s the problem when you’re at Level 2, my friend, here’s why you suck so bad, and this was my problem as well. You think you want to approach girls. You think you want to get laid. You think you want to become a pickup god, but you don’t. You really don’t. In reality, what you really want is everybody to like you. before, you wanted that girl Suzie. You wanted that girl that you were crushing on to like you, to open up her arms and accept you.

Now that you’ve opened up your horizons, it’s not Suzie that you want to have like you. You want all the girls to like you. Because you want all the girls to like you, you are incredibly attached to the outcome of every single interaction. Then you are a fragile soul, my friend, that wants every girl to pat you on the back. You want every girl to give you that approving, “Yes, I like your style.” You are needy. You are scared. You are up inside your head. You are stiff. You run out of things to say. You don’t make eye contact. You don’t project your voice. You’re stressed out. You get exhausted. It’s not any fun.

The interactions don’t go that well, and that’s exactly what happened to me those 20 years ago when I got essentially rejected 200 times in a row, so that’s Level 2. You’re projecting your desire to be liked by that one girl, that crush you had long ago, but now projecting those desires onto all the girls in the whole world.

Now one of three things can happen. This is where most guys, they give up.

  1. They just give up. The pain is just too great and they go back to crushing on that old girl or they go back to watching adult entertainment.
  2. The second thing that often happens is that they eventually stumble onto success with a very mediocre-looking girl, not the girl that they dreamed about, not the girl that they really wanted, but the girl is giving him attention. The girl seems to like him, and he feels very comfortable with her.
  3. At least now, he has somebody who likes him and approves of him and strokes his ego. It’s a lot more comfortable being with that girl than going back out and facing the world again. He just turns her into his girlfriend. He just drops out of pickup. It happens all the time. All the time! Usually, it’s the first or the second girl that the girl sleeps with and poof! Turns her into a girlfriend, but for a few guys still. Maybe 5 percent, I would guess. The pain of being in Level 2 becomes so great it propels them onward to Level 3.

Level 3

Level 3, my friend, you level up again. Maybe you take a workshop. Maybe you take a one-on-one boot camp, or get some one-on-one coaching, or maybe you just mentally snapped and you begin to shed. You begin to shed that little boy that just wants to be liked by everybody. You shed that little boy that wants approval, and you emerge as a new man where it’s no longer, “I’m doing pickup to make everybody like me,” but it becomes instead, “I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of me.”

Here’s where game actually starts to get good. This is where you actually start to get laid consistently because you come across with genuine confidence. You are the steady rock of indifference. Of course, you’re still a positive dude, but when a girl throws a shit test at you, you just shrug it off. When a girl is really into you, you don’t get overly excited. You can still push her away and create a little space before you pull her back in, but you now, you my friend are now acting on the environment instead of constantly reacting to the environment, and that’s where things start to get good. You start to have real sexual abundance. You start to have girls blowing up your phone. You start to get to the point where you’re turning some girls down because you simply don’t have the time.

Most guys, they’re going to stay at Level 3. Some will eventually settle down with a girlfriend.

Level 4.

But a few guys, a very few of you, will eventually move on to Level 4 Mastery. Here, your motivation changes again. Level 3 is all about sleeping with the most girls possible or sleeping with the prettiest girls possible, but at Level 4, it’s less about the girls and you start to see pickup. You start to see the game itself as an end in itself where it almost becomes an extreme sport, something that you do purely for fun for the rush of it.

You talk to girls purely to experience that flow state. You talk to girls because it gives you a sense of freedom where you can communicate with expression in a way that you can’t just do anywhere else. It’s more like the process is what you’re after and less so the girls. It’s more like the girls are a nice little reward for just enjoying the process, for enjoying the sport of it where you appreciate pickup for keeping your social skills sharp, where you appreciate pickup for the adventures it brings you, for sometimes the crazy adventures in brings into your life.

You appreciate pickup for the stories and for the mayhem and for the chaos of it. You appreciate pickup for the surprises it brings, and it’s less about the girls and more about the lifestyle now where you could even do a 30-day pickup mission and not sleep with any of the girls you meet and just go 100 percent celibate, but you still enjoy it just as much because it’s not about the girls anymore. It’s about the action taking, and the doing, and the experiences, and the man you become in the process.

That, my friend, you don’t need to get to that level, but that, my friend, that is where the real magic happens because you love it and the girls can sense that you love it and the girls are on you like flies on flypaper. This is where it begins to feel effortless and the girls just kind of slide into your world and it’s sustainable, too, because you deeply and truly enjoy what you’re doing.

It’s your favorite part of your day that you look forward to because it’s your part of your day that’s the adventure, so you can just kind of keep going, and going, and going with it, racking up more and more—how shall we say it—abundance.

Now, my friend, I created a free 20-minute training presentation that you can watch right here at this link, and it’s going to show you how to attract a girl using special triggers. These triggers work whether you’re crushing on one particular girl and they work specially well if you are chasing multiple girls.

You can use these triggers to create a situation where you are the sun of the solar system and you got all these girls orbiting around you, where you can improve your game 1 percent here, improve it 1 percent there, 1 percent over there, and even better where you can stack these triggers to become an unstoppable god where it’s like you have these charisma superhero powers like Thor with his mighty hammer coming down and smashing that girl’s attraction buttons and literally taking these girls who are out of your league but girls that you do deserve and stopping them dead in their tracks, making their jaws drop, and leading them straight into the magic kingdom of your bedroom.

The painful rejections and being ignored, I don’t want you to experience that any longer. It all starts by watching this special training video. I challenge you to take action right now and change your life.

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