Best 5 Lines To Kiss Any Girl | Top Make-out Tricks

“Hey, Jesse! Thanks for all the videos you do. They’re great. My question is, do you have any lines I can tell the girl to make her kiss me, so that we don’t have that awkward moment at the end of the date? Thanks.” –Robert

All right, so you’ve managed to finagle yourself a date with an amazing, beautiful girl.

And she’s standing right next to you.

And the conversation is going well.

She’s feeling your vibe.

And you couldn’t be happier about it.

There’s just one thing.

There’s just one thing missing, my friend.

Man, you really want to kiss her.

It’s time to seal the deal with that first kiss.

Because you can feel that she might actually go for it.

But you’re not sure.

You’re not sure if she really wants to kiss or if she’s going to say, “No way, José.”


Win her with a kiss

Yes, my friend. It’s your pal, Jesse, here. Your lips comprise the body’s densest set of nerve endings.

And kissing fires up a large portion of the brain responsible for excitement and attraction. So, if you can get that girl to kiss, you essentially lock her in.

That’s why we place so much importance on that first kiss.

Then again, you can’t just ask the girl, “You want to kiss?”

Because we don’t want to give her a “yes or no” option.

It makes it too easy for her to say, “No.”

So, in this video, I am giving you five lines. That’s right, five lines you can tell a girl to get her to make-out with you.

And assuming the girl likes you even a little, these work every single time.

Kiss Line #1

The first line to get a girl to kiss you, gentlemen, is tell the girl, “I want to show you something. Go ahead. Close your eyes.”

Now this line is deceptively simple.

But it’s brilliant, too, because if the girl outright is not ready kiss you if she isn’t ready yet.

She might say giggling, “Oh my gosh! What are you going to do?”

Even if she says “no” to closing her eyes, she didn’t say “no” to kissing you. She just said “no” to closing her eyes.

So, it’s a way to collect information, to see if the girl is ready to kiss or not.

If she does comply and closes eyes, that’s a very strong signal to you that she’s ready to kiss, or that she is ready for you to take action and kiss her.

So, it cuts out the possibility of rejection.

Kiss Line #2

Line number two for getting that first kiss from a girl.

Ask her what country she’s from, or what nationality she is.

And she’ll tell you, “I’m German.”

Or, “My parents were Mexican,” or, “I’m half Chinese,” or whatever.

Then you tell her, “Well, I’ve heard German girls are really good kissers.”

And she’ll say, “Oh, yeah, German girls are good kissers.”

Or possibly she’ll disagree, but whatever she says, you just pull her into you and tell her in a playful way, “Let’s find out.”

And then you kiss her.

And why this line works, is because if the girl says her nationality makes good kissers, now she’s given herself an image to live up to.

And you are challenging her, telling her to prove it and she’ll want to prove it to you.

So, it makes it far more likely that she’ll allow you to kiss her.

And if she gets extremely embarrassed by the question or doesn’t want to respond to you, that means she’s not comfortable enough with you yet, and she’s not ready to kiss.

So, you avoid rejection or an awkward moment.

Kiss Line #3

All right, we’re onto line number three for getting a girl to kiss you.

You simply tell her, “Hey, let me ask you something. Are you a spontaneous girl?”

And she’ll tell you something like, “Well, sometimes I’m spontaneous. I like to think I’m spontaneous anyway.”

Say back to her, “Yeah, me, too. I like to think of myself as spontaneous. Hey, let’s try something spontaneous.”

And then you pull her into yourself, and you plant that kiss on her.

Once again, you’re giving her an image to live up to, and that is of being a spontaneous person.

So, to prove herself to you, she will go along with the kiss because she doesn’t want to immediately contradict herself.

She just told you that she was a spontaneous girl.

That being spontaneous was a positive quality to have.

So she’s going to want to follow through acting spontaneous in the moment.

And that line works wonders.

Kiss Line #4

The fourth line to warm up a girl to give you a kiss is to ask her, “So, how good of a kisser are you on a scale of 1 to 10?”

Whether she tells you she’s a 7, or an 8, or a 9, or a 10, it doesn’t matter what number she gives you.

Once she gives you her answer, you say to her, “Well, let’s see and find out.”

And then you pull her into you and begin the make out.

She’s just created an image for herself to live up to and she’s going to want to prove that image to you.

And no girl wants to feel like they’re bad kisser, so she’s going to want to prove to herself, that she’s a good kisser.

Hell! With this line, most the time the girl will even initiate the kiss with you.

You don’t even have to do anything.

Just sit back and let her attack your face.

Don’t get stuck

All right, my friend, my final and fifth tip for you is that if you want an amazing girlfriend, a girlfriend that is both beautiful, and loyal, you need to stand out from the competition.

And you need to finally rid yourself forever of those negative inner demons that have been sabotaging your success with women your entire life.

Because until you do, you’re going to feel alone and feel frustrated, feel sad, and depressed when you don’t have that girl that you really want.

It just sucks being lonely.

And I know how that feels because that was my situation for years and years.

And I know, and you know, that’s not how you want to live your life.

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